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Rise of the Dragon Lord
Release Information
Released on February 28, 2024

Of Special Note

The Year of the Dragon Arrives. First Gift: Dragon Lord Archetype!

The Year of the Dragon Arrives. First Gift: Dragon Lord Archetype! We're celebrating 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons with giveaways every month! For this month, a new fighter Archetype is now available. Dragon Lord fighters forgo the use of a shield to focus on offensive tactical combat mixed with potent draconic abilities, and they empower and protect allies with auras while destroying foes with the roar of a dragon! See the full list of abilities and benefits in the release notes below.

Now through March 26th, 2024 all players can acquire the Dragon Lord archetype for FREE by visiting the dragon Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes! The Dragon Lord archetype will continue to be free to VIPs after March 26th, and available in the DDO Store as well. NOTE: VIPs must speak to Xatheral to claim the Dragon Lord from February 28th through March 26th. VIPs will be able to make a Dragon Lord after March 26th without speaking to Xetheral once the Year of the Dragon promotional period for Dragon Lord has ended.

The Anniversary Event begins!

Happy 18th Anniversary Dungeons & Dragons Online! The Anniversary Event has returned to House Phiarlan through March 12th! Last year's anniversary gift, the Dark Armor cosmetic, has been added to the list of Anniversary Event rewards. Additionally, some adjustments have been made to the quest to reflect the prior year and future hints. Find the portal to the Anniversary Event next to Gnoa Bn'for near the Phiarlan Chapterhouse.

News and Notes:

Dragon Lord

New Fighter Archetype: Dragon Lord: Based on the Dragon Lord prestige class from 3.5e's Dragon Magic book, the Dragon Lord is a Fighter archetype that models their tactics after the ferocity of dragons to demoralize and subdue their enemies. They excel in crowd control, defense, and Draconic power.

Area of Effect Ranged Attack System

  • Area of Effect Ranged Attacks:
    • When a projectile using an area of effect ranged attack collides with something, instead of dealing your weapon damage and effects to that target directly, that enemy and all nearby enemies in a small area are hit with your full weapon damage and effects, as if they were also hit by the projectile.
    • Improved Precise Shot does not work on these attacks. If Improved Precise Shot is on when you perform an AOE Ranged Attack, IPS's ability to pass through enemies simply does not work on that shot (and then resumes working on other shots like normal).
    • AOE Ranged Attacks are always fired as a single shot, regardless of weapon type. This is to prevent multi-shot ranged styles from becoming disproportionately strong compared to single-shot styles with these changes.
    • AOE Ranged Attacks tend to have lower +% relative to melee attacks and non-AOE ranged attacks, also for balance.
  • Changed Ranged Attacks: Unless something is specifically mentioned, assume abilities are otherwise unchanged.
    • Horizon Walker:
      • Scattershot
    • Artificer Battle Engineer:
      • Shatter Defenses (Ranged)
      • Thunder-Shock Weapons (Ranged)
    • Paladin Knight of the Chalice:
      • Exalted Shot
      • Avenging Shot
    • Ranger (and Elven) Arcane Archer:
      • Inferno Shot
      • Final Strike
    • Ranger Deepwood Stalker:
      • Head Shot
    • Cleric Warpriest and Favored Soul War Soul:
      • Divine Vessel
    • Fatesinger:
      • Arrow of Discord
    • Legendary Dreadnought:
      • Dire Shot
      • Legendary Rally (Ranged):
    • Shadowdancer:
      • Shadowstrike (Ranged)
    • Shiradi Champion:
      • Pin

Epic Destiny Refresh

  • All Epic Destiny Trees have received the following:
    • Adjustments to numerous individual icons for readability and iconography, including several new icons and edits to existing ones to provide a cleaner and more cohesive within-tree look.
    • Trees have been reordered and rearranged to support more clear Prerequisite lines in cases where ability upgrades are required - for example, an ability that says "Your Destiny Mantle gains this specific bonus" is now in a line with that Mantle and has arrows to properly convey its relationship.
    • A ton of tooltips have been rewritten, reworded, color coded, and simplified or expanded depending on their needs.
    • Going forward, we've standardized the Hit Point and Spell Point so that certain destinies match each other based on their intended playstyle. This mostly resulted in a bump to Hit Points for the Martial Destinies, but we're happy to have a good standard to fall back on when iterating on this system:
    • All Epic Destinies that give Ranged Power in their Cores now give +5 Ranged Power (was +4)
  • Several changes to individual epic destinies

