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Free Questing Coupon – Thank You From Standing Stone Games[edit]

We've got a treat to announce today - We would like to thank you for supporting us! Now through December 31st, 2021 you can enter a special Coupon Code through Redeem Code in the DDO Store in-game to get all of our currently-available adventure packs for free! These adventure packs will be permanently added to your account. EVERYONE can redeem the code, whether you are a free player, Premium, or VIP!

The Coupon Code is: DDOQUESTS2021 (1/Account, available to redeem through December 31st, 2021)

Additionally, enjoy a limited time sale on select Expansion quests in the DDO Store where you will be able to pick up the following items for only 99 points through December 31st, 2021:

  • Menace of the Underdark
  • The Shadowfell Conspiracy
  • Mists of Ravenloft

We are happy to have you here!


The teams at Standing Stone Games

Source and for a full list of quest packs: https://ddo.com/en/ThankYou

Please visit us on our Discord Channel for more information about this project!

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Server Status[edit]


Recent DDO Releases[edit]

Update 51.2
Update 51 splash image.jpg
A New Destiny
Release Information
Released on December 1, 2021

Of Special Note

  • Season Five of the Hardcore League is now underway!


  • Bears and wolves will now play an animation when they use Smite.


  • Favored Soul - Beacon of Hope
    • Wall of Healing now properly works without needing to enter and exit the Wall first.
    • Wall of Healing's detect range now more accurately matches the shape of its visuals.
  • ​Reaper: Dire Thaumaturge cores 4, 5, and 6 now give their proper amount of hit points and spell points.

Epic Destinies

  • Exalted Angel
    • Leap of Faith now properly recharges over time.
    • Chain Cure, like the Heal spell, now benefits from Spell Power at a reduced rate.
  • Fatesinger
    • The Epic Strike that stuns on a critical hit now only effects creatures able to be stunned.
    • Discord's release with three chord now restores spell points.
    • Arrow of Discord now removes its chords correctly.
    • Fatesinger's mantle no longer damages Fascinated or Dazed targets.
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Spirit of the Beast's upgrade to Animal Growth now properly works on Shifters and Razorclaw Shifters.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers
    • The first Core of Grandmaster of Flowers now properly gives handwraps proficiency.
  • Magus of the Eclipse
    • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now properly apply Vulnerability to targets when you have Lunar Imbuement.
    • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now properly apple their Spell Power boosts to you when you have Lunar Imbuement.
  • Primal Avatar
    • Hirelings and class-based pets will now properly get the Shared mantle.
  • Shiradi
    • Enemy of My Own now properly grants Favored Enemy: Fey.
    • Pierce Deception now properly grants Doubleshot when you have the Watchful Eye feat.
    • Fey Form now properly grants DR 10.
    • Track no longer grants the "Step Into the Wilds" effect from an ability that was cut from the final release.
    • Inexorable Advance now only has a 30% chance for each effect to proc its additional Cold and Good damage.
    • Inexorable Advance now properly grants its bonus to Movement Speed.
    • Several typos have been corrected.


  • Scion of Earth and Epic Spell Power: Poison now give their proper amount of Poison Spell Critical Damage.


  • The names of the Perfected artifacts from the Sands of Menectarun adventure pack have been corrected.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The wind spirit in A Small Problem now always starts hostile, no longer dies at zero hit points, and instead becomes friendly.
  • The Epic difficulty version of A Small Problem has been restored.
  • The Epic difficulty version of Storm the Beaches has been restored.
  • The Epic difficulty version of A Tide Turns has been restored.
  • The raids Vault of Night parts 5 and 6 have reopened.
  • The raid The Chronoscope has reopened.
  • The scrag in Into the Deep is no longer statted like a boss.


  • Many spells that were failing to target the caster properly now do so once again.
  • Spells which lost their ability to hone in on soft targets in Update 51 should now properly hone in on soft targets again.
  • Some projectile spells that can target undead enemies like Curative Admixtures and Chain Cure now hone in on soft targets.


  • The + tab now properly shows Light Resistance.

