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Server Status[edit]


Recent DDO Releases[edit]

Update 55.4
Update 54 splash image.jpg
Isle of Dread
Release Information
Released on August 4th, 2022

News and Notes:

Bug fixes:

  • Hardcore:
    • Hound Damage Over Time and Vulnerability effect stacking now has an internal five second cooldown, which will prevent stacks from accumulating more quickly than intended.
    • Living Hounds no longer follow players from wilderness zones into quests, or from quests into wilderness zones. It is still possible for a Hound to spawn in a new area if the "You Are Being Hunted" effect is still on you when you enter a new area.
    • Hound scripting has been adjusted to prevent situations where Hounds do not become attackable after spawning, and to make them attackable after a few seconds if they find themselves in that state.
    • Scripting has been adjusted to prevent new stacks of Hound Damage Over Time and Vulnerability effects from being added to players if the Hound is not attackable.
    • Fixed an issue where Hounds were not properly learning who their attack target was when spawning, and were standing around until someone moved.
    • Hounds no longer spawn in a few more areas where they would cause issues.
    • Hounds will no longer loop teleport home when in deep water.
    • Hounds will no longer leash in certain dungeons.
  • Fire Reaper Wings no longer erroneously allow the display of Hardcore Season 6 wings.

Update 55.3
Update 54 splash image.jpg
Isle of Dread
Release Information
Released on July 27th, 2022

News and Notes:

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected an issue that could cause Skeletons in the Closet to not be able to be completed. The raid is now open!
  • Fear Reapers no longer trigger their damage over time effect after they have died.
  • Whirling Wrists in Shiradi is now properly one Action Point per rank.
  • Panacea Poultice in Apothecary can now be cast when targetting an undead friend.
  • Vile Chemist's Defensive Roll now functions.
  • Primal Avatar's Thorn spells are now properly considered poison spells.
  • Tabaxi and Tabaxi Trailblazer now have their correct icons for their enhancement trees.
  • Potentially fixed a bug that prevents movement upon finishing loading into the game. Let us know if you are still affected by this bug.
  • The missing Filigree from Sharn have been found!
  • Greater Shout can now be used with appropriate Metamagics.
  • Draconic Incarnations Core abilities now require you to take them in order.
  • Axiom of Faith in Divine Crusader no longer requires proficiency.
  • Shadowdancer's Depths of Darkness now explains that it won't stack with other Alternate Forms.
  • The Brighthorn augment now correctly works on ranged attacks.
  • Shields are no longer erroneously able to be placed inside of Cosmetic Weapon Aura kits, as they do not actually allow their models to be changed.
  • Legendary Dreadnought's 4th Core should now grant its Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Majesty in Fatesinger now restores Charisma damage again.
  • Legendary Greensteel augments display again!
  • Legendary Characters now display their XP reports in challenges correctly.
  • Flawless Siberys Dragonshards now have proper tooltips.
  • Players on mounts no longer randomly T-Pose.
  • Level 31 and 32 accessories now properly appear in-game.
  • A large number of typos and text fixes have been made.
  • Skeletons in the Closet raid enemies are now in their appropriate Monster Manuals.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Potions of Sovereign Healing can now be used while moving.
  • You can now apply the Legendary Dread Isle's Curse set to your Dinosaur Bone crafted equipment via a new Isle of Dread Set Augment.
  • Quarterstaff bonus effects from Dinosaur Bone Crafting now automatically apply implement bonuses to your quarterstaff.
  • Bonuses to ability scores from Dinosaur Bone Crafting are now increased while slotted into a Minor Artifact.

UI Changes:

  • Wishes of Racial Memories now have warnings about when to use them appropriately.

Update 55
Isle of Dread
Release Information
Released on June 22, 2022

Of Special Note:

The Isle of Dread has arrived!

A mysterious island reappears off the coast of Stormreach and Foxpaw has been kidnapped by pirates to be dragged away to the island. To make matters worse, the Cult of Vecna has been sighted in the region. It can't be a coincidence. Prehistoric dangers await any that step onto the island's shores...if they can survive the passage.

Explore the island's mysterious ruins, encounter fearsome foes, gather new powerful items, play as the new Tabaxi race, and uncover what the Cult of Vecna is planning. The Isle of Dread is available to purchase now! Players that purchase the expansion now will receive immediate access to ingame items, cosmetics, and the all-new Tabaxi race! Learn more on DDO.com. Get started with Isle of Dread by speaking to Zalnathe the Dread Bundle Item Vendor to get any items with your purchase, and speak to Wulth Sulfork to travel to the Isle of Dread! Both NPCs are located in The Harbor past the Hut from Beyond on the Stormreach docks.

News and Notes:


  • A large variety of typos in various pieces of content and the user interface have been fixed.
  • Fixed an incorrect DC description for Devour the Soul.
  • SLAs in Divine Disciple may now heal undead players.
  • The Heighten Metamagic feat will no longer lower your spell DCs.
  • Greater Color Spray SLAs are now considered to be spell level 5.
  • Quench from Bottled Rainstorm now has a 1 second cooldown.
  • Removed visual effects from Tidal's on-hit imbue to prevent client lag.
  • Several armors have had their Maximum Dexterity Bonus corrected to appropriate values.
  • The Banquet Hall amenity no longer removes itself while zoning.
  • Otto's Stones of Experience no longer tell you that they add Epic Destiny XP.
  • Stat damage in dungeons is now restored more reliably.
  • Recipe text for augments in the Remnant Vendor are now correct.
  • On-hit fire damage from Champions now respects its internal cooldown.
  • Produce Flame may now be cast directionally.
  • Fixed a Tabaxi character creation bug where bows were sometimes held backwards.
  • Fixed typos in Vampire Ascendant Shroud.
  • Favored Soul Grace of Battle and Knowledge of Battle's effect on items now have slightly better effect nomenclature.
  • The Horseshoe Crab Shield now has a description.
  • The Golden Orb of Death's description now has punctuation.
  • Some collectibles are now categorized better.
  • Resist Energy: Sonic now gets bonus caster levels from Sorcerer's Air Savant correctly.
  • Fixed a string table error with the NPC Hada D'Jorasco.
  • Shadowdancer's Shadowstrike (Melee) now has a snappier animation.
  • Some old Epic Destiny ability scripting has been removed from Exalted Angel.
  • Rune Arms with Reaper bonuses now work 100% of the time.
  • Magus' Destiny Mantle no longer drops on zone transitions.
  • Flame Strike now does its proper damage, respects its line-of-sight requirements, and no longer gets supercharged when cast by a monster.
  • The 10% bonus to Ability Score Modifier to Damage granted by wielding a Bastard Sword or Dwarven Waraxe now applies properly regardless of exactly how you are using those weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where bonuses to Ability Score Modifier to Damage while using a Bastard Sword or Dwarven Waraxe would not apply correctly in some circumstances.
  • Tabaxi Trailblazer's Attune no longer drops on death.
  • Belt of the Ram's ability, Ram's Might, no longer drops on death.
  • Eldritch Knight's Subtle Force I now gives its listed Sonic Resistance.
  • Divine Crusader's Consecrate now properly damages non-evil creatures.
  • Using the shift key to fast fall now works on Monk's Slow Fall.

