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Favor is a reward system that a character earns by completing quests. Favor is gained as a character completes a quest, based on the highest difficulty completed. The favor gained by a specific quest is attributed to the group (or patron) that requested you to complete the quest. By performing more quests for these different patrons (or the same quest at a higher difficulty), a character gains more Favor. The favor can special access to different benefits for that character, and occasionally for your account. Each character accumulates its own favor; most favor rewards will not apply to your other characters, but some will apply to future Characters on the same account on the same server. Favor is reset to zero upon Heroic, Racial or Iconic Reincarnation.

Gaining Favor[edit]

When your character completes a quest, it gains favor points for the patron that the person that handed out the quest. Quests have a favor value for the Normal difficulty. This amount is adjusted higher or lower based on the difficulty that the quest was run on. You do not gain favor for running a quest a second time, unless you run the quest on a higher difficulty than it was run last time.

The following lists the changes from the normal difficulty:

  • Casual
    • 1/2 Normal
  • Hard
    • x2 Normal
  • Elite & Reaper difficulty
    • x3 Normal

You can gain favor if you can run the quest, as it is not limited like the XP or Reaper XP is. You may see many "favor only" entries on the Grouping Panel because high level characters can run low level quests that were skipped during leveling and still get the favor.


Besides individual patron rewards (see below), DDO Points can be granted when favor is gained.

For every 100 favor a character gets, 25 DDO Points are added to the account. There are also special one-time rewards for reaching 5, 25, 50, 500, and every 1000 favor for the first time in a server with any character.

When you reincarnate a character and the favor is reset, each 100 favor you reacquire will again net you 25 DP.


Each patron grants special rewards at different levels for the amount of favor gained patron. There is also a special patron for overall favor rewards. The table below contains the information and links to the individual patrons.

Agents of Argonnessen
House Cannith (Patron)
  • 0 (Unknown Favor)
    • No Reward
  • 50 (Noted Favor)
  • 150 (Respected Favor)
House Deneith
House Jorasco
House Kundarak
  • Neutral (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Noted (75 Favor)
    • Access to an additional bank tab of 20 spaces on payment of 2000pp from inside your bank UI
  • Commended (150 Favor)
    • Access to a second additional bank tab of 20 spaces on payment of 8000pp from inside your bank UI
  • Honored (400 Favor)
    • Unreachable
House Phiarlan
Keepers of the Feather
  • Newcomer (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Seen (60 Favor)
  • Esteemed (120 Favor)
    • A small Augment bag
  • Famed (180 Favor)
    • Access to the Vistani Universal Tree for this character
  • August (240 Favor)
    • A thank you
Morgrave University
Purple Dragon Knights
Sharn City Council
The Coin Lords
  • Suspicious (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Reliable (75 Favor)
    • An inventory tab
  • Trustworthy (150 Favor)
  • Loyal (400 Favor)
The Free Agents
  • Nobody (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Well-Known (75 Favor)
    • Access to the Free Agent Vendor Sorvile Smythe next to Capshaw the Crier
  • Famous (150 Favor)
    • Additional items available at the vendor
  • Hero of the People (400 Favor)
  • Champion of Stormreach (700 Favor)
    • Future
The Gatekeepers
The Harpers
The Silver Flame
  • Salvageable (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Reclaimed (75 Favor)
    • Spirit Binders in the taverns will now sell their healing spells to you for half their previous prices.
  • Pious (150 Favor)
    • You benefit from the Blessing of the Silver Flame effect, which improves regeneration whil in a town or tavern. Recieves 4HP+8HP instead of 1HP+5SP per 6 seconds.
  • Devout (400 Favor)
  • Consecrated (700 Favor)
    • Unreachable
The Summer Court
The Twelve
The Yugoloth
  • 0 (Disliked Favor)
    • No Reward
  • 75 (Unfriendly Favor)
Total Favor
  • Starting Account (0 Favor)
    • No reward
  • Warforged (400 Favor)
    • Unlocks the Warforged race on that particular server.
  • Veteran Status I (Level 4) (1000 Favor)
    • Unlocks Veteran Status I for future characters created on that particular server.
  • Champion (1750 Favor)
    • Unlocks 32-Point builds for new (non-Drow) characters & lesser reincarnating characters on that particular server.
    • This Character (only) receives a +2 Ability tome of your choice (Bound to Character on Acquire).
  • Favored Soul (2500 Favor)
  • Veteran Status II (Level 7) (3000 Favor)
    • Unlocks Veteran Status II for future characters created on that particular server.
  • Revered (5000 Favor)
    • This Character receives a +5 Ability tome of your choice (Bound to Character on Acquire).