Update 51.1
Update 51 splash image.jpg
A New Destiny
Release Information
Released on November 18, 2021

Epic Destinies

  • When resetting Epic Destinies with Platinum, the Platinum multiplier for further Epic Destiny resets performed in a short period of time has been reduced by half.
  • All Epic Strikes now list the following information in their tooltips: "Every Epic Strike shares a cooldown with every other Epic Strike. Using this ability will put every Epic Strike onto the ability's cooldown."
  • General typos and text corrections have been made across new Epic Destinies.
  • Exalted Angel's Core 2 and Magus' Core 2 now properly give their +10% Maximum Spell Point pool.
  • Exalted Angel's Core 2 and Magus' Core 2 no longer erroneously give out a 10% reduction to the cost of all spells.

Draconic Incarnation

  • The second and third cores are now properly hidden in the buff bar.

Exalted Angel

  • Enchantment DCs now have their correct icon.
  • Holy Command now has a functional saving throw, matching the spell level and DC of the Pillar spells it comes from. The tooltip has been updated to match.
  • Holy Command no longer works on bosses, and now functions like Greater Command in terms of valid targets it will effect.
  • Delayed Judgement now has a functional saving throw, based off of the Conjuration school, and its tooltip has been updated to match.
  • Delayed Judgement now properly scales.
  • There is no longer broken formatting in Flaming Sphere's tooltip.
  • The damage and healing effects of Exalted Angel's Epic Moment Ascendance now scales properly with Spell Power. (The exception being the "Heal to full" on use, which isn't meant to scale)


  • Discord Stun now works like a typical stun in terms of targets it effects.
  • The size of the radius of the Healing effect generated by Majesty has been greatly increased.
  • The radius of the mantle damage burst has been greatly increased.
  • Mantle now correctly scales with the highest of Melee or Ranged Power.
  • Reign's tooltip now correctly states that it scales with Spell Power.
  • Fatesinger's upgrade to Spellsinger's Reverberate no longer breaks its ability to stack.

Fury of the Wild

  • Wade Through now has its correct minimum level.
  • Great Leveler now uses Trip DC boosters instead of Stun boosters to drive its DC.
  • Rams Might and Animal Growth no longer double apply when you take the upgrade in Fury of the Wild.

Grandmaster of Flowers

  • Drifting Lotus now has its original range and area of effect placement, and now properly respects stunning immunities.
  • Serenity now has its correct tooltip.

Legendary Dreadnaught

  • Battle Engineer's Shatter Defenses no longer fails when you have Legendary Dreadnaught's Tier 5 Sundering Swings, and it now uses the effect of Sundering Swings if you have the skill.
  • Lay Waste's Trip and Sunder effects no longer work on creature types immune to Trip and Sunder.
  • Action Boost: Tactics now lists its correct values in its tooltips.
  • Dread Mantle no longer has broken formatting in its tooltip.

Magus of the Eclipse

  • The base spells for Call Kindred Being now show their proper icons.
  • Imperceptible Casting and Exalted Angel's Subtle Flame now properly lock each other out.
  • SLAs in Magus of the Eclipse now properly list their Max Caster Level in their tooltip.
  • Magus' Moon Lance and Gloomspear now have their intended Max Caster Level of 20 (was 18).
  • Cold Light and Dark Light now have tooltips that are clearer about what does and does not work with them.
  • Passive bonuses from Nullmagic Aura now properly apply, including its bonus to Spell DCs.
  • Nullmagic Aura now has its intended two minute cooldown.
  • Magus' Lunar Insight abilities now specifically mention that Arcane Insight is an Epic Feat.
  • Chill Aura now properly looks at the target's vulnerability to Cold and Negative to decide whether or not to apply damage, and should apply damage more consistently.

Primal Avatar

  • The minimum level requirement for several abilities has been corrected.
  • Ally spells now ground targets to determine where the ally is created with no offset.
  • Natural Shielding will no longer kill undead pets.
  • Thrive now works correctly.


  • Corrected an issue with the cooldown for Weird.
  • Weird is now properly a Fear based spell, and benefits from Fear DC boosts.
  • Weird is no longer automatically prepared for Artificers.
  • Shadowdancer's Core 3 now properly boosts Alchemist's evasion feat.

Shiradi Champion

  • Beguile now properly charms enemies. (Known Issue: Beguile no longer has its unique visual effects on affected creatures, and is instead improperly using the pink Charm hat.)
  • The Prism mantle now correctly describes the amount of damage that can proc from spells (3d100+100).
  • Several effects that were displaying twice have had their additional copies hidden.
  • Several effects that were not meant to display at all have been hidden.
  • Prism and Double Rainbow effects no longer have broken formatting in their tooltips.
  • Good Luck now gives its listed Fortitude and Will saving throw bonuses.

