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Year of the Dragon - June
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Server Status[edit]


Recent DDO Releases[edit]

Update 68.1
Magic of Myth Drannor Splash2.jpg
Magic of Myth Drannor Prepurchase
Release Information
Released on July 17, 2024

News and Notes

  • The current "6000 Sentient XP Chip" has been renamed to its proper "5000 Sentient XP". The recipe in the VIP Bag of Many Things has been updated to clarify that this item grants 5000 Sentient XP.
  • For a limited time, all VIPs will be eligible to receive a 1000 Sentient XP Gem when Update 68.1 is released by speaking with a new VIP Reward Assistant named Rietz, a Dragonborn who is located next to Violet Peregrine in the west side of the Hall of Heroes. The 1000 Sentient XP Gem is Bound to Account. This item will be delivered to VIPs until the release of Update 69, so make sure to log in and acquire the item before it is no longer delivered.
  • Racial Completionist has now been properly removed from players who have not yet earned it again due to the introduction of the Eladrin.
  • The hireling contract for Aerin Leafheart has been corrected to state the hireling's correct name.
  • The Heroic version of Aerin Leafheart is now properly set to be level 14 instead of 20 and can no longer cast epic abilities.
  • Aerin Leafheart no longer goes brain dead when being attacked by a melee enemy.
  • Chaosmancer's Arcane Fey Step ability in Summer now properly gives a reduction to Spell Point cost for 10 seconds.
  • A typo has been corrected in the Fey Step description.
  • The name Eladrin is no longer part of the game's chat filter list.
  • The word "scroll" should no longer be part of the chat filter list.
  • Various other adjustments have been made to the chat filter list.
  • Pseudodragon creature companions now display their gear properly.
  • Iconic Eladrin Past Lives now grant +3 Universal Spell Power per their tooltip.
  • The Dragon Hatchling Creature Companion now has its proper UI preview.
  • Eladrin and Wood Elves should no longer slide when using a crossbow while moving.

Update 68.0.1
Magic of Myth Drannor Splash2.jpg
Magic of Myth Drannor Prepurchase
Release Information
Released on June 20, 2024

News and Notes

  • We have rolled back an update to OpenAL that was introduced with Update 67.3 to correct an issue where voice chat was not functioning.
  • The Wild Mage sorcerer archetype Past Life now properly persists through multiple reincarnations. Players with missing Wild Mage Past Lives should contact Customer Support for assistance.
  • The memory puzzle in "Riding the Storm Out" now works properly.
  • Celimas no longer prevents the tutorial quest from being completed if squirrels appear in The Grotto.
  • Corrected a typo in the Wild Strike tooltip.
  • Corrected a string table error in the Racial Tome tooltip.
  • The Eladrin Chaosmancer Iconic Hero now properly offers a choice of Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma in its enhancement tree cores instead of Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma.

Update 68
Magic of Myth Drannor Prepurchase
Release Information
Released on June 6, 2024

Of Special Note

The Pre-Purchase for Magic of Myth Drannor begins Wednesday!

Venture into the heart of the Forgotten Realms and brave the perilous ruins of Myth Drannor. Harness the power of chaotic Wild Magic, navigate mysteries of the Forgotten Realms, and thwart the sinister Red Wizards of Thay in their quest for dark secrets. Join the adventure to restore the Elves' ancient capital—will you rise to the challenge? Dive into Magic of Myth Drannor and shape the future of the legendary Elven city! Read more about the next expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online on DDO.com (link arrives tomorrow)!

  • Myth Drannor's quests are level 13 on Heroic difficulty and level 35 on Legendary difficulty.
  • Play as a member of the Eladrin, elemental masters of the Feywild, adept in versatile combat and specialized seasonal magic.
  • Discover the Eladrin Chaosmancer Iconic Hero, where seasonal affinities transform elemental spellcasting into a spectacular display of unique, powerful magic. They start with one class level in the Wild Mage Archetype.
  • Access the new Wild Mage Archetype for the Sorceror and unlock a new class Enhancement tree!
  • Some of the most renowned villains in Dungeons & Dragons lore have come to Myth Drannor! Followers of the lich Szass Tam, the Red Wizards of Thay, have come to the ancient Elven ruins. What secrets do they seek?
  • Venture through the lands of Myth Drannor with 13 new quests, an exciting new wilderness area, and raid (the raid content will be released after the release of the expansion in a subsequent game update).
  • The game's level cap will increase to 34 with the release of Myth Drannor.

News and Notes

Wild Magic

  • Wild Magic is a chaotic force that can be harnessed by some spell casters, or appears as an environmental effect that can be found where an extremely powerful magical event occurred. The casting of spells as a Wild Mage or in a Wild Magic Zone has a random chance to cause a Wild Magic Surge.
  • Wild Magic Surges are random magical effects that occur on or around the caster at the moment they cast a spell. The frequency of surges and chance of good or bad results can be manipulated by things in the Wild Mage Enhancement tree.
  • Wild Surges do not interact with snapshotting for persistent spell effects like Death Aura, Lantern Archon, or Wall of Fire. The only exception is the Enlightened Spirit's Aura. Because this aura is a Warlock blast shape toggle, each tick of the aura is considered a "cast" for the purposes of determining Wild Surges. This will only happen if the aura hits a target and the Warlock is in combat.
  • All Warlock Eldritch Blasts and spells can cause Surges, but free Warlock abilities like blasts will only cause a Surge when in active combat.
  • Wild Surge Luck has been added to the +Stats panel in your character's UI. This stat indicates you have a bonus on the table that is rolled to determine if you get good or bad surges. High rolls are better. Note that this bonus represents a random range so it will never make it impossible to get very bad surges, just less likely. The Rapid Surge and Action Boost enhancements in the Wild Mage tree feature this bonus as does the Iconic Eladrin Racial Tree.
  • Surges are divided into five categories:
    • Very Good (chance is very rare)​
    • Good​
    • Neutral​
    • Bad​
    • Very Bad (chance is very rare)​
  • ​Wild Magic Surge Rules:
    • The spell you are casting when you surge always resolves normally (the surge is an ADDITIONAL effect.)
    • Wild Magic Surges can only occur in dungeons.
    • Bad or Very Bad negative effects ONLY affect the caster but Good/Very Good effects will sometimes apply to allies/party members
    • Bad effects may debuff you but will not Crowd Control you.
    • Very Bad effects may Crowd Control you, making them very dangerous.
    • You will get a VFX/Sound warning a few seconds before you character becomes "hot" with a wild surge on your next cast, that will indicate if it is good or bad surge. Red means bad.
    • Monsters/Henchmen use this system as well but certain surges will not occur for them or will be different.

New Race: Eladrin

  • The Eladrin is a Feywild denizen attuned to Seasonal magic. They are fey creatures in the form of elves. Mechanically, they are an elemental generalist, great at most forms of combat, with the ability to specialize into their seasonal abilities to further customize their combat prowess. The Iconic is a Wild Mage Sorcerer, whose seasonal affinity lends a unique bend to their elemental spell casting.
  • Racial Traits:
    • +2 Dexterity
    • Fey Ancestry: You have Immunity to Sleep spells and effects, gain a +2 Saving Throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects, and have a +2 racial bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot.
    • Seasonal Affinity: At level 1, gain access to 4 Seasonal feats. You may switch Seasonal affinity once every 12 seconds.
      • Spring Affinity: You gain +1 Charisma.
      • Summer Affinity: You gain +1 Strength.
      • Autumn Affinity: You gain +1 Wisdom.
      • Winter Affinity: You gain +1 Intelligence.
  • Racial Past Lives:
    • +1 Listen
    • +1 Dexterity
    • +1 Racial Action Point

Iconic Hero: Eladrin Chaosmancer

  • Iconic Traits:
    • 1st level in Wild Mage Sorcerer
    • +2 Charisma
  • Fey Ancestry: You have Immunity to Sleep spells and effects, gain a +2 Saving Throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects, and have a +2 racial bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot.
  • Wild Magic: Being an Eladrin who is exceptionally attuned to the chaos of the Feywild, your spells always have Wild Magic active. When you cast spells, you have a small chance to have additional strange effects occur around you. These effects very greatly from helpful, dangerous to just silly. Grants a +5% chance of gaining a Wild Surge every time you cast a spell. Wild Surges will also manifest over time passively. Wild Surges do not occur in public spaces.
  • Seasonal Affinity: At level 1, gain access to 4 Seasonal feats. You may switch Seasonal affinity once every 10 minutes.
    • Spring Affinity: You gain +1 Charisma.
    • Summer Affinity: You gain +1 Strength.
    • Autumn Affinity: You gain +1 Wisdom.
    • Winter Affinity: You gain +1 Intelligence.
  • Iconic Past Life Active: Fey Step: Disappear and reappear several feet in front of you. You have maximum charges equal to your number of Eladrin Wild Mage past lives. These charges stack with other sources of Fey Step.