Gameplay Changes

  • The evil spirit that has been resetting so many bear traps after they've been triggered has been exorcised from DDO for now. Most bear traps will now only trigger once.
  • You may now trade 100 pack ingredients for a Star Fragment, and 100 Star Fragments and 500 Threads of Fate for a Nebula Fragment.
  • Enchantment DCs are now an option in Tier 3 of Magus of the Eclipse.
  • Teleport items found within expansion packs have been upgraded! These items are now able to teleport you to all destinations that the other teleport items had access to - this means that if you have one of these items, you'll be able to teleport directly to the locations of all of them. You must own the item associated with the location you are attempting to teleport to. This means that, for example, when using the Sharn Boarding Pass, you'll be able to teleport to the Feywild if you own the Feywild Tuning Fork as a part of your account. However, you do not need to have the Tuning Fork with you to do this - which means that carrying one of these items is now equivalent to carrying all of them, potentially saving you inventory space. You may also drag these individual locations from the menu onto your hotbars, so if you need to reach a specific destination often, you can activate them from there instead of from your inventory. The following items are affected:
    • Isle of Dread Treasure Map
    • Saltmarsh Compass
    • Feywild Tuning Fork
    • Sharn Boarding Pass
    • Bottle of Mist
  • The Mysterious Ring in the Sands of Menechtarun adventure pack is now a little cooler!
  • Many effects in the game that used to scale with Epic levels now scale with the total of your Epic and Legendary levels (effects that have changed this way specifically say so in their text.)
  • Bonuses to Ability Score Modifier to Damage are now described the same way in tooltips for both the Single Weapon Fighting and Two Handed Fighting feats.
  • If you now have bonuses to Ability Score Modifier to Damage from Single Weapon Fighting feats and Two Handed Fighting feats (including the new ML31 Specialty feats), only the highest of those two sets applies.
  • Hamstring effects are now considered Bleed effects and can be removed with effects that remove bleeds such as Close Wounds and Regeneration.
  • The dreaded exploding spiders of Sharn have had their Hit Points reduced to 25% of their original value. They also give a little more time before they explode. Blast them before they blast you.
  • Epic Destinies
    • In addition to earning more points for your Epic Destinies, the Epic Destinies will be modified to include their 4th core ability with the release of the level cap increase. These 4th core abilities each have a Minimum Level of 32.

New Destiny Feats

Here are the new minimum level 31+ Destiny feats now available with Update 55: Weapon Specialty Feats:


  • New augments, requiring Minimum Level 32 and using Level 32 scaling, debut with Isle of Dread.
  • Cannith Crafting has been expanded to allow for the crafting of Level 31 and 32 items using Level 31 and 32 power levels.


  • Creeping Death: Some traps have been updated to affect monsters, number of monsters reduced per group.
  • The Dragonborn Prophesy Quests ("Black and Blue" and "Newcomers") have had the number of monsters reduced throughout both dungeons including removing several sets of monsters.

UI Changes

  • Items within the Shared Crafting Storage now update their names and descriptions automagically should they be changed in a game update!
  • Item bind status is now displayed on one line in item tooltips.
  • Multiple improvements have been made to how weapons display their dice:
  • Base damage rating now factors in your ability score modifier, which makes it a much better estimator of a weapon's relative effectiveness.
  • Weapons no longer show dice estimations for their base and critical rolls, instead displaying a simplified view so that it's easier to understand what numbers mean.
  • Augments now display prettier! Their slot types now appear in examination and are color-coded appropriately.
  • There is now a separate icon for each Tome of Learning you've consumed.
  • Hovering over your character's build type on the character sheet will now display that character's total past lives earned.
  • The party display UI no longer makes players with temporary Hit Points appear to be at a higher percentage of health than they really are.
  • Searching in any search bar no longer also sorts your shared bank and Details+ tab.
  • Newly created Glamered shields will now cleanly equip to your cosmetic offhand without reporting that there's an inventory error when trying to double-click them.
  • Glamered items will no longer improperly show their weapon dice or their augment slots.
  • Glamered items have slightly prettier descriptions.
  • The Quest Selector UI now has a search bar! This also works for searching by level. You may also now search for a specific level in the Adventure Compendium.
  • You may now toggle between seeing your XP progress split into ranks as before or seeing the full level as one bar by using the XP Bar Toggle Button next to the D&D Ampersand Logo on your XP Bar.

Known Issues

  • Some Isle of Dread ingredients are currently Bound to Account erroneously when they should be unbound.
  • The incorrect chest is appearing when defeating certain purple-rares in the Isle of Dread landscape.
  • The character sheet XP bar displays as full visually regardless of legendary XP earned.
  • Chests in the Isle of Dread quest "Whispers of Return" do not give their correct treasure.

Update Loot
Update 54
Isle of Dread Preview
Release Information
Released on April 27, 2022

Of Special Note:

The Pre-purchase for The Isle of Dread begins on Wednesday!

Learn more about our upcoming Isle of Dread expansion in the DDO Market! The cult of Vecna has been sighted in the region, and now a mysterious island has reappeared off the coast. It can’t be a coincidence. Prehistoric dangers await any who set foot on the island’s shores, so only true heroes will be capable of surviving the threats and stopping the cult. Experience new adventures, new monsters, and a level cap increase to 32! Play the new character race the Tabaxi or the Iconic Tabaxi Trailblazer, get your permanent Raptor Hireling, and more! The Isle of Dread is currently scheduled to be released on June 8th, 2022.