Unyielding Sentinel

  • Unyielding Sentinel's mind control protection now grants properly.
  • Rank 3 of Strength of Vitality now grants its hit points correctly when you do not have the Unyielding mantle active.


  • Feats that claim to modify Poison, Negative, and Positive Spell Critical Damage now correctly do so.


  • Legendary versions of items from the Sands of Menectarun adventure pack are now available! These items can be acquired by bartering for them in the Altar of Legendary Rituals in The Twelve.
  • Several items from the Epic Sands loot set now have their correct Augment Slots.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The following adventure packs and raids have been reopened: Sentinels of Stormreach, Sands of Menectarun and The Phiarlan Carnival.
  • The Lords of Dust - Fixed a coffin breakable that did not properly respond to warlock blasts.
  • Spinner of Shadows - The Spinner will again be debuffed by direct contact with the Spirit of the Silver Flame.
  • The Black Loch - The failed experiment prison doors are now properly attached and open in the proper order.
  • Many objects in quests that should be able to be lit on fire are once more able to be lit on fire.
  • Inferno of the Damned - The torches now respond to spells like Fireball and Cone of Cold again.
  • A certain drow is now less stealthy in Tharashk Arena.

Reaper Difficulty

  • The process of adding and removing bonuses from Reaper Enhancements when players enter and leave Reaper dungeons has been overhauled to improve game performance.


  • Arcane Tempest is no longer automatically prepared in Artificer spellbooks.
  • Holy Aura now applies to the caster.


  • The tooltips and values of the Epic Spell Power feats and Legendary feats have been adjusted to make them easier to understand when looking at your character sheet. This is purely a visual change to rely on Universal Spell Critical damage rather than boosting each type of damage individually, and should result in the same stats, but this change required adjustments to tooltips to maintain the intended level of primary Spell Critical Damage.
  • Old Spell Power feat: +15% damage for a specific type, +5% to all other types.
  • New Spell Power feat: +10% damage to a specific type, +5% universal spell critical damage (which is also added to the specific type, for a total of +15% damage to a specific type.)
  • Old Legendary Spell Power Feat: +25% damage to a specific type, +10% all other types.
  • New Legendary Spell Power feat: +15% damage to a specific type,10% all other types (which is also added to the specific type, for a total of +25% damage.)

Known Issues

  • The reaper arcane tree's 4th-6th cores are giving out incorrect hp and sp values.
  • A few perfected Sands items have incorrect naming.
  • "A Small Problem" from the Phiarlan Carnival and "The Tide Turns" in Sentinels of Stormreach have not had their epic difficulties turned back on yet.
  • Rust Monsters in Vault of Night have incorrect hp totals.

Update 51.0.1
Update 51 splash image.jpg
A New Destiny
Release Information
Released on November 5, 2021

Epic Destinies

  • Players now get the proper number of Fate Points per reincarnation. This will be calculated upon log in, so players who were impacted by this bug will have their proper number of Fate Points.
  • A variety of Epic Destiny abilities no longer stop working after death.
  • New Epic Destinies no longer force reset the Feydark Illusionist enhancement tree when you log in.

Divine Crusader

  • Divine Crusader's Epic Moment now has its proper cooldown.

Draconic Incarnation

  • The Attune the Arcane Destiny Mantle now properly procs on Cold spells.

Exalted Angel

  • Angelic Soul now properly reduces damage by the correct amount.
  • Angelic Charge now requires charges.
  • The Mantle aura no longer heals you while you are dead.
  • Sun Pillar, Flame Pillar, and Healing Pillar have had their target range extended to 60 meters, matching many other spells.
  • Healing Pillar now accepts the Empower Healing Metamagic feat.


  • Ranged Pluck of the String now properly says it scales with Ranged Power.
  • A variety of abilities now have their proper level prerequisites.
  • The Discord spell now has a maximum range of 60 meters.
  • Mastering the Strings now properly increases DCs.
  • Cut the Strings' dance no longer works on raid bosses and bosses, and the death no longer passes through Deathblock.