Sorcerer Archetype: Wild Mage:

  • A new sorcerer Archetype is now available called the Wild Mage! The Wild Mage is included in your pre-purchase of Magic of Myth Drannor and is FREE to VIPs.
  • The Wild Mage has a new Enhancement tree in addition to the Sorcerer trees of Fire Savant, Water Savant, Air Savant, and Earth Savant.
  • Changes vs. Base Sorcerer:
    • Wild Mages gain the Wild Mage Feat at level 1.
    • The sorcerer's Eldritch Knight Enhancement tree is replaced with the Wild Mage Enhancement tree.
    • The Spell List differs as follows:
      • Wild Mages have access to Chaos Bolt (new) as a level 1 Sorcerer Spell.
      • Wild Mages have access to Chaos Ball (new) as a level 3 Sorcerer Spell.
      • Wild Mages have access to Chaos Hammer as a level 4 Sorcerer Spell.
      • Wild Mages have access to Greater Color Spray as a level 5 Sorcerer Spell.
    • New Feat: Wild Mage:
      • Automatically granted at Wild Mage class level 1: When you cast spells, you have a small chance to have additional strange effects occur around you. These effects very greatly from helpful, dangerous to just silly. Grants a +5% chance of gaining a Wild Surge every time you cast a spell. Wild Surges will also manifest over time passively. Wild Surges do not occur in public spaces.
    • Unless specifically listed, assume the class is otherwise identical to Sorcerer.
  • Past Life: Wild Mage: +3 Universal Spell Power per stack of this Past Life.
  • Supporting Changes for Wild Mage:
    • The spell power tool tip in the character sheet has been updated to reveal new spell powers (Chaos, Evil, Lawful).
    • The book spells Prismatic Spray and Prismatic Ray have had their random damage effects boosted to 1d6+7 per caster level.
    • Maximize, Empower, and Intensify now apply to Color Spray and Greater Color Spray.
    • The Destiny feat "Epic Spell Power: Light" has been renamed "Epic Spell Power; Light and Alignment" and now reads "+20 Light and Alignment Spell Power, +10% Light and Alignment Spell Crit Damage, +5% Universal Spell Crit Damage". Please note that it already had this updated functionality, the only change is to the text to make it reflect the existing functionality.

Bug Fixes:

  • Stormsinger Core 18 and 20 should now have the correct maximum caster level.
  • Quest: Fred's First Date - It should be easier for Hirelings to move around ropes and plants during your date.
  • A string table error has been fixed in the 2nd Water Savant Enhancement tree Core and in Earth Savant's Melf's Acid Arrow spell description.
  • Blightcaster's Everything Decays buff no longer displays an icon on the player's buff bar since it is a permanent passive ability.
  • Tabaxi Females will no longer fall through their Mount when feather falling.
  • Efficient Metamagic: Embolden II and Efficient Metamagic: Intensify II when appearing on loot now properly reduce the Spell Point cost of Emboldened or Intensified spells.
  • An issue has been corrected when filtering by double-digit numbers in the Adventure Compendium.
  • Trip and Improved Trip are now a Reflex Saving Throw with a recurring Fortitude Saving Throw to get back up. This is a significant increase in these feat's effective DCs. To compensate, the duration of these effects now match Stunning Blow, which is a reduction in duration. So, enemies will Trip more easily, but stay down for a shorter period of time.
  • The spell Web now has a line of sight check to prevent it from being cast at targets behind doors.
  • Violet Peregrine the VIP NPC vendor in the Eberron Hall of Heroes now has a map icon.
  • Some voice over nodes in Temple of Elemental Evil now play properly.
  • The Clearwater Diamond Augment now heals at its proper rate and value of one Hit Point per minute.
  • Corrected an issue where some quest panel tooltips improperly report Legendary quests as Epic.
  • We have attempted to correct an issue that caused in-game Voice Chat to not function properly.

Engineering Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the game client would fail to initialize/disappear after the player entered their login information.
  • Decreased frame rate drops when mousing over targets.

Known Issues:

  • Wild Mage's Wildstrike tool tip says it does 1d6+6 damage when it is actually 1d6+10 damage.
  • Eladrin Chaosmancer Iconic Hero: Iconic Eladrin's Stat pickers should be Wis/Int/Cha not Dex/Int/Cha.

Update Loot
Update 67
Slice of Life!
Release Information
Released on March 27, 2024

Of Special Note

A new Adventure Pack is available: Slice of Life!

Daily life in Sharn isnt quite as ordinary as some would believe. Take part in a cooking competition, renovate a home, and go on an educational date in this "totally ordinary" series of quests! The Slice of Life quest pack is level 18 on Heroic difficulty and level 34 on Legendary difficulty. The quest givers can be found in Nymph's Court at Morgrave University.

Three quests are available:

This new adventure pack is available FOR FREE for a limited time as part of our Year of the Dragon celebration! Read more about the Year of the Dragon on DDO.com and make sure to claim this adventure pack for FREE through April 23rd, 2024! Slice of Life will be available to purchase separately in the DDO Store after April 23rd. This adventure pack is also free to VIPs!

Daily Gold Rolls for VIP through April 23rd!

We're also giving VIPs free Daily Dice gold rolls through April 23rd! Learn more about our VIP program on DDO.com.

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • The puzzle and reset lever have been fixed in Grand Theft Aureon.
  • Improved Intensify items now properly reduce the cost of Intensified spells.
  • The quest "Explosive Situation" is no longer incorrectly flagged as a solo quest.
  • Animation issues caused by tumbling rapidly have been corrected.
  • Rapid tumbling will no longer sometimes cause a charge token to be improperly consumed.
  • Tumble no longer erroneously breaks stealth and invisibility.
  • The single target Shield Throw now needs a shield to throw.
  • Draconic Incarnation's Scales of the Dragon now properly scales with level.
  • Exalted Angel
    • Curative Admixtures now properly trigger the Mantle.
    • Consecrated Sparks now work properly when using the area of effect version.
    • Ascendance now properly applies to enemies when using Fire Domain.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers' Drifting Lotus damage has been fixed along with some typos.
  • Legendary Dreadnought's Dire Charge now properly states how its DC is calculated.
  • Magus of the Eclipse
    • Zero Degree Comet and Moon's Shadow now have visible saving throws.
    • Dark Light of the Moon no longer damages undead.
    • Grand Summoner now works properly and has a better icon in your hireling or summoned creature's buff bar.
    • Share the Light now works correctly.
    • Some Magus benefits no longer improperly stick in your buff bar.
  • Various typos have been corrected in Shiradi Champion, and various buffs will no longer improperly stick in your buff bar.
  • Vistani Knife Fighter's Fan of Knives now scales with the higher of Melee or Ranged Power as intended, and no longer scales with Spell Power.
  • An ability DC typo has been corrected in Artificer's Thunder Shock weapon.
  • Shield Mastery now grants its proper +10 Physical Resistance Rating for small shields and bucklers.
  • Greater Shield Mastery now grants its proper +10 Physical Resistance Rating for small shields and bucklers.
  • Nimble Fingers' sneak attack dice no longer drops on death.
  • Knight of the Chalice's Divine Sacrifice (Ranged) now has its proper tooltip between ranks.
  • Dragon Lord
    • Flight of Kings no longer sets all leaps on a 15 second cooldown.
    • Active abilities that were not working correctly while moving now do.
    • The past life now counts as a Fighter past life for the purposes of the Completionist feat.
    • Ravager's Blood Strength now works properly for Dragon Lords.
    • Ravager's Mutilate now works properly for Dragon Lords.
  • Throwing weapons now correctly calculate their to-hit if using alternate stats like Intelligence or Charisma.
  • An issue that could cause game client frame rate drops when hirelings and animal companions failed to play their dialog has been corrected.
  • Curse of the Unending Song now properly gives +1 Bard Song.
  • Curse of Butterflies no longer incorrectly gives +1 Bard Song.
  • Curse of the Butterflies' effect no longer has a broken description.
  • Curse of Minor Masterworks now works properly. There are some older items and effects it cannot magnify, however, and the effect's tooltip has been * updated to reflect this.
  • Curse of Major Masterworks now works properly. There are some older items and effects it cannot magnify, however, and the effect's tooltip has been * updated to reflect this.
  • Curse of the Winding Dirge's Spell Power component is now properly +3.
  • Curse of Uncontrollable Energy's bonus type is now correctly Fortune.
  • Curse of Divine Fortune now properly gives its +1 Fortune Bonus to Saves vs. Spells.
  • An odd pause in fire rate after firing a special crossbow attack for some female characters has been fixed.
  • An issue where some special crossbow animations were not playing the sound of the bow string releasing has been fixed.
  • Focus Orb icons have been updated for many guest passes that had previously been using the High Road focus orb icon.
  • A bug in The Magma Must Flow has been fixed to prevent the Fire Reaver from sometimes being able to be attacked before the objective begins to defeat it.
  • Gerald Goodblade's quest chalice now properly turns off in the Anniversary Dungeon.
  • Effects that drop off when exiting a dungeon will no longer sometimes drop off when entering a dungeon from a wilderness area.
  • Store feedback when making a purchase with full inventory is now easier to see and read.
  • Legendary Greensteel accessory healing effects no longer continuously spam the combat log when at full hit points.
  • Invoking a Spell Like Ability while it is on cooldown no longer attempts to cast the spell book version of the spell the SLA refers to.

General Changes

  • There is a new UI element that shows you your Tumble charges! This UI can be hidden in the options menu under "Show Tumble UI." Each green pip represents one tumble charge. The previous tumble visuals on your character have been removed. You can drag the UI element around, and it'll stay where you leave it.
  • Characters now gain 1 Tumble charge when you train the Tumble skill's rank 10 and rank 20. These charges cannot be earned through effects, abilities, or epic level bonuses to the Tumble skill, but only by training the skill from heroic levels.
  • Bear traps now default to being visible and will only be hidden in special cases.
  • Aimed Shot in Deepwood Sniper now has a slightly different icon.
  • Antirequisites now display on enhancements more intelligently.
    • Added a title for Antireq chains to avoid repeated text (single-antireq enhancements will continue to display them on one line)
    • Differently formatted bullet points to link antireq chains together
    • Displaying the class the enhancement is from in an abbreviated form if it is a class-related enhancement
    • Displaying the race the enhancement is from if it is a race-related enhancement
      • (If neither class nor race related, this section is not displayed)
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays duplicate entries.
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays prereqs that are actually the enhancement you're hovering over in disguise.
    • The list of antireqs no longer displays unused and unimplemented enhancements.
    • And finally, renamed every single Efficient Metamagic enhancement so that the names all match up and look nice.