Tavern System Updates:

  • The Marketplace's tavern keepers have been updated to have quest lists and make suggestions similar to tavern keepers in The Harbor.
  • There is a now a public quest in The Harbor to talk to Baudry Cartamon for low level players.
  • The quest An Explosive Situation has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 4 and supports all difficulties and quest party sizes.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been updated with a twist on the story - It now introduces a new criminal group.
  • The Sunken Sewer Quest has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 3.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been tweaked slightly, and this quest's bosses have been updated to a new level.
  • The quest Missing in Action Quest has been updated:
    • This quest is now level 3.
    • Its XP has been increased.
    • Monsters have been tweaked slightly, and this quest's bosses have been updated to a new level.

Active Tumbling Overhaul:

  • Tumbling is now limited by charges. If you don't have at least one Tumble charge, you cannot tumble. By default, you have 2 maximum Tumble charges, and one Tumble charge returns every 8 seconds.
  • Certain feats and abilities now boost your maximum Tumble charges and quicken their rate of return:
    • Thief-Acrobat's 3rd core, Tumbler, now grants +1 maximum Tumble charge.
    • The Mobility feat now grants +1 maximum Tumble charge.
  • You may view your Tumble charges by holding your Block key, default left shift. Each green pip displayed represents one Tumble charge.
  • ‚ÄčTumble now grants you defensive benefits during part of the tumble animation. These bonuses only apply if you are actually tumbling - the shuffle half-step will not trigger these bonuses.
    • +95% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in light or no armor, +75% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in medium armor, +50% uncapped Dodge for 1 second in heavy armor.
    • A bonus to Reflex saving throws equal to your Tumble skill for 1 second.
    • Note that these bonuses apply to you from the moment you begin your Tumble, regardless of how long the animation takes to complete.

Gameplay and Balance Changes:

  • Sacred Fist 12 is now a prerequisite for the feats Epic Martial Arts and Vorpal Strikes
  • Knight of the Chalice's Exalted Cleave now deals +20% damage (previously +10%).
  • Morgrave University's Tier 4 Favor reward is now available from Professor Fordola Banna in Sharn.
  • There is now a lever that will reset the light step puzzle in "Grand Theft Aureon".
  • Arcane Archer's Arrow of Slaying now deals +250% Damage and +25 flat damage (which is before crits and scaling, as the current damage bonus is now).
  • Arcane Archer's Final Strike has been renamed renamed Opening Volley.
  • Arcane Archer's Inferno Shot has been renamed to Elemental Inferno. The DOT's damage now scales with the relevant Spell Power. The DOT still deals Fire damage on hit and over time if you have AA's Fire imbue toggled on (or none of AA's imbues toggled on) but changes to using a Cold, Electric, Acid, or Force DOT instead if you have the relevant AA imbue turned on.

Bug Fixes:

  • The quest Dread Sea Scrolls is now properly shareable.
  • Selecting an Alignment during character creation no longer allows you to click through the window to the Create button accidentally.
  • Sacred Fist now shows up as a prerequisite for Unarmed Strike.
  • Annabelle d'Jorasco no longer robs people.
  • Augments that apply an Implement bonus to their equipped weapons now correctly make the weapon an implement instead of trying to make you an implement.
  • Sacred Fist's Iron Skin's 2nd Tier now functions as intended.
  • The Spellsinger SLAs Cure Light Wounds and Cure Light Wounds, Mass now target undead foes correctly.
  • Incapacitation Range found on items has had its magnitude adjusted to match its intended value.
  • You now properly gain Force Spell Power and Force Spell Caster Levels within Season's Herald.
  • The tooltips for the Seasonal Attunements within Season's Herald have been adjusted for clarity.
  • You may now use the Enlarge Metamagic feat on Dark Apostate's Bane and Bestow Curse spells.
  • Ranged Special Attacks (such as Poisoned Shot from Vile Chemist) now correctly work while moving and firing a dual crossbow.
  • Death Salve now correctly turns your allies Undead.
  • Hirelings can now turn into Undead or Plants properly if they desire to do so.
  • Angel of Vengeance's Just Reward now works regardless of what favored weapon you have.
  • Shuriken Expertise and Advanced Ninja Training now have proper tooltips.
  • Stormsinger's Lightning Strike now correctly upgrades its damage.
  • Fixed the Gianthold augment vendors tooltips to correctly indicate what augments they sell.
  • Draconic Incarnation's 4th core no longer improperly consumes your spell components.
  • Sacred Fist's Divine Striker now functions again.
  • Fixed the tooltips of the Armor and Shield Proficiency feats and added more clarifying text to them.
  • You can now cast Protection Domain's Radiant Forcefield on your allies.
  • Plant Growth's tooltip no longer eats Animal Growth's tooltip.
  • Cleric Warpriest's Divine Vessel now shows your weapons properly when used.
  • Favored Soul War Soul's Divine Vessel now shows your weapons properly when used.
  • The Marilith Chain now has its proper set bonus.
  • Fighter's Against All Odds now functions with its intended timing
  • Schism Shard weapons no longer lose W score when they are upgraded
  • All SLAs should now have much more accurate directional targeting.
  • The Tactical Training Room amenity now correctly boosts Sunder DCs
  • Removed strange and mysterious "improved sunder DCs" bonus that didn't do anything and was confusing from the Sunder Dinosaur Bone augment
  • Greater Marksmanship now boosts your ranged damage and attack bonus by the correct amount.
  • We have corrected a bug that could allow players to put more than one Curse from the Deck of Many Treasures onto an item. Characters that have more than one Curse on a particular item have had those Curses removed and replaced with Curse of the Overloaded, which must be removed with a Card of Curse Cleansing before any new Curses can be applied.
  • Skeletons can now be properly healed by Death Aura again.
  • Forge Wisp Wraiths can now be properly affected by Turn Undead.
  • Bugs with Conquest bonuses have been addressed. Some dungeons were counting objects that were not enemies towards their Conquest enemy count.
  • The Dragonborn's Dragon Breath now functions properly when moving.
  • Divine Disciple's Shield of Dawn now scales correctly with Light Spell Power.
  • Attacks that added bonus damage now correctly increase that damage on a successful Doublestrike or Doubleshot.
  • Deep Gnome's Phantasmal Killer SLA now correctly uses Fear DC bonuses.
  • Several Trap Box locations have been moved or rotated to correctly line up with the walls.
  • Fixed many small text errors and typos.

Engineering Changes:

  • Tooltip Update:
    • All action lines other than description are now in a bulleted list.
    • There is now an empty space between the automatically generated stuff and its description.
    • Duplicate information (such as the duplicate cooldown line when hovering over a spellBOOK entry or Spell information in enhancement tree tooltips) has been removed.
    • Save information is now color coded (between fort, will, and reflex).
    • Spell Resistance information is now color coded and presented only if the Spell Resistance check is active (aka you will see Spell Resistance! only if the ability needs it, and not Spell Resistance NO on everything that doesn't)
    • If you have material components eschewed via a character ability, the spell now reports this on a per-slot-basis (because you can assign eschew on a per-slot basis) instead of just telling you that you don't have the materials.
    • We no longer display a Spell Point cost of 0 on abilities with no SP costs.
    • Hit Point costs of abilities are now reported in RED, and Ki costs are now reported in YELLOW.
    • Abilities that are self-targeted toggles now say "Toggle Ability" instead of just "Target: Self" which, while technically true, isn't the most helpful information.
    • Fixed bug where druid abilities reported wrong DCs.
    • Fixed bug where certain projectile spells had the wrong DCs.
    • Antirequisites now display in Enhancement Trees and Destiny Trees.
  • Open Store sessions are now terminated upon character log out to prevent confusion about which character purchases are delivered to.
  • Guild Buffs are now properly hidden in the Examination Window effects list if the option is set. This change requires the target to be refreshed if the option is changed while the Examination Window is displayed.
  • Directional Arrows for Hirelings on the map and minimap are now their proper color.
  • The LFM UI is now the default page of the Social Panel. It also now triggers a load for all player data upon opening, which prevents broken LFMs from appearing.
  • There is a new button in the Guild window to send a tell to another member of your guild.
  • You may now search the Adventure Compendium for Epic Level.
  • Melee Attack Bonus, Melee Damage Bonus, Ranged Attack Bonus, and Ranged Damage Bonus now are tracked in the Details(+) Tab in your character sheet.