Once you have pre-purchased Isle of Dread you can speak to an NPC located past the Hut From Beyond in the Harbor docks named Zalnathe to pick up your available pre-purchase items!

News and Notes


  • Eldritch Knight's elemental damage dice should now more reliably add up.
  • Eldritch Knight's Force's Point no longer spams your combat log.
  • Fixed a typo in the Quicken Metamagic enhancement for Exalted Angel.
  • A variety of active Exalted Angel abilities no longer work underwater.
  • 1st core of Exalted Angel now provides magical training correctly.
  • Fixed typos with Green and Shadow Dragon Breath in Draconic Incarnation.
  • Feywild Attunement in Shiradi Champion now grants its listed Spellpower.
  • Core 2 Shiradi now provides the doubled and listed dodge and fort bypass.
  • Fatesinger's Grandeur now functions.
  • Air Savant's Feather Fall no longer drops on death.
  • Shadar-kai chain can now be used while quelled.
  • Magus of the Eclipse: Lunar Insight now functions.
  • All Magus actives may now be used while moving.
  • Clarified Vistani core 4's tooltip to make sure it was more accurate.
  • Regeneration no longer has visual effects and therefore no longer has visual effect bugs.
  • Greensteel Regeneration no longer drops on death.
  • Raging Blows in Barbarian now correctly grants its +1[W].
  • Palemaster Undead Shrouds should now persist through logout better.
  • Holy Mantle from Divine Crusader should now persist through logout better.
  • Abyssal Shroud from Warlock should persist through logout better.
  • Shiradi's Pin now grants its listed 3[W] instead of 1[W].
  • Shiradi's Pin no longer has a DC.
  • Fixed a typo in the Draconic Destiny Mantle.
  • Fixed typo in Shiradi epic moment.
  • Killer Instinct now has removal floaty text to make it clearer when it wears off.
  • Storm's Eye now has no removal floaty text since that makes it visually obstructive.
  • Scion of the Astral Plane no longer drops on death.
  • Monster casted Flame Strike will damage players again.
  • Epic Delera's Rune Arm now drops as intended.
  • Legendary Saltmarsh Rune Arm now drops as intended.
  • Creeping Doom and Divine Wrath no longer go through Spell Absorption.
  • The Defiler of the Just Raid Questgiver no longer tries to teleport you into the dungeon no matter what you tell her.
  • Epic Spell Power categories no longer require minimum level 26.
  • Fixed typo in the Filigree Divinity: Seeker (Rare) (Melee attack power -> Melee Power).
  • Fixed a typo in a generic Sharn text line for town NPCs.
  • Fixed Slay:Blank bugs in the Splinterskull chain.
  • Displacement no longer takes Enlarge since its a self-only spell.
  • Artificers should find it much easier to mount up now while charging their Rune Arm.
  • Prevented scenarios where a Reaper Ring enchantment could be erroneously non-applied to a non-ring item.
  • Fixed a typo in barbarian's Focus Wide buff.
  • Crazy Strikes now grants its Weapon[W] bonus correctly.
  • Fatesinger Core 2 and 3 now grant its DCs.
  • Shillelagh now correctly gives Bludgeon DR bypass instead of Magic.

Gameplay Changes

  • When you Release from a dungeon while dead, you will be brought back to life with 20 Hit Points instead of 1 HP.
  • Trap the Soul has gotten an overhaul:
    • There is no more Hit Dice limit on this spell, and there is only one variant.
    • This spell now gives you the regular gem for all CRs.
    • Cannith Crafting recipes just use that one regular gem.
    • Changed the cooldown to 10 seconds (Sorcerer stays at 8 seconds).
  • Shiradi caster mantles changes:
    • All proc dice have been raised to 7d77.
    • Spellcast scaling has been raised to 100%.
    • Proc rate has been raised to 7%.
    • The elements offered have changed: now you may select from Light, Force, Poison, or Sonic.
    • The following Destiny Mantles now deal 1d6+6 damage per caster level when they proc:
      • Magus of the Eclipse
      • Fatesinger
      • Primal Avatar
      • Exalted Angel

Tabaxi and Tabaxi Iconic

  • The Tabaxi Race and Tabaxi Trailblazer Iconic have been added to the game! The Tabaxi base race is FREE to VIPs, included in your pre-purchase of Isle of Dread, and will be available for DDO Points in the DDO Store in the future.
  • Tabaxi are a base race that starts in Eberron. Resembling great cats like jungle cats, Tabaxi are a dexterous race that are light on their feet. Their innate feat allows them to move quickly for a after spending a short time planning their next move. Tabaxi make good Rogues, Monks, and Bards.

UI Changes

  • Hovering over your Epic Destiny points now displays a context-sensitive tooltip that reports your points breakdown.
  • The LFM UI Difficulty display element has been adjusted to be more vertically centered.
  • Hovering over a weapon now factors in the Improved Critical feat.
  • The character sheet has gotten a minor visual upgrade in its layout.
    • It now shows you your total level instead of your total Action Points.
    • Several text and bounding box inconsistencies have been fixed involving bad element placement.
    • The Saves label is now Saving Throws and is the proper font.
    • The BAB box is now lined up correctly, and the BAB amount is now centered.
  • A variety of UI improvements relating to how we display Character Level have been made:
    • Your character sheet no longer shows the Epic Class in its class breakdown.
    • When someone requests to join your LFM, you will now see their total level in parenthesis and then their class breakdown, which will no longer include their Epic class levels. Text Literal: "$NAME$ ($LVL$)($CLASSES$) would like to join your party."
    • The Character Selection screen will no longer display your Epic class levels.
    • Examining a player now shows their Total level and then their class breakdown, and the class breakdown no longer displays their epic level.
    • The Guild, Who, and LFM displays for players no longer shows their Epic levels as part of their class breakdown.
  • The Who, Guild, and LFM UI elements for player entries now have appropriate Skin Mapping hookups for UI Skinning.


  • There is a new Gameplay option: Force Heals to Self when Targeting Undead (default: false). While true, when you have an enemy Undead targeted, any positive healing actions will be cast on you instead of the undead.