Update Loot
Update 66
Rise of the Dragon Lord
Release Information
Released on February 28, 2024

Of Special Note

The Year of the Dragon Arrives. First Gift: Dragon Lord Archetype!

The Year of the Dragon Arrives. First Gift: Dragon Lord Archetype! We're celebrating 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons with giveaways every month! For this month, a new fighter Archetype is now available. Dragon Lord fighters forgo the use of a shield to focus on offensive tactical combat mixed with potent draconic abilities, and they empower and protect allies with auras while destroying foes with the roar of a dragon! See the full list of abilities and benefits in the release notes below.

Now through March 26th, 2024 all players can acquire the Dragon Lord archetype for FREE by visiting the dragon Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes! The Dragon Lord archetype will continue to be free to VIPs after March 26th, and available in the DDO Store as well. NOTE: VIPs must speak to Xatheral to claim the Dragon Lord from February 28th through March 26th. VIPs will be able to make a Dragon Lord after March 26th without speaking to Xetheral once the Year of the Dragon promotional period for Dragon Lord has ended.

The Anniversary Event begins!

Happy 18th Anniversary Dungeons & Dragons Online! The Anniversary Event has returned to House Phiarlan through March 12th! Last year's anniversary gift, the Dark Armor cosmetic, has been added to the list of Anniversary Event rewards. Additionally, some adjustments have been made to the quest to reflect the prior year and future hints. Find the portal to the Anniversary Event next to Gnoa Bn'for near the Phiarlan Chapterhouse.

News and Notes:

Dragon Lord

New Fighter Archetype: Dragon Lord: Based on the Dragon Lord prestige class from 3.5e's Dragon Magic book, the Dragon Lord is a Fighter archetype that models their tactics after the ferocity of dragons to demoralize and subdue their enemies. They excel in crowd control, defense, and Draconic power.

Area of Effect Ranged Attack System

  • Area of Effect Ranged Attacks:
    • When a projectile using an area of effect ranged attack collides with something, instead of dealing your weapon damage and effects to that target directly, that enemy and all nearby enemies in a small area are hit with your full weapon damage and effects, as if they were also hit by the projectile.
    • Improved Precise Shot does not work on these attacks. If Improved Precise Shot is on when you perform an AOE Ranged Attack, IPS's ability to pass through enemies simply does not work on that shot (and then resumes working on other shots like normal).
    • AOE Ranged Attacks are always fired as a single shot, regardless of weapon type. This is to prevent multi-shot ranged styles from becoming disproportionately strong compared to single-shot styles with these changes.
    • AOE Ranged Attacks tend to have lower +% relative to melee attacks and non-AOE ranged attacks, also for balance.
  • Changed Ranged Attacks: Unless something is specifically mentioned, assume abilities are otherwise unchanged.
    • Horizon Walker:
      • Scattershot
    • Artificer Battle Engineer:
      • Shatter Defenses (Ranged)
      • Thunder-Shock Weapons (Ranged)
    • Paladin Knight of the Chalice:
      • Exalted Shot
      • Avenging Shot
    • Ranger (and Elven) Arcane Archer:
      • Inferno Shot
      • Final Strike
    • Ranger Deepwood Stalker:
      • Head Shot
    • Cleric Warpriest and Favored Soul War Soul:
      • Divine Vessel
    • Fatesinger:
      • Arrow of Discord
    • Legendary Dreadnought:
      • Dire Shot
      • Legendary Rally (Ranged):
    • Shadowdancer:
      • Shadowstrike (Ranged)
    • Shiradi Champion:
      • Pin

Epic Destiny Refresh

  • All Epic Destiny Trees have received the following:
    • Adjustments to numerous individual icons for readability and iconography, including several new icons and edits to existing ones to provide a cleaner and more cohesive within-tree look.
    • Trees have been reordered and rearranged to support more clear Prerequisite lines in cases where ability upgrades are required - for example, an ability that says "Your Destiny Mantle gains this specific bonus" is now in a line with that Mantle and has arrows to properly convey its relationship.
    • A ton of tooltips have been rewritten, reworded, color coded, and simplified or expanded depending on their needs.
    • Going forward, we've standardized the Hit Point and Spell Point so that certain destinies match each other based on their intended playstyle. This mostly resulted in a bump to Hit Points for the Martial Destinies, but we're happy to have a good standard to fall back on when iterating on this system:
    • All Epic Destinies that give Ranged Power in their Cores now give +5 Ranged Power (was +4)
  • Several changes to individual epic destinies

Tavern System Updates:

  • The Marketplace's tavern keepers have been updated to have quest lists and make suggestions similar to tavern keepers in The Harbor.
  • There is a now a public quest in The Harbor to talk to Baudry Cartamon for low level players.
  • The quest An Explosive Situation has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 4 and supports all difficulties and quest party sizes.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been updated with a twist on the story - It now introduces a new criminal group.
  • The Sunken Sewer Quest has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 3.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been tweaked slightly, and this quest's bosses have been updated to a new level.
  • The quest Missing in Action Quest has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 3.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been tweaked slightly, and this quest's bosses have been updated to a new level.

Active Tumbling Overhaul:

  • Tumbling is now limited by charges. If you don't have at least one Tumble charge, you cannot tumble. By default, you have 2 maximum Tumble charges, and one Tumble charge returns every 8 seconds.
  • Certain feats and abilities now boost your maximum Tumble charges and quicken their rate of return:
    • Thief-Acrobat's 3rd core, Tumbler, now grants +1 maximum Tumble charge.
    • The Mobility feat now grants +1 maximum Tumble charge.
  • You may view your Tumble charges by holding your Block key, default left shift. Each green pip displayed represents one Tumble charge.
  • ​Tumble now grants you defensive benefits during part of the tumble animation. These bonuses only apply if you are actually tumbling - the shuffle half-step will not trigger these bonuses.
    • +95% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in light or no armor, +75% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in medium armor, +50% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in heavy armor.
    • A bonus to Reflex saving throws equal to your Tumble skill for 1 second.
    • Note that these bonuses apply to you from the moment you begin your Tumble, regardless of how long the animation takes to complete.

Gameplay and Balance Changes:

  • Sacred Fist 12 is now a prerequisite for the feats Epic Martial Arts and Vorpal Strikes
  • Knight of the Chalice's Exalted Cleave now deals +20% damage (previously +10%).
  • Morgrave University's Tier 4 Favor reward is now available from Professor Fordola Banna in Sharn.
  • There is now a lever that will reset the light step puzzle in "Grand Theft Aureon".
  • Arcane Archer's Arrow of Slaying now deals +250% Damage and +25 flat damage (which is before crits and scaling, as the current damage bonus is now).
  • Arcane Archer's Final Strike has been renamed renamed Opening Volley.
  • Arcane Archer's Inferno Shot has been renamed to Elemental Inferno. The DOT's damage now scales with the relevant Spell Power. The DOT still deals Fire damage on hit and over time if you have AA's Fire imbue toggled on (or none of AA's imbues toggled on) but changes to using a Cold, Electric, Acid, or Force DOT instead if you have the relevant AA imbue turned on.

Bug Fixes:

  • The quest Dread Sea Scrolls is now properly shareable.
  • Selecting an Alignment during character creation no longer allows you to click through the window to the Create button accidentally.
  • Sacred Fist now shows up as a prerequisite for Unarmed Strike.
  • Annabelle d'Jorasco no longer robs people.
  • Augments that apply an Implement bonus to their equipped weapons now correctly make the weapon an implement instead of trying to make you an implement.
  • Sacred Fist's Iron Skin's 2nd Tier now functions as intended.
  • The Spellsinger SLAs Cure Light Wounds and Cure Light Wounds, Mass now target undead foes correctly.
  • Incapacitation Range found on items has had its magnitude adjusted to match its intended value.
  • You now properly gain Force Spell Power and Force Spell Caster Levels within Season's Herald.
  • The tooltips for the Seasonal Attunements within Season's Herald have been adjusted for clarity.
  • You may now use the Enlarge Metamagic feat on Dark Apostate's Bane and Bestow Curse spells.
  • Ranged Special Attacks (such as Poisoned Shot from Vile Chemist) now correctly work while moving and firing a dual crossbow.
  • Death Salve now correctly turns your allies Undead.
  • Hirelings can now turn into Undead or Plants properly if they desire to do so.
  • Angel of Vengeance's Just Reward now works regardless of what favored weapon you have.
  • Shuriken Expertise and Advanced Ninja Training now have proper tooltips.
  • Stormsinger's Lightning Strike now correctly upgrades its damage.
  • Fixed the Gianthold augment vendors tooltips to correctly indicate what augments they sell.
  • Draconic Incarnation's 4th core no longer improperly consumes your spell components.
  • Sacred Fist's Divine Striker now functions again.
  • Fixed the tooltips of the Armor and Shield Proficiency feats and added more clarifying text to them.
  • You can now cast Protection Domain's Radiant Forcefield on your allies.
  • Plant Growth's tooltip no longer eats Animal Growth's tooltip.
  • Cleric Warpriest's Divine Vessel now shows your weapons properly when used.
  • Favored Soul War Soul's Divine Vessel now shows your weapons properly when used.
  • The Marilith Chain now has its proper set bonus.
  • Fighter's Against All Odds now functions with its intended timing
  • Schism Shard weapons no longer lose W score when they are upgraded
  • All SLAs should now have much more accurate directional targeting.
  • The Tactical Training Room amenity now correctly boosts Sunder DCs
  • Removed strange and mysterious "improved sunder DCs" bonus that didn't do anything and was confusing from the Sunder Dinosaur Bone augment
  • Greater Marksmanship now boosts your ranged damage and attack bonus by the correct amount.
  • We have corrected a bug that could allow players to put more than one Curse from the Deck of Many Treasures onto an item. Characters that have more than one Curse on a particular item have had those Curses removed and replaced with Curse of the Overloaded, which must be removed with a Card of Curse Cleansing before any new Curses can be applied.
  • Skeletons can now be properly healed by Death Aura again.
  • Forge Wisp Wraiths can now be properly affected by Turn Undead.
  • Bugs with Conquest bonuses have been addressed. Some dungeons were counting objects that were not enemies towards their Conquest enemy count.
  • The Dragonborn's Dragon Breath now functions properly when moving.
  • Divine Disciple's Shield of Dawn now scales correctly with Light Spell Power.
  • Attacks that added bonus damage now correctly increase that damage on a successful Doublestrike or Doubleshot.
  • Deep Gnome's Phantasmal Killer SLA now correctly uses Fear DC bonuses.
  • Several Trap Box locations have been moved or rotated to correctly line up with the walls.
  • Fixed many small text errors and typos.

