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When a character completes objectives, whether it is completing a quest, finding a wilderness explorer points, they receive Experience Points. Every heroic level is divided into 5 sections, called ranks. The first 4 ranks that a character obtains gives them an action point (AP). These action points can be spent on an enhancement that are available to the character.

Enhancements are bought by using the enhancement trees. Each class that the character has taken a level in has at least 3 trees that can be picked from. In addition there is a tree for the character's race. There is, additionally, a set of Universal trees that any class or race can use.

Points can be spent in at most 6 class or universal trees, plus their racial tree. The image below shows what a typical set of enhancement trees look like. This can be viewed in game by pressing CTRL + r on the keyboard

Enhancement Tree Sample1.png

If you don't see all the trees you are supposed to have, there are 2 UI options you need to use. In the image above the dropdown, which is highlighted in yellow, will show you all the trees that aren't currently on the enhancement screen. In addition there will be one named Unset that you can be used to remove the specified tree.

To both the right and the left of the UI, there will be large arrows, highlighted in blue, that can be used on monitors that don't show all 7 trees to scroll back and forth. Look there first before the dropdown as it may already be shown.

Each tree is broken into 2 parts - the core abilities, and 4-5 tiers, with each successive tier offering (usually) more powerful enhancements. Each enhancement, with the exception of the first core. have some prerequisites of action points spent or character and/or class level. These restrictions are noted in the hover over in the game. They are also noted on this site in the tables, and the individual enhancement pages.

You can find a link to all the enhancement trees a the top of the page. This will also be at the top of every enhancement tree to navigate between them.

Extra Action Points[edit]

With the release of Racial Reincarnation, it is now possible to get additional action points that can be spent in the racial tree only. This is a benefit of multiple racial reincarnations. For more information follow the link above.

With the release of Update 37, Mists of Ravenloft, Standing Stone Games added Racial Action Point Tomes which add additional action points to be spent in the racial tree.

With the release of Update 42, Masterminds of Sharn, Standing Stone Games added Universal Enhancement Tree Point Tomes which add additional action points to be spent in any Universal Tree.