Update 53
Hunter and Hunted
Release Information
Released on February 24, 2022

Of Special Note:

New Adventure Pack: Hunter and Hunted!

The Wild Hunt want you to join them...as prey! This new Adventure Pack is FREE to VIPs and available in the DDO Store! Hunter and Hunted includes two dungeons and a raid at level 32 on Legendary difficulty. The quests are level 7 on Heroic difficulty. The NPCs are located in a small public space accessible through The Hut From Beyond in The Harbor.

The Anniversary Event has returned!

The Anniversary Event is back to celebrate DDO's 16th year! Get started towards the back of House Phiarlan by finding Gnoa Bn'for. To celebrate 16 years we are giving away a selection of Bound to Account cosmetic outfits! Once per day characters can speak to the Anniversary Djinn outside of the Anniversary Dungeon in House Phiarlan to select their choice of Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver. Each character can pick an outfit once per day, and there is no limit to the number of outfits you choose other than the once-per-day-per-character limit. The Anniversary Djinn will be available for players to acquire these cloaks through December 31st, 2022. The Anniversary Event runs through March 20th, 2022!

New items to barter for this year include masks and capelets that match our free coats. We have also added the following previous anniversary gifts to the Anniversary Event Barter Vendor:

  • The Sentient Jewel of the Dragon
  • 15th Anniversary Commemorative Cloak
  • Robe of Celebration
  • Medium Armor of Celebration
  • Heavy Armor of Celebration
  • Medium Docent of Celebration
  • Heavy Docent of Celebration

More Free!

The following races and classes from the core D&D Player's Handbook are now permanently free for everyone in DDO:


  • Dragonborn
  • Drow
  • Gnome
  • Half-elf
  • Half-orc
  • Tiefling
  • Wood-elf


  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Warlock

Players who have already purchased these races and classes will receive a Greater Elixir of Discovery for each of the races and classes they own prior to the release of Update 53. Speak with Jubilee the Discoverer on the bottom floor of the Eberron Hall of Heroes to get one Bound to Account Greater Elixir of Discovery for each feature you had previously purchased. You may only claim each feature's Elixir once in total (across all characters and servers), so please use caution if you play on multiple servers. These Elixirs cannot be claimed on any active Hardcore worlds.

ALSO: VIPs now get daily Gold Rolls on Daily Dice for the remainder of 2022 (through 11:59pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on December 31st, 2022)!

News and Notes:


  • Absolute Zero now applies its frozen crowd control to Fire enemies that are immune to Death, instead of letting the Death effect bounce off and therefore having no effect.
  • The Druidic Oath system now only alerts you about breaking your Druidic Oath if you become oathbreaking from a state where you are not oathbreaking, preventing over-spam of its alert.
  • Druidic Stoneshape now works with Dire Bear.
  • Strength Domain now only bases your Reflex Saving Throws on Strength if it is higher than your Dexterity.


  • Failing a Concentration roll now generates feedback on the avatar.
  • When the feat Elusive Target triggers it now displays a visual over your character's head to know it has applied.
  • Artificer Iron Defender Pets and Druid Wolf Pets have had some of their animations adjusted. Some animations that were not scaling with attack speed now do, and some animations that were missing (and therefore caused pets to stand around confused) have now been connected.
  • A variety of effects that provide a full Heal now work on Undead players.


  • Almost all existing enhancements for Artificer Iron Defender and Druid Wolf pets are now granted automatically as those pets go up in level. (The ones that are not automatically granted are specifically called out below, all other existing ones are). The level they gain them at is the same as the previous Minimum Level for those Enhancements.
  • For Iron Defender pets, Alignment enhancements are not automatically granted, as they are mutually exclusive. You can now talk to any Artificer trainer to select your Pet's Alignment, which is now displayed as an effect on your pet. Your selections remain until changed or until you Reincarnate. The Chaotic selection continues to provide the Breaker of Boxes behavior.
  • For both Iron Defender and Wolf pets, Threat Generation/Reduction enhancements are not automatically granted, as they are mutually exclusive. You can now talk to any Artificer or Druid trainer (depending on your pet) to select -40% Threat from Melee Attacks, +0% Threat from Melee Attacks, or +100% Threat from Melee Attacks. Your selections remain until changed or until you Reincarnate, and stack with all other sources of Increased or Reduced Melee Threat.
  • The Bluff and Intimidate active abilities have been removed from Iron Defender and Wolf pets for the time being. We plan on returning these in a future update.
  • Artificer Iron Defender Pets, Druid Wolf Pets, and Pale Master's Skeleton Pet now all have a baseline of 100% Fortification at all levels. This stacks with Gear and any Feats or Enhancements they have.
  • Feydark Illusionist's Illusory Augmentation now correctly grants its bonuses if you have obtained Augment Summoning from a temporary source, such as gear or an augment.
  • Hope for Success from the Favored Soul's Beacon of Hope tree now applies more reliably.
  • Sacred Touch in Warpriest and Warsoul now mentions the typing of the buff.
  • Eldritch Knight's Proficiencies now apply more reliably.
  • Elditch Knight's visuals now change color depending on which Spellsword Toggle you have turned on.

Epic Destinies


  • Cut the Strings' Death and Damage effects now respect their one second cooldown.
  • Cut the Strings no longer fails if you are targeting someone behind you.
  • Discord melee and ranged skills no longer scale with Spell Power AND Melee/Ranged Power.
  • Discord Ranged skill now grants its 10 Spell Points when three chords are consumed.
  • The Greater Shout SLA from Fatesinger is now considered to be Spell Level 6.

Primal Avatar

  • Carrion Swarm now has updated visual effects.


  • First Blood no longer kills you if you cast a spell on yourself.


  • Warforged is now awarded on a per-server basis for 400 Total Favor, replacing the Drow race, which is now free. If you previously achieved 400 total Favor and unlocked Drow on a server then Warforged will automatically unlock when you log in with a character on that server that currently has at least 400 total Favor and had previously claimed the rank of Drow from Nyx. If you do not have a character with at least 400 Favor, earning the 400 Favor threshold and speaking to Nyx will unlock Warforged on that server.