Grandmaster of Flowers

  • Drifting Lotus and Lotus Bloom now have their proper DC calculation.
  • Several abilities are no longer erroneously visible in your buff bar.

Legendary Dreadnaught

  • Legendary Rally now has its listed +2 to Critical Multiplier on its attack.

Magus of the Eclipse

  • Greater Beam's Freeze and Paralyze effects now have their proper duration and are removed upon death or relogging.
  • The Mantle aura no longer deals damage while you are dead.
  • Moon Lance and Gloomspear now have their intended 5 Spell Points cost to cast.
  • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow now have their intended 40 Spell Points cost to cast.
  • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow have had their target range extended to 60 meters, matching many other spells.
  • Cold Light of the Moon and Dark Light of the Moon now have their intended 10 Spell Points cost to cast.


  • The Epic Moment has had its tooltip corrected.


  • The Legendary and Perfected Helm of the Red Dragon now have their proper appearance.
  • Destiny Tomes now have improved wording to reflect their usage in the new Epic Destiny system.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Corrected an issue with traveling through water in the Feywild.


  • Circle of Death now functions again.
  • Evard's Black Tentacles no longer slows players or defender NPCs.
  • Tsunami is no longer erroneously a breath weapon.


  • The loading screen for the Junction of the Spheres has been updated.
  • The HUD now properly displays your XP bar in Epics.

Update 51
A New Destiny
Release Information
Released on November 3, 2021

Epic Destiny Update

Update 51 brings a big update and overhaul of our Epic Destiny system! The new system features improvements through the level 20 to 30 process along with a new destiny called Magus of the Eclipse. All characters who are at least level 20 and players in the future who achieve level 20 can get started with the new system by speaking with a Fatespinner to be taken to the Junction of the Planes to acquire their Epic Destinies and learn more!

Epic Destinies are now free to every player regardless of account status. Any player who previously owned Epic Destinies will receive a Tome of Destiny +1 (Historic) that grants you +1 permanent Destiny Point for one of your characters (see the release notes for more information about Destiny Points.) If you have at least one character before this overhaul that has fully capped all of their Epic Destinies, you will receive an exclusive Cloak of Destiny featuring the now-deprecated Starmap to commemorate your achievement. All characters level 20 and higher at the time of this Update will not be able to change Feats with Fred until they perform a Lesser Reincarnation (or any other form of Reincarnation). This is to prevent invalid build scenarios and situations where certain feats simply cannot be swapped. All characters level 20 and higher at the time of this Update have been granted a Bound-to-Character +5 Lesser Heart of Wood.


The release notes are many, and too large to include here, follow the link above to see them all.

Update 50
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
Release Information
Released on August 4, 2021


  • Poison Damage Resistance now properly reduces Poison Damage.
  • Druids now get Protection from Elements Mass as a level 7 spell.


  • Changes have been made to the spellcasting system that make casting spells more reliable. This may prevent dry firing of spells in certain situations.
  • Hirelings will now cast their spells more reliably when directed to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to swap out of a missile weapon into a melee weapon wouldn't queue properly.
  • Monster perception range is now slightly smaller (this may not apply to raid bosses or custom bosses).
  • Saving throws on all epic monsters on elite and hard have been reduced.
  • The Legendary II monster boosts have been removed.
  • Underwater combat has been adjusted for playability, and no longer adjusts what spells are able to be cast, penalize your movement or attack rates as severely, and instead makes fire spells deal 80% damage and electric spells deal 120% while underwater.


  • A new Universal Enhancement Tree called Horizon Walker is now available!
  • Many changes to other trees, both bug fixes and modifications


  • The 400 Gatekeeper Favor reward is now the Horizon Walker Universal Enhancement Tree, awarded on a per-character basis.
  • Patron Reward feats should now consistently remain on you through Lesser and Epic Reincarnations.


  • Burst of Glacial wrath now works on everything, rather than erroneously excluding certain monsters.
  • Patron Reward feats should now consistently remain on you through Lesser and Epic Reincarnation.
  • Favored Enemy feats now have more accurate descriptions.


  • Permanent Gold Seal Hirelings, such as the Onyx Panther, Saltmarsh Bullywug Rogue, and Owlbear Defender are now Bound to Account.