Engineering Changes:

  • Tooltip Update:
    • All action lines other than description are now in a bulleted list.
    • There is now an empty space between the automatically generated stuff and its description.
    • Duplicate information (such as the duplicate cooldown line when hovering over a spellBOOK entry or Spell information in enhancement tree tooltips) has been removed.
    • Save information is now color coded (between fort, will, and reflex).
    • Spell Resistance information is now color coded and presented only if the Spell Resistance check is active (aka you will see Spell Resistance! only if the ability needs it, and not Spell Resistance NO on everything that doesn't)
    • If you have material components eschewed via a character ability, the spell now reports this on a per-slot-basis (because you can assign eschew on a per-slot basis) instead of just telling you that you don't have the materials.
    • We no longer display a Spell Point cost of 0 on abilities with no SP costs.
    • Hit Point costs of abilities are now reported in RED, and Ki costs are now reported in YELLOW.
    • Abilities that are self-targeted toggles now say "Toggle Ability" instead of just "Target: Self" which, while technically true, isn't the most helpful information.
    • Fixed bug where druid abilities reported wrong DCs.
    • Fixed bug where certain projectile spells had the wrong DCs.
    • Antirequisites now display in Enhancement Trees and Destiny Trees.
  • Open Store sessions are now terminated upon character log out to prevent confusion about which character purchases are delivered to.
  • Guild Buffs are now properly hidden in the Examination Window effects list if the option is set. This change requires the target to be refreshed if the option is changed while the Examination Window is displayed.
  • Directional Arrows for Hirelings on the map and minimap are now their proper color.
  • The LFM UI is now the default page of the Social Panel. It also now triggers a load for all player data upon opening, which prevents broken LFMs from appearing.
  • There is a new button in the Guild window to send a tell to another member of your guild.
  • You may now search the Adventure Compendium for Epic Level.
  • Melee Attack Bonus, Melee Damage Bonus, Ranged Attack Bonus, and Ranged Damage Bonus now are tracked in the Details(+) Tab in your character sheet.

Update 65
Paws and Peril Logo.jpg
Paws and Peril
Release Information
Released on December 6, 2023

Of Special Note

The 9th Season of The Hardcore League Begins at 3pm Eastern on December 6th!

Learn more about the Hardcore League on DDO.com! The season ends when we bring the game worlds down for maintenance at 9:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024. The 9th Season brings a return of the third season of the Hardcore League called Saving Grace. This season features a +4 level lockout in addition to the ability to earn additional lives at levels 8 and 16 and more!

Free Dungeon!

A rogue dragon acting unnaturally has been causing chaos in Stormreach, the Agents of Argonnessen seek your assistance in helping to contain the Dragon before it can do more damage!

Earlier this year some of us on the DDO team gave a presentation at PAX East and we announced that we would be making a free dungeon based in part on your ideas and show you how it's made! That series called The Joy of Deving is available on our YouTube channel, and the dungeon itself is now live! This FREE DUNGEON can be found in The Marketplace just outside of the House Phiarlan Gate. Speak to Lady Nilith to get started. The quest is level 4 on Heroic difficulty and 34 on Legendary difficulty.

The Jester of Festivult has arrived!

The Jester of Festivult is now available in-game! Earn Copper, Silver, and Gold Festivult Coins throughout the game and turn them in for fun cookies! Read more about Festivult on DDO.com. The cookie list has been updated to swap out some effects for other and new effects.

A Festivult Curse!

This year a curse has settled on the lands during Festivult season! Cards from the Deck of Many Curses have begun appearing in more places . . .

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Chronoscope Rewound now properly displays in the Adventure Compendium.
  • Legendary loot in Chronoscope Rewound now appears with its proper Mythic and Reaper bonuses.
  • Core 1 of Dire Thaumaturge now correctly provides its maximum Spell Points while in Reaper difficulty.
  • The Vision of Wealth in the quest "[Desire in the Dark]]" is now correctly flagged as a Construct.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Icon of the Lord of Blades.
  • Removed weird extra tooltip info from Kensei's improved dodge
  • The W score of some Gianthold raid items has been adjusted.
  • Fixed a ton of typos in recent quest dialogues and effects
  • The tooltip for Nightmare Lance is now more accurate
  • Hood of Unrest now has a 10 minute cooldown. It also has a better icon and description.

Gameplay adjustments:

  • The quest "Repossession" now has a rest and resurrection shrine.
  • The quest "Come Out and Slay" now has an additional resurrection shrine after the final fight ends.
  • The Dominated Cloud Sentry in the quest "Horde of the Illithid" no longer uses its global lightning attack against the party when fighting other enemies. The global lightning party attack now has a 60 meter range. However, the giant's lightning strikes against its current target still has an unlimited range.

Update Loot
Update 64
Chronoscope Rewound Logo.jpg
Chronoscope Rewound
Release Information
Released on November 30, 2023

Of Special Note

Legendary Chronoscope has arrived!

A new Legendary difficulty version of the Chronoscope is now available! This level 34 raid can be found by speaking with Future Nolan Gann located in The Marketplace. New and upgradable rewards are available on the Legendary version of the raid!

News and Notes:

Balance and Gameplay Changes:

  • A copy of the Expansion Pack claim vendors have been added to the Hall of Heroes.
  • The secret loot from Skeletons in the Closet can now be purchased with Raid Runes.
  • There are now mailboxes (well, mail-urns) in each Ravenloft public area.
  • The dialogue options in the Ravenloft transport NPCs have been re-ordered so that the quests appear in the order they are introduced by the arc-giver * NPC.
  • Outburst, the Electric End now looks much, much cooler.
  • There is now a Fatespinner in Wynwood Hall!

Bug Fixes:

  • The Trapsmith's Workshop guild amenity will no longer permanently stick to the inside of your Guild Airship.
  • Nightmare Lance has a more accurate description.
  • Henshin Mystic's Tier 5 Staff Training now correctly requires 5 monk levels and a level 12 character to train.
  • Henshin Mystic's Capstone now reliably applies its +1 Multiplier to your weapon.
  • Chimera's Crown now applies its Deific Warding effect.
  • Chimera's Fang now applies its Parrying and Fortification effects.
  • Epic and Legendary Chimara's Ferocity from the Epic and Legendary versions of Chimera's Fang now apply the correct effects at the correct magnitudes.
  • Gust of Wind's slow portion now has a saving throw.
  • Fixed some typos in the Unyielding Sentinel and Aasimar trees.
  • Wildhunter Deception (Rare) now correctly gives Ranged Power.
  • Shout SLAs from Stormsinger, Spellsinger, and Fatesinger now match the targeting parameters of their base spell, which allows them to heal allies if using Hear My Voice Friend.
  • Alchemist Bombardier's Pyrite Reaction boosts now scale correctly.
  • Zombie Wizards in the Black Loch are now properly zombies and not humans.
  • Fixed some typos in Wheloon and in Morgrave University.
  • Fixed a "Slay Blank" bug in the The Stronghold Key.
  • Fixed some typos in the Harper Agent tree.
  • You can no longer "exit" from a Ravenloft tavern back into the tavern you are currently standing in.
  • Slaying the boss of Thrall of the Fungus Lord no longer reports that you've slain a kobold instead.
  • The targeting description for Displacement in the Archmage Tree is now correct.
  • Magus of the Eclipse's cores now correctly grant Negative Spell Power.
  • Fixed a typo in Shiradi Champion.
  • Eebilsteenk now has a quest chalice!
  • Fixed a typo in Primal Avatar.
  • You can now take the Primal Avatar spell upgrades in Tier 3 (At Its Core) with the corresponding spells instead of requiring the corresponding Tier 1 ability.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow now does its correct damage when cast from a monster (lowered) and a player (raised).
  • Fixed a typo in Turn the Page.
  • An Ogre and a Devil are no longer named "melee" and "ranged".
  • Druidic Survival Mastery now works with all Wild Shapes.
  • Talbron is no longer missing dialogue in Brothers of the Forge.
  • The end boss of Monastery of the Scorpion, Sannyasi, has a lot more chill and won't randomly reset mid-fight anymore.
  • Fixed a typo in Dark Apostate's Light and Dark ability.
  • Friends of Nature: Spider now correctly grants its listed poison absorption.
  • Added clarification to Eldritch Knight imbues that they scale with spell power.
  • Fixed old tooltip on Warsoul imbue.
  • Fixed text on Falconry and Warpriest version of Action Boost: Sprint to clarify that it is an action boost.
  • Clarified Dino Bone crafting augments to make it clear that force spell power affects physical spells and light spell power affects alignment spells.
  • Curse of the Unbreakable now properly makes the item immune to item damage.
  • Curse of Butterfies now properly displays butterflies.
  • Curse of the Forest's Embrace now properly displays fireflies.
  • Curse of the Visionary now properly grants True Seeing.
  • Illithid Conspiracy dungeon monsters are now properly in the Monster Manual.
  • Collectible nodes have been removed from parts of the quest "Search and Rescue", and new collectible nodes have been added to the Drow area.
  • The particle effect shown on enemies to indicate they have been crowd controlled should no longer change size unexpectedly.