  • The epic feat Doubleshot has its correct tooltip.
  • Mounting a mount will no longer turn off the Rune Arm Use feat, and will instead suppress your Rune Arm charge until you are dismounted.
  • Bloody Footprints now display properly for the following Races:
    • Warforged Male/Female Inquisitives
    • Shifter Male (all styles)
    • Tiefling Male (1 handed/1 handed shield style)
    • Drow (both genders) (Inquisitive Style)


  • You may now Barter for Sands of Menectarun wilderness loot from Masei Mkembe's Barter Shop in Zawabi's Refuge if you have Antique Bronze Tokens to spare.
  • The Reaper Shard Crafting recipes for Goggles and Glove now function correctly.
  • Dripping with Magma now triggers once every 1 second instead of .25.
  • Bowdlin (Collectible Trader) now correctly tells you that he distributes Red Augments and not colorless.
  • Quality Spell Focus Mastery now changes from +1 to +2 at a slightly earlier level so more gear has the +2 version of the affix.
  • Spell Penetration and Attack Augments now have corrected descriptions.
  • The hardcore season five vendor was using old logic that assumed the player took their favor rewards in order sometimes preventing a player from claiming the "death follows you reward" if they hasn't already claimed Death Watches you reward . This has now been corrected.
  • Certain legacy Healing Amplification effect tooltips have been modernized.
  • Commendations from the various Eveningstar factions (such as War Wizard) are now Bound to Account instead of Bound to Character.
  • Alchemical Elemental Attunement effects now each correctly work on both Melee and Ranged attacks


  • Animated Armors should no longer heal from Negative energy.
  • Relevant monsters in the new adventure pack "Hunter and Hunted" have been added to the Monster Manuals.
  • Smaller crabs now play animations when crowd controlled.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • A new NPC is available in Eveningstar (near the mailbox), the Ball and Chain in Wheloon, the Blue Water Inn in Ravenloft, near the entrance from Eberron in the Feywild wilderness, outside of the tavern near the fountain in Sharn, in the Snapping Line Inn in Saltmarsh. Randall Lyric sells augments in exchange for local ingredients.

Anniversary Event

  • Some changes have been made to the +Cordovan and +Steelstar fights this year, and some new jokes, in-jokes, and secrets have been scattered throughout! We have also done work on the Kobold path, including replacing some kobolds with rats, thinning out some spawn numbers, and adjusting some aggro settings. Players should also no longer find themselves needing to run the kobold path a second time based on the state of Jeets' and Malicia's dialog.


  • Clicking on the door in Meridia to The Shroud no longer tries to teleport you to Ritual Sacrifice.


  • Typos have been fixed in Raven's Bane.

The Red Fens

  • Into the Deep - Fixed several sections of this dungeon that did not get their proper stat pass in Update 51.

The Soul Splitter

  • Soul Survivor - Captain Loren d'Lyrandar has undergone an avatar update.

Vault of Night

  • Fixed Veil's awkward appearance in "The Prisoner" Quest on difficulties other than normal.


  • Tiefling Infernal Resistance no longer drops on Death.


  • Fixed an issue with spells that appeared "inside" of enemies when they were hard targeted that would cause the target to fail for the enemy. This fixes spells like Holy Smite, Chaos Hammer, Flame Strike, and others that are hard target spells.
  • Lionheart and Reincarnate now properly take the Eschew Materials metamagic feat.
  • Fire Seeds, Ice Flowers, and Burst of Glacial Wrath now take appropriate metamagic feats.
  • Blur is back to being a 20% bonus.
  • Meteor Swarm has had its screen shake and flash effect reduced.
  • Acid Well now respects range limits for effects like Epic Defensive Fighting.
  • Prismatic Strike's Daze is now an actual Daze effect instead of a stun effect.
  • Tenser's Transformation no longer removes Eldritch Knight's Shield Proficiency upon removal.


New UI options

  • Show Filigree Descriptions (Default: On): When active, Filigree in items display their descriptions and when inactive only names are shown.
  • Show Uncompleted Sets (Default: On): When active, set bonuses display both set bonuses you have active and bonuses that are inactive. When off, only active set bonuses are displayed.
  • Prevent Heal Soft Targeting (Default: On): This toggle forces your healing spells to use your hard target or self-target and not your soft target.
  • Several small adjustments have been made to Filigree and Set Bonus displays to make them easier to read.
  • The Spell Selector window (for spells such as Teleport and Fire Shield) now remembers its position.
  • The Quest Selection UI now spells Receive correctly in its tooltips.
  • The Examination window now remembers its position.
  • There is a new button to Delete All Confirmed Mail. Note that this will not function if any mail in your Confirmed tab has any attachments.
  • The Empty Slots field of the sorted inventory panel now matches its background area better.
  • The Reincarnation UI no longer tells you that Iconic Heroes must be level 28.
  • Epic Hearts of Wood no longer tell you that you need Karma to Epic Reincarnate.


  • Improved how the quest system reveals an objective when a monster is near a player in an effort to improve game performance.
  • A change has been made that adjusts dungeon event processing for certain objectives in an effort to improve game performance.

Known Issues

  • The new dungeons and raid in the new adventure pack "Hunter and Hunted" do not have their proper experience set yet. The XP for running these quests will increase in the near future.

Update Loot
Update 52
Portent of Dread
Release Information
Released on December 9, 2021

Of Special Note

  • A new Free to Play quest is available called Dread Sea Scrolls! Foxpaw the Gatekeeper has a plan to destroy Codex Pages once and for all - what could possibly go wrong? Encounter pirates, raptors, and even a mysterious island appearing off the Stormreach Harbor! Speak with Iris Joll inside of the Hut from Beyond in The Harbor to begin the adventure. This quest is level 6 on Heroic and level 32 on Legendary.


  • Diversion from Ninja Spy now adds its five Sneak Attack dice without requiring you to be using a Quarterstaff.
  • The Crown of Summer from the Druid's Season' Herald tree is now: "You have a +15 Enhancement bonus to Positive Healing Amplification, a +15 Enhancement bonus to Melee Power, and a +10 Enhancement bonus to Ranged Power."
  • Leap of Faith's Feather Fall duration is now 15 seconds.

