Epic Destinies

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Epic destinies become available to characters at level 20. These are similar to enhancements, but buying entries in there is based on the level you are in that epic destiny. If you are interested in looking a each destinies tree, click on the navigation bar at the top of the page for the specific destiny you are wanting to see.

The very first time an epic destiny is chosen, it must be one that is associated with a classes that the character has currently leveled. The character must have at least 6 levels in the primary or secondary classes associated with that destiny. Listed below is a table of the destinies, which sphere they are in, and both the primary and secondary classes that can be used when picking a destiny for the first time.

Name Sphere Primary Class Secondary Classes
Divine Crusader Divine Cleric Favored Soul, Paladin
Draconic Incarnation Arcane Sorcerer Alchemist, Artificer, Bard, Wizard, Warlock
Exalted Angel Divine Favored Soul Cleric, Paladin
Fatesinger Arcane Bard Sorcerer, Artificer, Wizard, Warlock
Fury of the Wild Primal Barbarian Druid, Ranger
Grandmaster of Flowers Martial Monk Fighter, Rogue
Legendary Dreadnought Martial Fighter Monk, Rogue
Magister Arcane Wizard Artificer, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock
Primal Avatar Primal Druid Barbarian, Ranger
Shadowdancer Martial Rogue Fighter, Monk
Shiradi Champion Primal Ranger Barbarian, Druid
Unyielding Sentinel Divine Paladin Cleric, Favored Soul

User Interface[edit]

Epic destinies UI (accessible by CTRL+E) is used for all four aspects of working with Epic Destinies. If you open this window before you are Level 20, you will get a message that you can't modify your twists until you are level 20. Be aware that this message will appear every time you zone.

Tree View[edit]

caption=Highlighted for Effect

When you first come in, you will see the above window. This window is the "Tree View" for the epic destinies. There are 5 parts (each separately highlighted), described below:

  • Destiny List Highlighted in Blue
    • This contains a list of all the possible destinies.
    • Ones that you don't have access to are shown as grayed out.
    • You are able to click on any tree you have access to show information about that tree in other parts (this click does not make it the active tree).
  • Selected Destiny Highlighted in Yellow
    • This contains the information about the current selected tree in the list
    • If it is not the active destiny, there will be a "Activate" button.
    • It shows what level you are, how far within that level, etc.
  • Destiny Tree Highlighted in Red
    • This is the tree where you can spend your destiny points.
    • This works exactly like Enhancements, just using destiny points not action points
  • Abilities Highlighted in Green
    • This shows the active and passive abilities you currently have that are active (active trees and twists)
    • Clicking the "Show All" checkbox will show all the abilities that are selected in all destinies (even the non-active one)
  • Twists Highlighted in Purple
    • Twists allow you to use a limited number of abilities from other trees
    • Twist slots are purchased by clicking on the Plus image to the right of the slot
      • These slots cost Fate Points, with the number available shown at the top
    • Slots are populated by dragging an ability from the Abilities section, when showing all, into a slot
      • If there is already something in the slot, it is overwritten

Map View[edit]

caption=Highlighted for Effect

If you are in the Tree View, you can click the tab at the top to switch to the map view of the destinies. The map view gives you an overall display of the destinies, how they fit in the spheres, and what is needed to move between the destinies and spheres (explained below).There are 4 parts (each separately highlighted), described below:

  • Sphere Highlighted in Purple
  • Destiny Highlighted in Blue
    • This shows information about a destiny (image and levels achieved).
    • If it is the active destiny, there will be a white glow around it
  • Transfer Lines Highlighted in Yellow
    • These show you which destinies you have unlocked, and which ones you can pick
    • If all the circles are filled in between two destinies, you have unlocked the ability to travel between the destinies
    • If that travel line is unlocked, you can pick that destiny on the tree view
  • Karma Highlighted in Green
    • This shows the amount of Karma you have within that sphere
    • Once you have 6,000,000 Karma, you can Epic Reincarnate using this sphere as the past life
    • If you Epic Reincarnate using a sphere, the Karma will be used, and set back to 0

Leveling and Switching Destinies[edit]

As you gain experience in epic levels, you also gain experience in the active destiny. Just like heroic levels, destiny levels are divided into 5 ranks, and for the first 4 ranks you gain an destiny point that can be spent in the active destiny tree. There is a maximum of 24 destiny points available for each destiny to spend in the tree. You can switch between destinies by using the Tree View (explained above).

Each destiny has a separate amount of experience, so you must gain XP in each destiny separately. As you gain XP, the circles on the transfer lines will be filled in. When you have 3 filled in you can move between destinies in the same tree, and when 4 filled in you can also move between the spheres, just to the destinies that are attached to the transfer line.

Level Destiny Points Total XP Required XP Required Per Rank Notes
0 4 36,000
1 8 180,000 48,000
2 12 420,000 60,000
3 16 720,000 72,000 You can now move to a connected destiny along this destinies travel lines within the same sphere
4 20 1,080,000 84,000 You can now move to a connected destiny along this destinies travel lines in the attached sphere
5 24 1,500,000 96,000 XP will be capped at 1,979,999. Once the XP is capped, this destiny will count in the prerequisites for an Epic Destiny Feat

Twists of Fate[edit]

Twists of Fate give a character the ability to use a limited number of enhancements from destinies that are not the active destiny. You "buy" slots by using Fate Points that are earned during play. You are not able to twist in any of the core (lower row) enhancements within the destiny, only the Tier 1 through Tier 4 enhancements. If a slot is already filled with an enhancement you can override it by dragging another Tier appropriate enhancement from the Abilities list.

When you first purchase a slot, it will allow only Tier 1 enhancements. Each slot can be upgraded (for more Fate Points), up to allowing Tier 4 enhancements. You can completely reset your fate points by talking to the Fatespinner NPC, and then reallocate the points. Costs for purchasing and upgrading are shown in the below table.

Tier 1 Ability Tier 2 Ability Tier 3 Ability Tier 4 Ability
1st Twist Slot 1 Fate Point 2 Fate Points 3 Fate Points 4 Fate Points
2nd Twist Slot 2 Fate Points 3 Fate Points 4 Fate Points 5 Fate Points
3rd Twist Slot 3 Fate Point 4 Fate Points 5 Fate Points 6 Fate Points
4th Twist Slot 4 Fate Point 5 Fate Points 6 Fate Points 7 Fate Points
5th Twist Slot
(Only available to Epic Completionists)
5 Fate Point 6 Fate Points 7 Fate Points 8 Fate Points

Gaining Fate Points[edit]

Fate points can be gained in several ways:

  1. Every 3 levels gained in a destiny will give one destiny point
  2. When you reach character level 29, you will get 2 points
  3. When you reach character level 30, you will get 3 points
  4. Every 4 Epic Past Lives you have gives you a point
  5. Tomes of Fate can give you up to 3 points

If you do a reincarnation of any type, you won't lose any fate points with the exception of those that are gained when reaching Character Level 29 and Character Level 30 (a total of 5).