  • The Inventory Drop-Down panel now respects your attack bonus per the feats Spring Attack and Shot On The Run.
  • Hirelings now have a different type of map note compared to players.
  • Abilities that apply on-crit or on-vorpal now correctly Doublestrike to increase their damage.
  • Several changes have been made to how maximum Hit Points are calculated
  • Logging out while in a public space no longer causes you to have lower Hit Points and Spell Points after you log back in.
  • Bonuses to your Base hit points from Combat Styles are now displayed as a separate portion of your HP on your character sheet instead of being an Effect bonus.
  • Bonuses to your Hit Points and Constitution from Reaper XP are now calculated in a different way behind the scenes.
  • Leveling up now displays a slightly more accurate HP estimation.

Known Issues:

  • The monsters in the Legendary version of the Chronoscope are currently not counting toward Monster Manual as expected
  • It is sometimes possible for your character to not render on the screen after entering the end fight of Chronoscope. Teleporting or logging out and back in can help you to reappear.
  • Legendary loot dropping from the Legendary Chronoscope is missing its chance to for Mythic or Reaper bonuses. This will be corrected in the near future.

Update Loot
Update 63
Illithid Invasion Logo.jpg
Illithid Invasion
Release Information
Released on November 1, 2023

Of Special Note

The Illithid Invasion begins!

From the vastness of the Astral Plane, an ancient hunger descends upon Eberron...

Take part in a one-time event across Dungeons & Dragons Online! The game needs YOUR help to stop the Illithid Invasion! Powerful and unusual Illithids are on the prowl throughout the world. Update 63: Illithid Invasion is a limited time event in which you'll scour Reaper difficulty dungeons throughout the game to locate these powerful invaders! Defeating these threats unlocks new quests that hold the key to ending their sinister plan! The dungeons stick around after the event, but the invasion happens NOW! Join the fight today!

As part of Update 63 players can unlock four extreme challenge dungeon quests:

  • Pilgrims' Peril
  • Stolen Power
  • Horde of the Illithid Controller
  • Astral Ambush

These quests are all level 34 and only available on Legendary difficulty. Speak to a Twelve wizard named Omryn Cedarbrook in the Clifftop Tower District of Sharn to learn more! Other NPCs will be located near Omryn as the dungeons become available.

News and Notes:

The Deck of Many Curses

Collect cards to make Decks, then use those decks to apply mysterious Curses to your equipment! Cards from the Deck of Many Curses can appear in end chests throughout Update 63's Illithid Invasion quests.

  • Once you have enough cards, click on a card to open a UI that allows you to turn 12 of each card type into a Deck!
  • Cards are unbound, and Decks are Bound to Account.
  • Click on a Deck to open a UI that allows you to add a random effect to an item of your choice! The item must be unequipped.
  • Adding a Deck effect to your item does not impact its minimum level or ability to be equipped.
  • A special Card of Curse Cleansing can appear very rarely in almost any chest throughout the game! This card removes an applied Curse from the Deck of Many Curses to an item, allowing the item to receive another Deck effect.
  • Deck effects cannot be placed onto Cosmetics, Wands, Scrolls, Quivers, or Ammunition.

Bug Fixes:

  • Wrack Construct in Battle Engineer now correctly does +10/20/30% damage.
  • Shadowdancer Core 4 now works correctly with Trap the Soul.
  • Fixing apothecary new t4 to reduce spell costs correctly.
  • Falconry's Tier 2 Sprint Boost now states its correct percentage.
  • Light and Dark is now correctly 3 rank.
  • Holy Smite/Chaos Hammer/Unholy Blight/Order's Wrath from Divine Disciple upgrade now works on Mephits.
  • The first core of Divine Disciple's dark side no longer locks out Core 20 capstones.
  • A typo has been corrected in Avenging Cleave.
  • Feat descriptions from Knight of the Chalice have been removed.
  • Occult Slayer's antimagic action boost now works with things that proc on action boosts.
  • The buffs from the Flasks of Icy Coffee are now dispelled via Rest.
  • The scaling version of Improved Deception now correctly boosts your Bluff and not your Hide skill.
  • Items with Disease Guards now more reliably drop with those Disease Guards correctly attached to the item.
  • New copies of Vinelasher Bracers and Legendary Vinelasher Bracers have a correctly scaling Improved Deception effect.
  • The Dinosaur Bone Greatsword has done a flip and now faces the correct direction.
  • Secret chests from Vecna Unleashed no longer give you a Fire Elemental Essence.
  • You can now break breakables while under the effects of Fiendish Symbiosis.
  • Several icons have been corrected in Blightcaster.
  • Corrected an icon in Primal Avatar.
  • Holy Retribution now properly scales with Melee and Ranged Power, and the ranged version now correctly restores Smite Evil charges.
  • Dusk Surge in Legendary Dreadnought now properly restores Action Boosts with ranged weapons.
  • Ear Smash is now a +10/20/30% damage scalar.
  • Law of the Divine in Divine Crusader now scales correctly with Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Tabaxi's bonus trip DCs for quarterstaff now correctly increment.
  • A player with the Rune Arm proficiency destiny ability will no longer just lose their offhand sometimes.
  • Fixed a typo in Blight Wolf's tooltip.
  • Fixed a typo in the capstone of Eldritch Knight (both Sorcerer and Wizard.)
  • Some typos in the Legendary Dreadnaught buff bar have been corrected.
  • Fixed a few material type issues on weapons; weapons in Morgrave University are no longer made from bone, for example.


  • Doubleshot now properly factors in all on-crit effects to multiply their damage values.
  • Sentient weapons should no longer fit into any recipe that could destroy it.

Known Issues:

  • Monster Manual entries for Update 63's enemies will arrive in a future game update.

Update Loot
Update 62
Attack of the Night Revels
Release Information
Released on October 4, 2023

Of Special Note:

The Night Revels has returned!

Night Revels has returned with new rewards! Read our guide on DDO.com. Available through October 31st!

This year's Night Revels features new rewards, including:

  • Mount: Reaper's Steed (Red)
  • Pet: Spectral Pseudodragon Certificate
  • Cosmetic Armor: Defender of the Harvest
  • Cosmetic Cloak: Cloak of the Autumnal Feathers
  • Cosmetic Hat: Harvest Hunter's Hat

And returning with new benefits:

  • Almond-Coated Shadow Apple
  • Darkswirl Caramel Bite
  • Sweet Cinnamon Cloud
  • Almond Shadow-Spice Candy

News and Notes:

Active Attacks Rebalance:

  • We are changing all attacks that have a +[W] component as part of their attack to use a percentage increase in their damage, following this scale:
W ScalarPercentage Boost
  • This means that if you had, for example, an attack that had +3[W], that attack will now instead deal +30% damage. The goal is to make active attacks more worthwhile across the entire level range. The big benefit of percentage boosts is that an active attack dealing 50% more damage at level 10 is the same level of efficacy as one dealing +50% at level 30, whereas +5[W] means more at level 10 as it does at level 30. This standardization will make attacks a lot easier to balance as they'll be worth the same percentage bonus DPS no matter what level you are, what dice your weapon has, what bonus damage you have, and what W score your weapon is.
  • This overhaul also allows us to rebalance a variety of active attacks to spruce them up a bit.
  • Additional Info:
    • Attacks that increased their W scale or other bonuses in a nonlinear or otherwise unusual fashion have been adjusted to be linear. This includes attacks that started at 1[W] and never increased beyond that across their ranks. Example: Wracking Strike/Shot in the Mechanic tree now deals +10/20/30% damage instead of the +10/10/10% it would have been.
    • Attacks that used to have a lesser scale for their ranged versions have been adjusted to match their melee counterparts.
    • Attacks that used to secretly scale with W but never told you they did so have been tracked down and their tooltips have been adjusted.
    • Attacks that used to deal in .5[W] scales have been rounded up to 10%. We're going to try to keep things on multiples of 10% if at all possible.
    • Attacks that hit multiple times have had their bonus damage set lower to compensate for their multi-hit status.
    • Attacks that had a high W scale for their level and are of an area of effect have been adjusted to appropriate values.
    • Attacks that hit multiple times have had their bonus damage set lower to compensate for their multi-hit status.
    • Cleave and Great Cleave have been updated to deal +20% and +40% damage respectively.