Epic Destinies

  • Draconic Incarnation
    • Bring About Destruction now applies its 10 Universal Spell Power.
  • Exalted Angel
    • Abilities in Exalted Angel now allow you to move while using them.
    • Exalted Angel’s Leap of Faith now recharge if you are not a Favored Soul.
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Unbridled Fury now allows you to be moving while it activates.
  • Shadowdancer
    • Depths of Darkness now stacks as intended.


  • The Jester of the Festivult arrives soon! This year will feature new cookies with new benefits that the Jester claims taste better and have fewer calories! We hear the Jester will arrive on December 9th.
  • There are new Reaper Bonus Effects that can drop on gear while in Reaper Mode. You may also now speak to the 2nd Reaper Vendor in the Hall of Heroes to enhance your gear with Reaper Bonuses.
  • Lightning Storm Runearms now display fewer light particles.
  • You no longer need to unequip and re-equip Minor Artifacts and Sentient weapons when you log in to get their bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where the Temperance of Spirit benefit was being erroneously removed upon death.
  • Pierce Adamantine and Pierce Cold Iron acquired from items now function.
  • The Eternal Wand of Cure Minor Wounds is now Bound to Account.
  • The Epic, Legendary, and Perfected Bloodstone now have their correct icons.
  • Several new augments are now available in-game: Healing Amplification, Repair Amplification, Negative Amplification, Melee Power, Ranged Power.
  • The Crown of Summer item enchantment is now: "You have a +15 Enhancement Bonus to Positive Healing Amplification, a +10 Enhancement Bonus to Melee Power, and a +5 Enhancement bonus to Ranged Power."
  • Several weapon effects now apply their proper visuals.
  • The Armor of Celebration is now Bound to Account.
  • Planar Shards are now Bound to Account.
  • Eternal Flasks, Coffees, and other non-potion "Potions" can now be used while moving.
  • Teleport Items (such as the Bottle of Mist from the Ravenloft Expansion Pack) are now Bound to Account.
  • Upgrade Tomes of Fate are now able to be turned into Purified Eberron Dragonshards.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Sleeping in Brawnpits' bed no longer spams a voice line repeatedly.
  • Undead and Necromancers in the Forgotten Realms will no longer congratulate you on finding Ahraatz-ri's Treasure Hoard.
  • The Gianthold Augment traders now have their correct descriptions.
  • The voice lines in Let Sleeping Dust Lie are now correct.


  • Enervation and Rend the Soul no longer apply through Deathward.
  • Enervation now takes Metamagic feats properly.


  • While a character is dead and warded from being raised their health bar icon in the party window will now display a teal skull. Once the raise ward wears off, the skull will return to its normal red visual.
  • You can now swap a Minor Artifact with another Minor Artifact in the same item slot without needing to unequip one item then equip the other separately.
  • Augments can now be slotted while inside dungeons.
  • The Comment Field in a Public LFM entry is now saved between the automatic Public LFM listing and delisting.
  • Resetting a group of enhancement trees (Reaper, Enhancements, Destinies) no longer increases the cost of resetting other groups of enhancement trees.
  • Your character's percentage bonus for Maximum Hit Points is now available to view in the + tab of the Character Sheet.
  • The Bravery Bonus for the Quest Difficulty UI now displays bonuses more than four digits long.
  • Universal Enhancement Trees are no longer slotted as active trees by default. You may find them in the dropdown menus of your Enhancement Windows.
  • There is a new UI option checkbox to hide all buffs on your character that have Infinite Duration.
  • The dice UI now displays Spell Resistance Failure! all on one line instead of being cut off.


  • Earning a Reaper Action Point now briefly displays visuals on your character.
  • Ponytail animations have been added during dual crossbow locomotion.
  • The Beckon animation (used for mounting, intimidate, and the /beckon emote) now blends with movement.

Update Loot
Update 51
A New Destiny
Release Information
Released on November 3, 2021

Epic Destiny Update

Update 51 brings a big update and overhaul of our Epic Destiny system! The new system features improvements through the level 20 to 30 process along with a new destiny called Magus of the Eclipse. All characters who are at least level 20 and players in the future who achieve level 20 can get started with the new system by speaking with a Fatespinner to be taken to the Junction of the Planes to acquire their Epic Destinies and learn more!

Epic Destinies are now free to every player regardless of account status. Any player who previously owned Epic Destinies will receive a Tome of Destiny +1 (Historic) that grants you +1 permanent Destiny Point for one of your characters (see the release notes for more information about Destiny Points.) If you have at least one character before this overhaul that has fully capped all of their Epic Destinies, you will receive an exclusive Cloak of Destiny featuring the now-deprecated Starmap to commemorate your achievement. All characters level 20 and higher at the time of this Update will not be able to change Feats with Fred until they perform a Lesser Reincarnation (or any other form of Reincarnation). This is to prevent invalid build scenarios and situations where certain feats simply cannot be swapped. All characters level 20 and higher at the time of this Update have been granted a Bound-to-Character +5 Lesser Heart of Wood.


The release notes are many, and too large to include here, follow the link above to see them all.

Update 50
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
Release Information
Released on August 4, 2021


  • Poison Damage Resistance now properly reduces Poison Damage.
  • Druids now get Protection from Elements Mass as a level 7 spell.


  • Changes have been made to the spellcasting system that make casting spells more reliable. This may prevent dry firing of spells in certain situations.
  • Hirelings will now cast their spells more reliably when directed to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to swap out of a missile weapon into a melee weapon wouldn't queue properly.
  • Monster perception range is now slightly smaller (this may not apply to raid bosses or custom bosses).
  • Saving throws on all epic monsters on elite and hard have been reduced.
  • The Legendary II monster boosts have been removed.
  • Underwater combat has been adjusted for playability, and no longer adjusts what spells are able to be cast, penalize your movement or attack rates as severely, and instead makes fire spells deal 80% damage and electric spells deal 120% while underwater.


  • A new Universal Enhancement Tree called Horizon Walker is now available!
  • Many changes to other trees, both bug fixes and modifications


  • The 400 Gatekeeper Favor reward is now the Horizon Walker Universal Enhancement Tree, awarded on a per-character basis.
  • Patron Reward feats should now consistently remain on you through Lesser and Epic Reincarnations.