  • Scroll/Seal/Shard Loot System was removed, and replaced with a pack specific turn in.
    • You can trade your existing scroll/seal/shard items for the appropriate Pack Ingredient
  • End Game Items have been modified to lower the power level of items at the level cap
    • Named Items found within Legendary content will be adjusted and normalized to values appropriate to their minimum level. This means that an item found within Ravenloft will match the power level of an item found within Sharn, or Feywild, or any of our other current Legendary content.
    • Monster power level at end cap has been moved downwards to match the item changes.
  • Guild Augments have now been fully deprecated.
  • Lootgen Docents (and some other older Docents) should once more display their correct base appearance.
  • Docents with old armor potion kits applied should once more show their appearances.
  • Weapons that do non-mundane damage such as Flameblades or Celestia now correctly interact with DR and resistances.
  • Trap the Soul now requires a standalone special component called a Khyber Dragonshard that is found in shops wherever high quality spell components may be found. This component works for all variations of Trap the Soul.
  • Brilliant Crescent (main hand) now works with Swashbuckling.
  • The Flamecleansed Fury set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Hruit's Influence set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Arcsteel Battlemage set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Arcsteel Battlemage set now properly gives +1 Intelligence as listed (was +2).
  • The Feywild Dreamer set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Flamecleansed Fury set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Hruit's Influence set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Arcsteel Battlemage set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Arcsteel Battlemage set now properly gives +3 Intelligence as listed (was +4).
  • The Legendary Feywild Dreamer set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Glowing Eyes cosmetics now show elven ears correctly.

Monster Manual

  • A new Monster Manual is available to purchase (FREE to VIPs!).

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Monsters will no longer cast persistent spells like Wall of Fire or crowd control spells like Soundburst in rapid succession.
  • Removed some NPC's from Meridia that were not meant to be there.
  • Fix a scaling issue with the monster stats in the following quests:
    • Tower of Frost
    • Memory Lapse
    • Kind of a Big Deal
    • Another Man's Treasure
  • Zawabi now bestows and resolves Against the Demon Queen (the 6-player pre-raid) and Zawabi's Revenge (the 12-player raid) separately. You are now only required to complete Against the Demon Queen once per life in order to play Zawabi's Revenge; after that, Zawabi will allow you to choose which quest to speak to him about.
  • Against the Demon Queen is no longer restricted by Raid Timer.
  • Raid Timer Bypass Hourglasses now work properly on Zawabi's Revenge.


  • Half Elves have had a cosmetic update. Half-elven characters will automatically see their looks updated when they log into the game for the first time after Update 50 is released.
  • Half orc male run animations have been updated.


  • The Alchemist spell Smoke Bomb's Invisibility no longer remains after you begin attacking.