Weapon Scaling Rebalance

  • We are standardizing weapons across the entire game to follow a new W scale. This affects all named weapons and shields, with exceptions listed below:
    • Items that are level split - aka have Normal/Hard/Elite versions, remain as-is.
    • Very old legacy items with sufficient creative nostalgia or effort required to obtain them remain as-is.
    • Specialty scripted quest items remain as-is.
    • Old event items that have been retired remain as-is.
    • Crafted items that gain minimum levels when they are upgraded (such as Alchemical) now have their dice set to the highest minimum level they could obtain.
    • Note that this does not affect things that boost W scores on weapons, such as Vorpal or the Deadly Weapons spell. We are changing the base W on the weapon itself, and not adjusting any W-boosting gear or effects. If a weapon is level 30, it will be 5[W], and casting Deadly Weapons will make it 6[W] as expected.
  • Our goal is to provide a way for items to scale upwards as the level cap continues to increase and fix up some of the dead zones concentrated around high Heroic levels and early Epic levels where gear advancement isn't as meaningful.
LevelW ScalerLevelW ScalerLevelW Scaler

Other Balance Changes

  • Monk Class
    • Monk combo builders now deal +10% damage, and their alignment based builders deal +15% damage.
    • Monk Finishers now deal +30% damage.
    • Touch of Death now deals +30% damage.
    • Touch of Despair now scales with the highest of Dexterity or Wisdom and uses Assassinate DCs to determine its DC.
  • Stormsinger
    • Stormsinger's Metamagic costs are now set to the standard Action Point cost for Metamagic enhancements (2Action Point each), and their antirequisites have been fixed.
  • Across the Board
    • Spell Power scaling Imbues have been standardized: They are all now 1d8 damage per Imbue dice and all now scale with 75% Spell Power instead of 100%.
    • Affects:
      • Eldritch Knight
      • Arcane Archer
      • Warchanter
      • Warpriest/Warsoul
      • Battle Engineer
      • Dark Apostate
      • Blightcaster
      • Vile Chemist
      • Swashbuckler
  • Arcane Archer (both Elf and Ranger)
    • Force Arrows is now 1 rank 2 Action Point (uses the 3rd rank bonuses).
    • True Strike is now 1 rank 2 Action Point (uses 3rd rank bonuses)
    • Inferno Shot is now 1 rank 2 Action Point (uses the 3rd rank bonuses)
    • Shattermantle Shot is now 1 rank 2 Action Point (uses the 3rd rank bonuses)
    • Dispelling Shot is now 1 rank 2 Action Point (uses 3rd rank bonuses)
    • Arcane Archer core 1's enhancement bonus now stacks with everything.
    • Arcane Archer's tier 5 Improved Elemental Arrow's critical hits now scale with Imbue dice, dealing 1d10 per imbue dice on a critical hit, and apply to the Force Arrows imbue. (this replaces the current force arrows on-crit 1d10)
  • Kensei
    • Tactics is now 1 Action Point per rank.
    • Weapon Focus vertical lines and the Exotic Focus enhancement are now 1 Action Point.
  • Dwarf
    • Shield Mastery's cost has been reduced to 1 Action Point/rank (this also affects human's and Purple Dragon Knight's Fighting Style multiselector).
  • Purple Dragon Knight
    • Sniper is now +1/2/3d6 Ranged Sneak Attack Dice and +2/4/6 Point Blank Shot distance, and now costs 1 Action Point/rank (this also affects human's Fighting Style multiselector).
  • Vile Chemist
    • Core 1 is now: +1 Reflex save. Each core ability you take in this tree beyond the first grants +5 Physical Resistance Rating.
    • Cores 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 now grant +5 Poison Spell Power, 2% Dodge, and 2% Dodge cap while in Orchidium instead of their original Orchidium boosts.
    • Core 3 is now Hidden Blades I and grants +5 Universal Spell Power, +3% Doublestrike and Doubleshot, and +1 Imbue Dice.
    • Core 4 is now Hidden Blades II and grants +5 Universal Spell Power, +3% Doublestrike and Doubleshot, and +1 Imbue Dice, as well as granting you full Base Attack Bonus.
    • Core 5 is now Hidden Blades III and grants +5 Universal Spell Power, +3% Doublestrike and Doubleshot, and +1 Imbue Dice, as well as a +1 Competence Bonus to Critical Multiplier with all Simple weapons.
    • Core 6 (Venom's Grip) now grants: +4 Intelligence, +10 Universal Spell Power, +3% Doublestrike and Doubleshot, and +2 Imbue Dice.
    • Willful Ambition is now Swift Ambition and boosts Reflex saving throws.
    • New Tier 4: Simple Thrown Mastery: If you have Simple Thrown Expertise, you now use the higher of your Intelligence or Dexterity to determine how much Doubleshot you gain from that feat.
    • Sapping Ambition which was very buggy is gone and is now Brushed Aside: You gain the Defensive Roll feat.
  • Apothecary
    • Core 1 is now: +1 Will save. Each core ability you take in this tree beyond the first grants +5 Positive and Negative Spell Power.
    • Cores 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 now grant 2% Positive and Negative spell critical damage while in Verdanite instead of their original Verdanite boosts.
    • Core 6 now grants +2 Transmutation DCs passively without requiring Verdanite.
    • Tier 5 Master Apothecary now grants an additional +1 Spell Penetration (since this bonus was removed from Core 3).
    • New Tier 4: Magical Toolbelt: 1 rank 2 Action Points: You gain +5% Magical Efficiency (since this bonus was removed from Core 4).
    • Energy of the Scholar rank 3 is now 100 Spell Points.
  • Bombardier
    • Core 1 is now: +1 Fortitude save. Each core ability you take in this tree beyond the first grants +5 Fire/Cold/Acid/Electric/Poison Spell Power and +1 Burning Ambition Dice.
    • Cores 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 now grant +2% Fire, Cold, Electric, Acid, and Poison Spell Critical Damage instead of their original Pyrite boosts.
    • Core 6 now grants +2 Conjuration DCs passively without requiring Pyrite.
    • Cores 3, 4, 5 no longer grants Burning Ambition dice inconsistently and now just grants +1 each as per the text of core 1.
    • Cores 3, 4, and 5 now grants +3 caster levels each BUT now require you to take different elements each time.
    • Swift Ambition is now Holistic Ambition and grants Fortitude saving throws.
    • The Rapid Condensation SLA has been removed.
    • There are now 3 Vial SLAs in tiers 1, 2, and 3. You must take a different Vial element each time.
  • Divine Vessel in Warpriest/Warsoul now deals +30% damage.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fire Over Morgrave
    • The Optional end chest in Fire Over Morgrave now gives Burning Planar Scraps 100% of the time.
    • Recipes for certain secret Shields now work properly.
  • Amber Temple: A series of changes have been made to the Sealed in Amber quest from Ravenloft to improve the experience. Specific changes include:
    • A couple secrets are easier to find.
    • Optional objectives XP increased across the board.
    • Clarification: you can still find random scrolls as you explore in addition to guaranteed ones.
    • The quest is now less random, with a reasonable main route to completion. Random routes can still be pursued, although some doors have been adjusted.
    • The cut scene can now be skipped by interacting with Zhudun's amber slab a second time.
    • There are now fewer Flameskulls per square mile.
    • The Dark Gifts are less likely to escape before the heroes get to hear them out.
    • There are now markings near the doors on the floor for easier identification.
    • Icons on the map have been improved, The three Guardians have map notes that should help people find them better, and doors have clearer icons on the map as well.
    • Optional objectives XP increased across the board.
  • The following raids now have a small chance to drop +8 Tomes:
    • Hunt or be Hunted
    • Dryad and the Demigod
    • Skeletons in the Closet
    • Fire Over Morgrave


  • A few changes have been made to how we automatically generate tooltips for active attacks. The following statistics are now automatically placed within active abilities' tooltips and no longer need to be added in by hand:
    • Bonuses to critical threat or multiplier for that attack
    • Cooldown
    • (new) Bonus percentage damage increase for that attack (see the Active Attacks Rebalance for more info!)
    • If you spot any active ability with duplicate information, or information you believe to be incorrect, let us know and we can correct that ability's tooltip!

Bug Fixes:

  • Using Machrotechnic's Mending Burst with the Dissonance Drive upgrade no longer applies debuffs to you and your party members; only to enemies.
  • Barbarian's Enhancement Trees have had a few icons corrected.
  • Corrected icons for the Blightcaster Imbue effects.
  • Corrected text in Draconic Incarnation's Epic Strike.
  • Iced Edges no longer falls off you when you die.
  • Vile Chemist's Poisoned Shot now works correctly with crossbows and more reliably applies the Red spell state.
  • The Brightbane Emerald now correctly gives Insightful bonuses instead of Competence.
  • Feral Charge now correctly appears on the Character Sheet.
  • The level 32 Spectral Throwing Dagger now correctly throws itself.
  • The Wrath of Sora Kell set bonus now does what it says on its tooltip.

Update Loot
Update 61
Vecna Unleashed
Release Information
Released on August 16, 2023

Face the Power of Vecna

Experience the Thrilling Climax of The Codex of the Infinite Planes Saga! High amongst the Sharn city of Towers, something sinister is afoot in the halls of Morgrave University. The Codex of the Infinite Planes has escaped to the academy, and with it comes the dark presence of Vecna and his cult. Now with the university's vast collection of rare and powerful artifacts under their control, the destiny of not just Sharn but the entire Eberron plane hangs in the balance. Do you have what it takes to stop Vecna before he claims your universe for his own? Prepare to explore new areas, face perilous enemies, and uncover dark secrets in Vecna Unleashed.

Includes 13 Dungeons and a new raid (raid coming soon!) To acquire any of your purchased items, speak to Makraal in the Clifftop Tower District of Sharn. Enter the Morgrave University Air Shuttle nearby to travel to Morgrave University! Access Vecna Unleashed content through the air shuttle by traveling to Upper Morgrave University. Ultimate Edition purchasers of Vecna Unleashed can travel to Upper Morgrave University using their teleportation item. Players can travel to the Clifftop Tower District by accessing Sharn through their Sharn teleportation item, or through the docks in The Harbor.

News and Notes:

Balance Adjustments:

We've adjusted 13 distinct features across 7 classes and 2 universal trees to provide a larger holistic set of changes meant to intrigue character builders and shore up some statistical weaknesses. These adjustments include Action Point cost reduction, Cooldown reduction, and generalized buffs meant to bring up underused specs and add excitement across the board.