  • Burst of Glacial wrath now works on everything, rather than erroneously excluding certain monsters.
  • Patron Reward feats should now consistently remain on you through Lesser and Epic Reincarnation.
  • Favored Enemy feats now have more accurate descriptions.


  • Permanent Gold Seal Hirelings, such as the Onyx Panther, Saltmarsh Bullywug Rogue, and Owlbear Defender are now Bound to Account.


  • Scroll/Seal/Shard Loot System was removed, and replaced with a pack specific turn in.
    • You can trade your existing scroll/seal/shard items for the appropriate Pack Ingredient
  • End Game Items have been modified to lower the power level of items at the level cap
    • Named Items found within Legendary content will be adjusted and normalized to values appropriate to their minimum level. This means that an item found within Ravenloft will match the power level of an item found within Sharn, or Feywild, or any of our other current Legendary content.
    • Monster power level at end cap has been moved downwards to match the item changes.
  • Guild Augments have now been fully deprecated.
  • Lootgen Docents (and some other older Docents) should once more display their correct base appearance.
  • Docents with old armor potion kits applied should once more show their appearances.
  • Weapons that do non-mundane damage such as Flameblades or Celestia now correctly interact with DR and resistances.
  • Trap the Soul now requires a standalone special component called a Khyber Dragonshard that is found in shops wherever high quality spell components may be found. This component works for all variations of Trap the Soul.
  • Brilliant Crescent (main hand) now works with Swashbuckling.
  • The Flamecleansed Fury set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Hruit's Influence set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Arcsteel Battlemage set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Arcsteel Battlemage set now properly gives +1 Intelligence as listed (was +2).
  • The Feywild Dreamer set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Flamecleansed Fury set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Hruit's Influence set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Arcsteel Battlemage set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Legendary Arcsteel Battlemage set now properly gives +3 Intelligence as listed (was +4).
  • The Legendary Feywild Dreamer set's Spell Crit Chance is now properly Artifact-typed.
  • The Glowing Eyes cosmetics now show elven ears correctly.

Monster Manual

  • A new Monster Manual is available to purchase (FREE to VIPs!).

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Monsters will no longer cast persistent spells like Wall of Fire or crowd control spells like Soundburst in rapid succession.
  • Removed some NPC's from Meridia that were not meant to be there.
  • Fix a scaling issue with the monster stats in the following quests:
    • Tower of Frost
    • Memory Lapse
    • Kind of a Big Deal
    • Another Man's Treasure
  • Zawabi now bestows and resolves Against the Demon Queen (the 6-player pre-raid) and Zawabi's Revenge (the 12-player raid) separately. You are now only required to complete Against the Demon Queen once per life in order to play Zawabi's Revenge; after that, Zawabi will allow you to choose which quest to speak to him about.
  • Against the Demon Queen is no longer restricted by Raid Timer.
  • Raid Timer Bypass Hourglasses now work properly on Zawabi's Revenge.


  • Half Elves have had a cosmetic update. Half-elven characters will automatically see their looks updated when they log into the game for the first time after Update 50 is released.
  • Half orc male run animations have been updated.


  • The Alchemist spell Smoke Bomb's Invisibility no longer remains after you begin attacking.

Update Loot
Update 49
Update 49 splash image.jpg
Peril of the Planar Eyes
Release Information
Released on April 21, 2021
  • New Adventure Pack Peril of the Planar Eyes
  • Game improvements changes
    • Doublestrike and Doubleshot will no longer apply a full subsequent "attack" as part of your attack chain. Instead, when a player Doublestrikes or Doubleshots the game will instead multiply the base amount of damage dealt (first number and sneak attack) by the amount of Doublestrikes or Doubleshots generated. This means that a player who deals an average of 100 damage on their first hit will now deal 200, or 300 damage, or however many Doublestrikes or Doubleshots multiplied by their base damage, when their Doublestrikes or Doubleshots go off.
    • When a Doublestrike or Doubleshot happens, you'll see an icon of two swords next to your damage in the floaty text, similar to how Point Blank Shot provides its feedback.
    • Abilities that apply additional ranged projectiles (Shuriken Expertise and Advanced Ninja Training) no longer apply multiple hits or projectiles. Instead, just as if they had been purely Doubleshot scalars, they will simply be additional chances to Doubleshot.
    • Effects that trigger on-hit will also have their damage multiplied comparatively. This means that if you deal 10 Law damage on each hit, on a Doublestrike, it will deal 20.
    • Repeating Crossbows and the Dual Crossbow style still fire 3 or 2 full projectiles (so you'll still see 3 numbers or 2 numbers, respectively) and are still affected by their Doubleshot penalties of 66% and 50%, respectively.
    • A player's 100% effective Doublestrike cap still applies in this system.
    • Offhand strikes will still be a separate "hit" and will roll their own damage from their own weapon and can still Doublestrike. However, we have removed the stat Offhand Doublestrike from the game. Your offhand now Doublestrikes at 50% of the Doublestrike of your mainhand. This means that if you have a 50% chance to produce an offhand strike, and 100% Doublestrike, your offhand will hit 50% of the time for 50% Doublestrike (so a 50% chance to deal double damage). Abilities and enhancements that used to provide Offhand Doublestrike no longer do so. Your offhand can only doublestrike a maximum of 50% of the time.
    • Shields still cannot Doublestrike.
    • Strikethrough attacks still proc their own Doublestrike roll individually per target struck.
    • The main reasoning behind these changes (letting repeaters and offhand strikes still proc rather than fully condensing) is that we want to keep our damage numbers appropriate to the amount of animations that a player actually produces.
    • Adrenaline's damage multiplier has been reduced from 300/300/300/400% to 150/150/150/200%
    • Fury Eternal's 33% chance to regain an Adrenaline charge on vorpal has been increased to 100%
    • Hunt's End damage multiplier has been reduced from 400% to 300%
    • Hunt's End cooldown has been reduced from 24sec to 18sec
    • Aasimar Scourge has lost its 2% Offhand Doublestrike per copy (as that stat no longer exists) and has gained an additional 1% Doublestrike per copy in its place (It now grants a total of 2% per copy, because it gave +1% before)
    • Fury Eternal and Fury Made Placid's tooltips no longer claim that the two abilities are antirequisites of each other; they aren't.
    • Tempest Capstone (Dervish) has lost its 25% Offhand Doublestrike (as that stat no longer exists) and has gained +10% Doublestrike.
  • Bow changes
    • Add an animation set to Bow combat that allows us to balance the Bow combat style without incredibly-high Base Attack Bonus values that break the speed cap.
    • Buff bow builds in Heroic levels.
    • Buff bow builds in Epic by retaining the existing maximum attack speed but adding more power.
    • Remove the combat style's over-reliance on burst damage by eliminating Manyshot and adding most of that power back to bow stats in other places.
    • Diversify the number of viable builds that can use Longbows and Shortbows.
    • Don't significantly shift the role or strength of individual Enhancement Trees - Let the other features of the pass bring all of them up together.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Update Loot
Update 48
Fables of the Feywild
Release Information
Released on November 5, 2020
  • Fables of the Feywild Expansion
  • Significant changes have been made to the game's Augment system
  • Panacea, Close Wounds, Heal, and Unyielding Sovereignty now clear Bleed effects.
  • Text chat messages sent to General, Advice, Trade, Party, Guild, Guild officer, or player created chat rooms will now be displayed to you after they go to the chat server and back.
    • This means that if you are not connected to the chat server, it won't look like you are chatting with your guild, for example, when you are only really chatting with yourself.
  • The launcher now has a “Remember me for 8 hours” checkbox.
    • This will allow the launcher to remember your login credentials for 8 hours or until you actively choose to logout.

