Quori Race

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The Quori are evil outsiders from the Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. Forty thousand years ago they succeeded in opening up the gates between Dal Quor and Eberron and nearly overran the world. It was only through the intervention of dragons who provided arcane technologies to the giants of Xen'Drik that the plane of Dal Quor was shunted away from its rotation so that it could never again become coterminous with the material plane.

The quori are no longer completely cut off from Eberron. About 1,800 years ago (-802 YK), a rebel group of 67 quori escaped Dal Quor and merged with the bodies of willing human monks of the nation of Adar on the continent of Sarlona, a continent considered to be the cradle of humanity. These quori/human mergings became a true-breeding race known as the Kalashtar.

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Quori Race