Update 58

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Unlikely Heroes!
Release Information
Released on February 22, 2023

Of Special Note:

Of Special Note: The Anniversary Event Returns! Happy 17th Anniversary Dungeons & Dragons Online! The Anniversary Event is once again underway in House Phiarlan! This year's anniversary event dungeon features some fun updates, new rewards, and more. The Anniversary Event opens with the release of Update 58 and remains available through March 5th.

NOTE: To celebrate our 17th Anniversary we are giving away a free cosmetic armor! Players can pick up the armor by speaking with the Djinni in House Phiarlan. The armor can be acquired once per day per game world, and you can pick up the armor up as many times as you would like to during the Anniversary Event's run! If you missed last year's free gift, turn in Party Favors to select it from the prize list.

Celebrate DDO's Anniversary with 3 New Free Archetypes!

Three new Archetypes have been added to the game, free for everyone in honor of DDO's 17th anniversary!

New Free Dungeon!

A new free quest arrives with Update 58 called Kill Ten Rats! This quest is level 18 in Heroic difficulty and level 34 in Legendary difficulty. The Gatekeepers need trustworthy capable heroes to help them transport the dangerous and unpredictable artifact known as the Codex of the Infinite Planes. It must reach temporary storage at Morgrave University for safe keeping, but an unexpected threat arises! Get started by speaking with Frelda Brumlyn near the boat to Morgrave University in the Cliffside Docks District of Sharn!

News and Notes:

Dungeon Fixes:

  • Dungeon: Temple of Elemental Evil - Several small bug fixes throughout the dungeons.
  • Dungeon: Bullywugs and Booby Traps: Fixed Monster Group not spawning in final room.
  • Dungeon: Slave Pits of the Undercity:
    • Several Traps have been adjusted to make bypassing them slightly easier.
    • Several impulse traps on the Skeleton Ledge have been spread out so that you could time it more easily to by pass it.
    • Following the Puzzle, the Lightning Traps have had their knockdown taking off.
  • Dungeon: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords - Reworked Knockback Trap on Electic Bridge and moved disarm before the trap.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Smoke Bomb's Spell Point cost has been reduced to 6 Spell Points.
  • The Destiny Feat Spirit Blades now has a faster casting time, faster projectile speed, and better homing.
  • The feat Nimble Fingers now requires the Trapfinding feat and not Rogue/Artificer levels.
  • Tempest Tree:
    • Capstone now functions in Medium Armor
    • Elaborate Parry also grants Medium Armor Max Dexterity bonus.
  • Warlock:
    • Base Eldritch Blast dice is now 1d8.
    • Base Pact dice is now 1d6.
    • The single-target basic Eldritch Blast now scales with 125% Spell Power.
    • Enervating Shadow stance now scales with 150% Spell Power.
    • All other Eldritch Blast Shapes now scale at 100% Spell Power.
    • The level 15 Warlock Pact Special abilities now scale as if they were spells and are modified by bonus Spell DCs.


  • There is a new gameplay option: Show Detailed Chest Information (Default: false)
    • While true, the first time you touch a chest (and generate its loot) the chest will print out some information about its ransack info into your chat log. Only you can see this info.
  • A series of changes have been made to tooltip generation.
    • The names of Feats and Enhancements are now bigger in their tooltips to make it easier to parse what they are.
    • SLA tooltips now display spell info, such as their spell point cost, spell DC, and spell school, automatically.
    • Certain aspects of enhancements no longer show in the tooltip (such as prerequisites) if you own the enhancement and are looking via your character sheet. When hovered over in the tree they will show their AP cost and prerequisites as usual.
  • A series of large changes have been made to how we display Feats to the players:
    • Character Creation:
      • Feats now display in neat categories that are easier to parse and sort through.
      • The summary at the bottom and at the last stage in advancement shows you all feats without category view so that you just get a list of what feats you have without them being condensed underneath a click block.
      • The collapse/expand button up top plays nice with them so you can collapse all/expand all with one click.
    • Character Sheet:
      • Feats now display in neat categories that are easier to parse and sort through.
      • Collapse/expand button works with them.
      • Feats that are acquired on a temporary basis now display an indicator below their name stating as such.
    • Level Up Screen:
      • Categories now have well formatted labels that actually match the +/- button in relative vertical area, which makes everything look a little nicer.
      • You may now click anywhere on the category to open and close it which means you no longer have to press the tiny little +/- button to open/close things.
      • There is a new check box at the top that is checked by default. when unchecked, the feat window will hide all feats that you are not actually able to train. in practice this cuts about 60% of the elements out of the window making it a lot easier to find what you want but this will obviously shift up and down depending on test cases.
      • There are two new buttons up top, collapse all and expand all. they collapse all and expand all categories, just as they do in the other two panels.
      • Slightly modified the list of feats showed to the player during level up to exclude even more feats that they will never qualify for (right now we only show you a subsection and this cleans the subsection up just a bit/)
      • The Granted Class Feats section at the top now shows the feats as they exist on you and not just their category, meaning that you actually see those feats and their icons right at the top without them being under a click block.
      • The summary panel on the following page also now shows the feats as they exist sans category, meaning you see the feats and their icons without seeing the category and the feats are no longer under a click block.
    • Feat Swap Screen:
      • Feats now display with the levels taken next to them at a glance so it's easier to parse what levels you took feats at.
      • Journals have a slightly more readable font and contrast.
  • Bank - Crafting storage now has a sorting option: Legacy Sort (the old way) or Alphabetical (A-Z) or (Z-A).
  • Hovering over your Enhancement Points now displays a formatted tooltip explaining some basics about your character, the points they've earned, and the tomes they've used.

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