Update Loot
Update 49
Update 49 splash image.jpg
Peril of the Planar Eyes
Release Information
Released on April 21, 2021
  • New Adventure Pack Peril of the Planar Eyes
  • Game improvements changes
    • Doublestrike and Doubleshot will no longer apply a full subsequent "attack" as part of your attack chain. Instead, when a player Doublestrikes or Doubleshots the game will instead multiply the base amount of damage dealt (first number and sneak attack) by the amount of Doublestrikes or Doubleshots generated. This means that a player who deals an average of 100 damage on their first hit will now deal 200, or 300 damage, or however many Doublestrikes or Doubleshots multiplied by their base damage, when their Doublestrikes or Doubleshots go off.
    • When a Doublestrike or Doubleshot happens, you'll see an icon of two swords next to your damage in the floaty text, similar to how Point Blank Shot provides its feedback.
    • Abilities that apply additional ranged projectiles (Shuriken Expertise and Advanced Ninja Training) no longer apply multiple hits or projectiles. Instead, just as if they had been purely Doubleshot scalars, they will simply be additional chances to Doubleshot.
    • Effects that trigger on-hit will also have their damage multiplied comparatively. This means that if you deal 10 Law damage on each hit, on a Doublestrike, it will deal 20.
    • Repeating Crossbows and the Dual Crossbow style still fire 3 or 2 full projectiles (so you'll still see 3 numbers or 2 numbers, respectively) and are still affected by their Doubleshot penalties of 66% and 50%, respectively.
    • A player's 100% effective Doublestrike cap still applies in this system.
    • Offhand strikes will still be a separate "hit" and will roll their own damage from their own weapon and can still Doublestrike. However, we have removed the stat Offhand Doublestrike from the game. Your offhand now Doublestrikes at 50% of the Doublestrike of your mainhand. This means that if you have a 50% chance to produce an offhand strike, and 100% Doublestrike, your offhand will hit 50% of the time for 50% Doublestrike (so a 50% chance to deal double damage). Abilities and enhancements that used to provide Offhand Doublestrike no longer do so. Your offhand can only doublestrike a maximum of 50% of the time.
    • Shields still cannot Doublestrike.
    • Strikethrough attacks still proc their own Doublestrike roll individually per target struck.
    • The main reasoning behind these changes (letting repeaters and offhand strikes still proc rather than fully condensing) is that we want to keep our damage numbers appropriate to the amount of animations that a player actually produces.
    • Adrenaline's damage multiplier has been reduced from 300/300/300/400% to 150/150/150/200%
    • Fury Eternal's 33% chance to regain an Adrenaline charge on vorpal has been increased to 100%
    • Hunt's End damage multiplier has been reduced from 400% to 300%
    • Hunt's End cooldown has been reduced from 24sec to 18sec
    • Aasimar Scourge has lost its 2% Offhand Doublestrike per copy (as that stat no longer exists) and has gained an additional 1% Doublestrike per copy in its place (It now grants a total of 2% per copy, because it gave +1% before)
    • Fury Eternal and Fury Made Placid's tooltips no longer claim that the two abilities are antirequisites of each other; they aren't.
    • Tempest Capstone (Dervish) has lost its 25% Offhand Doublestrike (as that stat no longer exists) and has gained +10% Doublestrike.
  • Bow changes
    • Add an animation set to Bow combat that allows us to balance the Bow combat style without incredibly-high Base Attack Bonus values that break the speed cap.
    • Buff bow builds in Heroic levels.
    • Buff bow builds in Epic by retaining the existing maximum attack speed but adding more power.
    • Remove the combat style's over-reliance on burst damage by eliminating Manyshot and adding most of that power back to bow stats in other places.
    • Diversify the number of viable builds that can use Longbows and Shortbows.
    • Don't significantly shift the role or strength of individual Enhancement Trees - Let the other features of the pass bring all of them up together.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Update Loot
Update 48
Fables of the Feywild
Release Information
Released on November 5, 2020
  • Fables of the Feywild Expansion
  • Significant changes have been made to the game's Augment system
  • Panacea, Close Wounds, Heal, and Unyielding Sovereignty now clear Bleed effects.
  • Text chat messages sent to General, Advice, Trade, Party, Guild, Guild officer, or player created chat rooms will now be displayed to you after they go to the chat server and back.
    • This means that if you are not connected to the chat server, it won't look like you are chatting with your guild, for example, when you are only really chatting with yourself.
  • The launcher now has a “Remember me for 8 hours” checkbox.
    • This will allow the launcher to remember your login credentials for 8 hours or until you actively choose to logout.

Update Loot
Update 47
Release Information
Released on October 12, 2020
  • New Legendary Raids
    • Three of our classic raids have been given a Legendary update! A Vision of Destruction, The Lord of Blades, and The Master Artificer are now available to run at level 32! Additionally, these raids no longer require playing any prerequisite quests to flag for them on any difficulty, and the quest givers for these raids will now teleport you directly into the raid without needing to traverse a landscape.
  • New Free Dungeon
      • The Promise of Fire is a new standalone dungeon for levels 6 and 27! This quest is free to all players. Find the quest giver Lady Sera Jaymes in the Searing Heights Wilderness Adventure Area. The dungeon itself is also located in Searing Heights.
  • Fables of the Feywild Pre-Purchase Has Begun!
    • Our next expansion Fables of the Feywild will be available to prepurchase on Monday. Find details about our new race, the Shifter, along with the new Iconic Razorclaw Shifter and Universal Enhancement Tree Feydark Illusionist in the release notes.
  • Several bug fixes
  • Focused Blast Range has been increased by 20%.
  • Mounts found via Daily Dice are now Bound to Account.
  • The Mystery Basket, gained from the DDO Store or Daily Dice, now has a new Tressym in it.
  • Fury of the Wild: Sense Weakness no longer provides untyped damage on hit, and instead now provides a flat +1 Damage per rank, for a total of +3 Damage.
  • Shifter Past Lives are now required to obtain Racial Completionist.
  • Heroic Alchemical Crafting no longer requires raid-specific crafting ingredients.
    • If you have any extra raid-tier alchemical crafting ingredients, you may turn them in for Sharn/Nearly Finished crafting ingredients at a Cannith Melting Station.
  • The following potions can now be used while raging:
    • Lesser Restoration
    • Remove Blindness
    • Remove Curse
    • Remove Disease

