Update 58.1

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Unlikely Heroes!
Release Information
Released on March 8, 2023

News and Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Certain Isle of Dread dinosaurs are no longer referred to as "Party Dinosaurs".
  • The Contagion spell has been adjusted to its three primary elements for all classes to match Druid.
  • Contagion's Cackling Fever now does Wisdom damage again.
  • Blightcaster
    • Fixed an issue with Blight Wolf and Thorn Knight that made them erroneously Repair-able.
    • "Defiled Ground" will no longer heal hostile undead.
    • "Grasping Thorns" damage effect description no longer refers to itself as "Spike Growth".
    • "Grasping Thorns" now supports the enhancements "Vile Thorns" and "Poisonous Thorns".
    • "Veil of the Elements" now works properly in Hive forms.
    • Hive master now grants Evasion with Improved Evasion.
    • "Swift Hunter" now grants its proper effectiveness to Plague Wolves and Blighted Wolves. The description has also been corrected.
    • Various issues with Plague and Blighted Wolves while mounted have been corrected.
    • Blighted Wolf Attack Speed bonus is now 20%.
    • Tier 5 enhancements now require level 12 as they should.
  • Dark Hunter
    • Smoke grenades now have their proper visuals.
    • Bleed imbue is now properly exclusive with other imbues.
  • Acolyte of the Skin
    • Several general animation issues for Acolyte of the Skin have been corrected.
    • Corrected some Wood Elf Demon Form animations.
  • SLAs no longer report Arcane Spell Failure incorrectly.
  • Corrected some Shifter male animations.
  • Tier 1 of Shintao's "Iron Skin" now provides its proper Physical Resistance Rating.
  • Certain bows have had their Dexterity to Damage restored.
  • Elemental Weapons and Greater Elemental Weapons spells now have a three second cooldown.
  • Shadow Dragon Breath from Draconic Incarnation is no longer improperly offset.
  • A missing Vistani Knife Fighter running backwards animation for Elf males has been corrected.
  • Players can no longer return to the Ethereal Court after completing the trial in "Order In The Court".
  • The optional reward chest for finding all nine pieces of evidence in "Order In The Court" now spawns correctly.
  • Quest Objective text in "The Endless Revels" has been corrected.
  • The True Fiend Pact now has the correct pact dice in its tooltip.
  • Cordovan has updated dialogue in the anniversary quest.
  • The Master of the Hunt has joined his fellow Hardcore League NPCs in the anniversary quest.

Gameplay Changes

  • While on a Wilderness Area, selecting a quest from your quest journal now points an arrow on your minimap towards that quest.