  • Harper Agent
    • Cores 1, 6, and 18 now give +1 To-hit and Damage and not just hit/damage versus Evil.
    • Core 20 now gives +2 to all ability scores, +1 hit/damage, +5 hit/damage vs Evil, and +20 Universal Spell Power.
    • Weathered Traveler Tier 1 now gives 2/4/6 Energy Resistance.
  • Swashbuckler
    • Battering Barrage cost reduced from 2/rank to 1/rank.
    • Thread the Needle now gives +5% to-hit (percentage bonus based on precision) while Precision is toggled on.
  • Warchanter
    • Spinning Ice, Frozen Fury, and Skaldic Scream now use the highest of Dexterity, Charisma, or Strength for their DCs.
    • Their DCs are now (0x bard level / 1/2 bard level / 1x bard level) and (10/12/14) (Skaldic Scream is 1x bard level and 14.)
    • Spinning Ice is now a 3/4/5[W] Cleave.
    • Northwind's cost has been reduced from 2/rank to 1/rank.
  • Sorcerer Savant
    • Tier 5 Actives scale with highest of Charisma or Constitution, and not just Constitution.
    • Earthen Armor (Tier 4 Earth Savant) is now +3/+6 Armor Class.
  • Ninja Spy
    • Tier 2 and Tier 4 Dark Ki upgrades now grant +1 to hit and +2 to damage to match similar enhancement lines.
    • Tier 5 Touch of Despair now grants +3 To-hit and +3 to damage to match similar enhancement lines.
  • Shintao
    • Tier 2 and Tier 4 Light Ki upgrades now grant +1 To-hit and +2 to damage to match similar enhancement lines.
  • Henshin Mystic
    • Lighting the Candle now applies the fire portion of its imbue to Ki Spells.
  • Class: Monk
    • Quivering Palm has a new DC formula: DC 10 + monk level + highest of Dex or Wis mod + assassinate bonuses.
    • It also now gains +4 DC on a failed saving throw.
    • Known Issue: The DC boost portion of Quivering Palm is currently granting +2 DCs instead of +4
  • Assassin
    • All of the active poison attacks up the line are now +3W, use full rogue level for their DCs instead of half, factor in assassinate bonuses for their DC, and now make certain enemies that would be immune to poison, weak to poison.
      • Ice Chill = Undead
      • Heartseeker = Elementals
      • Soulshatter = Outsiders
  • Vistani
    • Kukris now function with this tree, with the exception of the core 12, which only gives +1 multiplier (this keeps them in parity crit-wise with daggers as they naturally have +1 threat range over them.)
  • Archmage
    • Master of Magic (Core 20) now also grants +20 Universal Spell Power, and increases from +2 Intelligence to +4 Intelligence.
    • Efficient Metamagics have their Action Point cost reduced from 2 to 1, since AM having metamagics be good seems flavorful.
    • Spell Penetration has its AP cost reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Energy of the Scholar has its AP cost reduced from 2 to 1, matching other trees.
    • Cores 12 and 18 now grant a generic +1 to caster level and max caster level.
  • Vanguard
    • Stunning Shield cooldown reduced to 45/30/15 seconds.
    • Shield Rush cooldown reduced to 40/30/20 seconds.

Bug Fixes:

  • Ravager's Laughter now reliably adds Fury to your character.
  • The Challenge XP panel is no longer a string table error.
  • Consecration now heals Hirelings (note: this note was erroneously in U60 release but is actually here.)
  • When you have items in the Store queue and clear the queue, the queue icon now properly clears itself from you when the queue is empty.
  • Lighting the Candle's buff now has the correct text for real this time.
  • Fixed a mess of errors and typos in the tavern keepers logic in The Harbor
  • Augmented Summons Feat from temporary sources will now work on Hirelings.
  • The Augmented summon buff will no longer be stripped from Hirelings when they die.
  • Various summon enhancements from the warlock enlightened spirit tree and magus destiny will now work on henchmen again and also not be stripped on death or rest.
  • Knock down animations on pixies will no longer blip.
  • Caster Level scaling should now work as expected on all Rune Arm shots.
  • Huge Black Puddings can no longer subdivide into 8 slimes, and now have a maximum subdivision of four.
  • The third tier of Morgrave University Favor now grants +2 Saves versus Magical Beasts.
  • Equipping a Rune Arm should no longer hide your main hand weapon.
  • Archmage's Heighten Metamagic no longer erroneously requires character level 12
  • Shield Specialization line's damage bonus is now visible to the player.
  • Nature's Protector's natural armor bonus now correctly stacks.

General Changes:

  • Tomes of Learning and Epic Tomes of Learning (both Greater and Lesser) have been upgraded and now check each tier of difficulty independently to determine if you are "repeating" a quest. This means that completing a dungeon on Heroic will not count as "completed" for the Epic tome, so you'll be eligible for the Tome's first time bonus again separately.
  • A set of performance updates have been applied to the game that affect combat bonuses, spell casting, login times, and regen in public spaces in an effort to reduce generalized and gameplay lag.
  • Dretches will now pitch goo a little more frequently when being kited.
  • Enemy casters will have a longer cooldown when casting Comet Fall to make it less spammy.
  • The Legendary Dread Isle's Curse set now correctly lists its Profane Attack and Damage bonus value in its tooltip.
  • The volume of combat music in Fables of the Feywild and Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh has been lowered.


  • You can no longer move the Rune Arm Charge UI. This change corrects an issue that was making it sometimes difficult to attack while charging a Rune Arm.
  • The DDO Store logo has been shifted so it no longer blocks interaction with header links when purchasing subscriptions.

Update Loot
Update 60
Vecna Unleashed Pre-Purchase
Release Information
Released on July 26, 2023

Of Special Note:

Pre-purchase for Vecna Unleashed is available

Face the Power of Vecna! Experience the Thrilling Climax of The Codex of the Infinite Planes Saga!

High amongst the Sharn city of Towers, something sinister is afoot in the halls of Morgrave University. The Codex of the Infinite Planes has escaped to the academy, and with it comes the dark presence of Vecna and his cult. Now with the university's vast collection of rare and powerful artifacts under their control, the destiny of not just Sharn but the entire Eberron plane hangs in the balance. Do you have what it takes to stop Vecna before he claims your universe for his own? Prepare to explore new areas, face perilous enemies, and uncover dark secrets in Vecna Unleashed!

Unleash the power of the Macrotechnic with a new Epic Destiny, battle powerful creatures that have been unleashed amongst the halls, and experience new dungeons that will push you and your group to the limit! The latest Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion, Vecna Unleashed, is available for pre-purchase now! Get immediate access to the new Macrotechnic Epic Destiny with any edition of Vecna Unleashed!

News and Notes:

General Balance and Gameplay Changes:

  • The Legendary Curse of Agony now has a maximum duration of 60 seconds.
  • The pause at the end of tumbling with the Experimental Tumble Controls has been removed, allowing for a seamless Dodge experience.
  • There is now a dance for Raptor and Panther mounts!
  • We've done some adjustments to the flow of the early game involving taverns in The Harbor. Tavern keepers in The Harbor can now be asked for "Quest Leads" and grant vector quests leading to the various quests around The Harbor. There is also a bit of info about favor and the compendium there. To get started, talk to the barkeeps in the Wayward Lobster or the Leaky Dingy.
  • We are updating Dungeon Alert to put some bite back into the system, which has not scaled well against ever-increasing player power over the years.
    • If Red Alert is maintained for 30 seconds uninterrupted, a new Purple Alert will now trigger.
    • On Purple alert all enemies will gain True Seeing, similar to how bosses have it.
    • On Purple Alert all enemies will gain 25% Dodge Penetration and a very large to-hit bonus while flanking (the enemy is behind you).
    • On Purple Alert enemies who have been Crowd Controlled will break free in six seconds, and will break free faster for every time they are crowd controlled.
    • Defeating enough enemies to leave Red alert while in Purple will cause alert to immediately shift to Orange. If you go back up to Red from Orange, maintaining Red for another 30 seconds will cause you to go back up to Purple. Don't ignore Red Dungeon Alert!
    • Movement speed bonuses have been increased for all Dungeon Alert levels by about 20% for enemies that are CR 10 and higher.
    • We are aware some content has some trigger issues and we are working through the feedback we've already received.
  • Slaads will no longer spam throw boulders while sliding, but have now also remembered they have tongues!
  • Exalted Whirlwind and Avenging Whirlwind now work with Be The Whirlwind.
  • Acid volumes now scale with level and difficulty. This makes them less lethal at low level but more dangerous at high level.
  • The following Favors should now Grant Rewards:
    • If your character has passed the Threshold, speak to the respective Favor NPC and you should be granted the Feat.
    • Below is the list of Awarded Feats:
      • Gatekeepers: 700 Favor: +2 Saves Versus Extraplanar Creatures
      • Keepers of the Feather: 240 Favor: +2 to Listen and Hide Skills
      • Summer Court: 180 Favor: +2 to Diplomacy and Perform Skills
      • Morgrave University: 150 Favor: +5 Hit Points