Update Loot
Update 46
The Lost Gatekeepers
Release Information
Released on April 23, 2020

Update Loot
Update 45
Update 45 splash image.jpg
Age of the Alchemist
Release Information
Released on February 12, 2020
  • Two Adventure Packs have had an epic treatment:
  • New Class: The Alchemist
  • Anniversary event is back
    • Includes new items
  • New 64-bit Client (Beta)
  • Changes to Stealth Play
  • Melee changes
    • Better ways to quickly close the gap to an enemy
    • Strikethrough replaces glancing blows
      • Allows you to potentially hit more than one enemy with the full strength of the weapon
      • Changes throughout the game where glancing blows was updated, it is now Strikethrough
    • Non-Quarterstaff Two-Handed Animations have been update
    • Changes to the two-handed feat line
  • Feat Changes
    • New: Simple Thrown Weapon Expertise
    • New: Multitude of Missiles
    • New: Accelerate Spell Metamagic
    • Diety feat lines have been modified
  • Cargo hold stat buff and resistance amenities can no longer be bought
    • Existing ones you have still work
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

Update Loot
Update 44
Update 44 splash image.jpg
The Keep on the Borderlands
Release Information
Released on November 12, 2019
  • A new adventure pack Keep on the Borderlands
    • 8 New Quests
    • Level 1/2 on Heroic and 20/21 on Epic
  • UI Changes:
    • In the Looking For Group Menu: The Open Group listing for classes now properly includes Warlocks and will no longer include Epic levels as per its class designation.
    • There is a new "+" side-tab off of the "Stats" tab of the Character Sheet Menu, that contains many new statistics
    • The quest panel in the Adventure Compendium now displays Heroic quest level and Epic quest level in separate columns, and allows sorting by Epic quest level.
  • Mounts

Update Loot
Update 43
The Soul Splitter
Release Information
Released on September 10, 2019
  • A new adventure pack The Soul Splitter
    • 6 New Quests
    • Level 17 on Heroic and 32 on Legendary
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes

Update Loot
Update 42
The Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Discover the mysteries of Sharn! Explore one of the most iconic locations in the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron campaign setting, navigate the power struggles between the rich and powerful as you hunt from the highest towers of the city to the deepest depths of the Cogs.

Players can begin their journey to Sharn through a transport NPC in The Harbor of Stormreach or by using the Boarding Pass available in the Ultimate Edition of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Includes nine Story Dungeons, eight Explorer Dungeons, one Explorer Area, and two raids (NOTE: Only one raid is releasing with Update 42. The second raid will be released later this year.)

Release Information
Released on May 14, 2019

Update Loot
Update 41
The Khorvaire Shipment
Release Information
Released on December 5, 2018
  • New Quest Lost at Sea
  • Improved Bard Songs
  • Eldritch Knight update
  • All level 28 and 29 raid loot stats have been increased in some places to match appropriate values, and some loot has had the minimum level decreased.
  • New spells for Sorcerer and Wizard, and changes to pre-existing ones.
  • Some bug fixes.

Update Loot
Update 40
Cloaked in Darkness
Release Information
Released on October 3, 2018
  • New raid that is part of Dragonblood Prophecy
  • New Wood Elf subrace
  • Updates to Night Revels
    • New private instances for Delera's Graveyard
    • Two new challenges
    • New cosmetic items
  • Visible cloaks
    • Including the ability to glamer cloaks
    • Only Named Cloaks, and randomly generated cloaks created after U40 will have visible versions
  • Heroic loot update to Sentinels of Stormreach
  • Bug Fixes

Update Loot
Update 39
White Plume Mountain and Other Tales
Release Information
Released on July 18, 2018

Update Loot
Update 38
Update 38 splash image.jpg
Disciples of Rage
Release Information
Released on April 11, 2018

Update Loot
Update 37
Mists of Ravenloft
Release Information
Released on Dec 6, 2017

Update Loot

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