Anniversary Party (2023)

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Anniversary Party (2022) Map.png
Heroic Level: 1-20
Epic Level: 21-30
Legendary Level: 31-37
Found in: House Phiarlan
The Coin Lords are putting on an anniversary party to mark the founding of Stormreach in 802 YK - but a group of fractious Kobolds are threatening to disrupt the celebrations.
Star Objectives
  • (Optional) Defeat +Severlin
  • (Optional) Defeat +Cordovan
  • (Optional) Defeat +SteelStar
  • (Optional) Defeat +Lichabel
  • Defeat The Dark Overlord
Other Objectives
  • Speak with Scrag the Kobold
  • Speak with Harbormaster Zin
  • Find The Dark Overlord
  • Speak with Malicia in the Ballroom
  • Return to Jeets and Enter His Mind
  • Speak with Dream Jeets
Named Loot

You must complete all non-optional star objectives to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge. Talk to Tolero to turn in Party Favors for one of the Anniversary Items.

This year gives an additional Party Favor because there is a Hound from from Hardcore Season 6 with +Steelstar.

+Steelstar says, 'OK SO, I know having a Hunt Hound outside of Hardcore makes this a lot harder! BUT I'm throwing in an extra point for defeating it! That means more Party Favors for you! A nice little extra for this year! Cool, right?'

Based on the difficulty selected, and when all 5 stars are achieved, you will get the number of Party Favors specified:

  • Below level: 4
  • At level: 8
  • 1 level Over: 10
  • 2 level Over: 10
  • 3 level Over: 11
  • 4 level Over: 11
  • 5+ level Over: 13