Update Loot
Update 47
Release Information
Released on October 12, 2020
  • New Legendary Raids
    • Three of our classic raids have been given a Legendary update! A Vision of Destruction, The Lord of Blades, and The Master Artificer are now available to run at level 32! Additionally, these raids no longer require playing any prerequisite quests to flag for them on any difficulty, and the quest givers for these raids will now teleport you directly into the raid without needing to traverse a landscape.
  • New Free Dungeon
      • The Promise of Fire is a new standalone dungeon for levels 6 and 27! This quest is free to all players. Find the quest giver Lady Sera Jaymes in the Searing Heights Wilderness Adventure Area. The dungeon itself is also located in Searing Heights.
  • Fables of the Feywild Pre-Purchase Has Begun!
    • Our next expansion Fables of the Feywild will be available to prepurchase on Monday. Find details about our new race, the Shifter, along with the new Iconic Razorclaw Shifter and Universal Enhancement Tree Feydark Illusionist in the release notes.
  • Several bug fixes
  • Focused Blast Range has been increased by 20%.
  • Mounts found via Daily Dice are now Bound to Account.
  • The Mystery Basket, gained from the DDO Store or Daily Dice, now has a new Tressym in it.
  • Fury of the Wild: Sense Weakness no longer provides untyped damage on hit, and instead now provides a flat +1 Damage per rank, for a total of +3 Damage.
  • Shifter Past Lives are now required to obtain Racial Completionist.
  • Heroic Alchemical Crafting no longer requires raid-specific crafting ingredients.
    • If you have any extra raid-tier alchemical crafting ingredients, you may turn them in for Sharn/Nearly Finished crafting ingredients at a Cannith Melting Station.
  • The following potions can now be used while raging:
    • Lesser Restoration
    • Remove Blindness
    • Remove Curse
    • Remove Disease

Update Loot
Update 46
The Lost Gatekeepers
Release Information
Released on April 23, 2020

Update Loot
Update 45
Update 45 splash image.jpg
Age of the Alchemist
Release Information
Released on February 12, 2020
  • Two Adventure Packs have had an epic treatment:
  • New Class: The Alchemist
  • Anniversary event is back
    • Includes new items
  • New 64-bit Client (Beta)
  • Changes to Stealth Play
  • Melee changes
    • Better ways to quickly close the gap to an enemy
    • Strikethrough replaces glancing blows
      • Allows you to potentially hit more than one enemy with the full strength of the weapon
      • Changes throughout the game where glancing blows was updated, it is now Strikethrough
    • Non-Quarterstaff Two-Handed Animations have been update
    • Changes to the two-handed feat line
  • Feat Changes
    • New: Simple Thrown Weapon Expertise
    • New: Multitude of Missiles
    • New: Accelerate Spell Metamagic
    • Diety feat lines have been modified
  • Cargo hold stat buff and resistance amenities can no longer be bought
    • Existing ones you have still work
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

Update Loot
Update 44
Update 44 splash image.jpg
The Keep on the Borderlands
Release Information
Released on November 12, 2019
  • A new adventure pack Keep on the Borderlands
    • 8 New Quests
    • Level 1/2 on Heroic and 20/21 on Epic
  • UI Changes:
    • In the Looking For Group Menu: The Open Group listing for classes now properly includes Warlocks and will no longer include Epic levels as per its class designation.
    • There is a new "+" side-tab off of the "Stats" tab of the Character Sheet Menu, that contains many new statistics
    • The quest panel in the Adventure Compendium now displays Heroic quest level and Epic quest level in separate columns, and allows sorting by Epic quest level.
  • Mounts

Update Loot
Update 43
The Soul Splitter
Release Information
Released on September 10, 2019
  • A new adventure pack The Soul Splitter
    • 6 New Quests
    • Level 17 on Heroic and 32 on Legendary
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes

Update Loot
Update 42
The Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Discover the mysteries of Sharn! Explore one of the most iconic locations in the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron campaign setting, navigate the power struggles between the rich and powerful as you hunt from the highest towers of the city to the deepest depths of the Cogs.

Players can begin their journey to Sharn through a transport NPC in The Harbor of Stormreach or by using the Boarding Pass available in the Ultimate Edition of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Includes nine Story Dungeons, eight Explorer Dungeons, one Explorer Area, and two raids (NOTE: Only one raid is releasing with Update 42. The second raid will be released later this year.)

Release Information
Released on May 14, 2019

Update Loot
Update 41
The Khorvaire Shipment
Release Information
Released on December 5, 2018
  • New Quest Lost at Sea
  • Improved Bard Songs
  • Eldritch Knight update
  • All level 28 and 29 raid loot stats have been increased in some places to match appropriate values, and some loot has had the minimum level decreased.
  • New spells for Sorcerer and Wizard, and changes to pre-existing ones.
  • Some bug fixes.

Update Loot
Update 40
Update 39
Update 38
Update 37

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