  • Players impacted by a recent bank space expansion error should now be fixed, and are now able to purchase the full bank upgrades.
  • The Wrathful Weapons weapon tooltip now has accurate text.
  • Titania's Glory now references the correct helmet in its description.
  • Corrected a misspelled Tiefling in Devil Assault.
  • A typo in Soul Survivor's quest journal text has been fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in When There's Smoke's objective text.
  • Fixed typos in Olyn Araphyr's dialogue.
  • The Stone Giant walking around Gianthold has remembered how to use his legs again and will no longer hop along his path at a jaunty angle.
  • Frogo now has ladder climb animations.
  • Removed bad tooltip info from an Enlightened Spirit ability.
  • Heroic, Epic and Legendary ancient Vulkoorim Daggers now have their proper material.
  • Pack Aptitude now properly grants its +6 bonus, and its tooltip has been corrected.
  • The tooltip in Morninglord enhancements for Sunburst has ben fixed.
  • Flurry of Blows now grants its Dodge bonus at its correct levels.
  • If you gained Flurry of Blows via Sacred Fist levels, the Dodge bonus is now correctly based off your Paladin level and not Monk level.
  • The set bonus effect of the Menechtarun Scavenger set has been fixed.
  • Some Collectable turn-in NPCs have had their descriptions fixed.
  • Combat Brute no longer sticks to your weapon forever.
  • Maiming found on randomly generated and named items now correctly only triggers on a critical hit.
  • Metalline Bond now displays on your weapon properly.
  • The Silverscale augment now has a more accurate tooltip.
  • Tooltips on Proof against Poison and Disease Augments have been fixed.
  • Laughter's Melee Power now applies more reliably.
  • Hallowed items are now correctly Enhancement typed bonuses and not Sacred typed bonuses, and also boost the correct stat.
  • The exit in Haverdasher is now named The Harbor instead of The Marketplace.
  • Consecration now properly heals hirelings.
  • Corrected a text error in Lightning the Candle's buff.
  • The Power Word spells are now correctly listed as Enchantment spells.
  • Acid Bolt is now properly a conjuration spell.
  • Fixed the description of the Thorn Blade spell.
  • Vile Eruption now deals its correct damage through Earthquake.
  • Fixed description on Grandmaster of Oceans.
  • Fixed name of Rakhat's Trifle and other miscellaneous Rakhat text.
  • Fixed the description of Heal, Mass.
  • Diplomacy is now slightly less buggy!
  • Druid's Improved Dodge now has a % sign in its tooltip.
  • Arcane Tempest is less likely to get stuck on enemies forever.
  • Fixed a number of crowd control abilities that were not being properly counted as crowd control.
  • Uncanny Balance now has its correct prerequisites.
  • Stormsinger's Electrocution now correctly triggers from Cold spells, and boosts Cold Spell Power.
  • Distraction from Feydark Illusionist may now properly be used without breaking stealth.
  • Kelas' Volatile Mixture is no longer secretly acting like a throwing dagger instead of an Orb.
  • Transcend Darkness can now be properly trained.
  • Fixed the names of Transcend Darkness and Transcend Light to better match the abilities granted.
  • Blossoming Peace now correctly adds its stun to Orchard Blossom.
  • Burst of Glacial Wrath now properly takes the Embolden Metamagic.
  • Removed erroneous weird recipes from the Hunt or Be Hunted raid turn-in.
  • A typo in the Legendary Winter set bonus has been fixed.
  • Cruel Cut and Mutilate now apply reliably.
  • Steal Life Force's heal now properly scales with 150% Spell Power.
  • Multiclassing into Monk now properly allows you to take Spring Attack and Ten Thousand Stars at Monk levels 1 and 2.
  • Legendary Aim now applies correctly if you are using a Repeating Crossbow and/or a thrown weapon with something in your offhand.
  • Dark Hunter's Medium Armor boost from its 2nd core no longer applies 100% of the time.
  • Druidic Wild Shape items now work on all wild shapes not just wolf/bear variants.
  • Dark Hunter's Bleed the Weak now properly scales with Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Newly created copies of the Kundarak Delving Suit now have slightly different effects to avoid overlaps.
  • The 4th core in Ravager now gives its Maximum Hit Points

Enemy AI Changes

  • Monsters will now be better about dropping aggro against players they have no hope of catching, and dropping aggro against players who passed them by but were never primary targets and might be long gone. Note this does not effect the duration they'll contribute to Dungeon Alert, only killing them or waiting for the alert to cooldown will do that once they've aggro'd and added to the alert level.
  • Monsters will no longer try to path home when they drop aggro. Sometimes these paths could get very long and performance expensive. Monsters on landscapes will still leash normally which is the teleport they do with the little yellow stop sign when they get pulled too far off their spawn point.
  • Archer/Casters will generally try to run from you less often when you get close to them. These AIs when they got jammed into corners would spend a lot of time failing to find a good spot, and we feel it's not worth the server cycles. An Archer/Caster will still occasionally move away from you, especially when they first aggro, but typically won't spend cycles trying to maintain distance anymore. Mobs with baked in jump back animations will still do those behaviors though.

Macrotechnic Epic Destiny

  • The Machrotechnic Epic Destiny revolves around the following themes:
    • Defense (but not necessarily tanking)
    • Rune Arms
    • Electric, Sonic, and Repair/Rust Spellcasting

Rune Arm Changes:

  • We are rebalancing Rune Arm shots throughout the game. We currently have around 20 Rune Arm shot types, which vary wildly in damage, number of hits, speed, spread, homing, and hitbox size. In this pass, we've standardized many things to make more Rune Arm types viable, bring in odd outliers, and make the user experience better.
    • The information below is sorted by Shot Type - Every Rune Arm with that Shot Type is affected by the listed changes.
    • The Rune Arm Charge UI is now moveable like other UI elements.
    • All Rune Arm shots now have a consistent projectile size. This should especially help ones like Light Spirals, which were so large they'd often impact the ground before actually shooting.
    • One of the biggest power disparities we tackled here is in AOE vs. Single(ish) Target Rune Arms. An example of AOE is Fire Blast, which is a cone that hits many enemies inside it. An example of Single(ish) Target is Salt Shot, which shoots 5 homing projectiles at a single target. That doesn't mean all of those will hit that target, or ONLY that target as things can get in their way, but they're single target most of the time.
      • We've made the target damage for Single(ish)-Target ones equivalent to what Salt, Knife, Ghost, Book, and Bee Shot are currently dealing (below called "New Single Target Curve"). Their damage has remained the same; other shots have come up to meet them.
      • Currently, these have similar damage curves. However, many of the AOEs only hit their target once, while the Single(ish)-Target ones can hit up to five times. Meaning the AOEs are doing 20% of the damage of Single(ish)-Target ones, sometimes less.
      • The damage on AOEs that do 1 hit to affected targets has gone up substantially across the board to put their damage at roughly half of what the Single Target(ish) ones do with the number of projectiles they fire at the same tier.
      • All Rune Arms that deal multiple damage types still do, we've just split the numbers to fit the new damage paradigm.
    • Breakdown By Shot Type:
      • Acid Bolt
        • Updated damage to New Single Target Curve
          • Changed shot spread to narrow
          • Increased projectile speed
      • Bee Shot
        • No changes (slow projectile speed remains as this one also delivers a DOT)
      • Book Shot
        • Increased projectile speed
      • Cold Bolts
        • Updated damage to New Single Target Curve
        • Increased projectile speed
      • Cannon Shot
        • Updated damage to something close to New AOE Curve, split across two damage types
          • Increased projectile speed
      • Electrical Blast
        • Updated damage to New AOE Curve
      • Electrical Lash
        • Updated damage to New AOE Curve
          • Increased projectile speed slightly
          • Added homing - This projectile does not explode on impact, but this change will fire it in the direction of your target instead of straight ahead.
      • Ghost Shot
        • Increased projectile speed.
      • Fire Blast / Corrupted Fire Blast
        • Updated damage to New AOE Curve
      • Exploding Fire Shot / Corrupted Exploding Fire Shot
        • Updated damage to New AOE Curve
        • Added homing
        • Increased projectile speed
        • Made hitbox significantly larger - This now matches other shot types, but we wanted to call it out because the hitbox on this one was SO SMALL before, especially without homing, that it... often just wouldn't hit anything.
      • Force Shot
        • Updated damage to New Single Target Curve
          • Changed shot spread to narrow
          • Increased projectile speed
      • Gold Shot
        • Updated damage to New Single Target Curve
          • Increased projectile speed
      • Knife Shot
        • Increased projectile speed
      • Light Spirals
        • This shot type actually works now, no longer immediately destroys itself while standing on the ground
          • Updated damage to New Single Target Curve
          • Increased projectile speed
      • Salt Shot
        • No changes
      • Trash Shot
        • This is our outlier. Trash Shot is currently doing around double the damage of the next-best Rune Arm in the game.We've adjusted the damage down and given it homing and better projectile speed. Its damage has been reduced by around half, putting it slightly higher than the New Single Target Curve to most targets.
        • It has four damage types, but very few will almost take all four - Poison and Rust are generally mutually exclusive against targets.
          • Each damage type here is slightly higher than 1/3 of the New Single Target Curve. If you manage to find a target that will take all four types of damage... Well, this Rune Arm will be good for that.
          • Added homing
          • Increased projectile speed
          • This may not be in this build, but the tooltip is in need of some rewriting; the current one on Live describes the tiers at which you get additional projectiles, but it's entirely wrong.
  • The following shot types have been updated from shooting (2/2/3/3/4) projectiles to (1/2/3/4/5) projectiles:
    • Cold Bolts
    • Electrical Storm
    • Ghost Shot
    • Gold Shot
    • Light Shot
  • Trash Shot now shoots (1/2/2/3/3) projectiles (previously 2/3/2/2/3).
  • Electrical Storm Rune Arms no longer erroneously have Electrical Lash Rune Arms' AOE properties.

UI and Engine Work:

  • You can now right click a party member in the party UI to send them a tell.
  • You can now move the Rune Arm Charge UI element.
  • The Experience Report window has gotten a slight overhaul!
    • No longer reports about bravery streaks (as that mechanic has been deprecated for several years).
    • Now contains less empty space.
    • Now reports starting Reaper XP accurately.
    • Now shows you the previously-hidden Reaper First Time Bonus to Reaper XP.
    • Now shows your estimated Reaper XP even if you haven't activated Reaper XP by killing 10 monsters yet.

XP Adjustments:

  • Bravery Bonus has been renamed Delving Bonus.
  • Conquest now has a ceiling of 100 Kills that will always trigger conquest bonus.
  • Many quests now have working conquest bonuses that didn't before.
  • Kill Thresholds for Aggression/Onslaught/Conquest are now at lower values of 25%/50%/75%.
  • Reaper First time bonus reduced to 45%. 50% of reaper's first time bonus has been moved into a new Delving Tier (Hard 50%/Elite 100%/Reaper 150%).

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