Update 66.1

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Rise of the Dragon Lord
Release Information
Released on March 20, 2024

News and Notes

  • Rank 3 of Ravager's Festering Wound ability now has a tooltip that better clarifies that the Greater Festering Wound effect supersedes the regular Festering Wound effect.
  • Dragon Lord Ravager's Laughter ability now works properly.
  • Dragon Lord Ravager's Blood Strength ability now works properly.
  • Dragon Lord Ravager's I Hit Back! now works properly.
  • Corrected an issue with Dragon Lord's visual effects displaying improperly in lower DX versions.
  • The immunity stripping portion of Dragon Lord's Battlefield Tactician IV now works with Improved Sunder as well.
  • Dragon Lord Ravager's I Like Pain now works properly.
  • Dragon Lord Ravager's Do You Like Pain? now works properly.
  • Casting Energy Vortex: Negative no longer casts the Fire version instead.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects of AOE ranged attacks would appear twice.
  • An important Rakshasa in Servants of the Overlord will no longer break the quest when they are hit with death effects such as being turned into a frog.
  • Druid, Ranger, Pale Master and Artificer pets no longer suffer from the lingering grip of death in Reaper difficulty.
  • Fixed the odd pause in fire rate after firing a special crossbow attack for some female character types.
  • Fixed an issue where some special cross bow animations weren't playing the sound of the bow string releasing.
  • Gnome males will no longer use the wrong animation when firing special crossbow attacks.
  • Corrected a typo in the tooltip about a Machrotechnic unlock.
  • Corrected a visual issue where feats that have higher tier versions would mistakenly claim that you lacked the required base feat.
  • Machrotechnic Tonquin's Hammer should now deal damage as expected.
  • Shiradi Champion's Fey Presence now has its proper minimum level.
  • Harm is no longer blocked by friendly spell absorption for healing Undead.
  • Weathering the Elements in Primal Avatar now has a clearer tooltip.
  • Corrected a tooltip error in Queen's Diplomacy.
  • Several abilities in Unyielding Sentinel now allow movement during their activation.
  • Fixed tooltip of Shadows Upon You to clarify its debuff.
  • Angelic Form now properly sticks in your buff bar.
  • The sinking gate in the quest Into the Deep has been fixed.
  • Fixed negative threat and tooltip for Fey's Countentance in Shiradi.
  • Fixed the minimum level of Great Summoner to be 20 in Magus.
  • Shiradi Pin should now work properly with crossbows.
  • Fixed the tooltips for Scorch and Obscuring Darkness in the Tiefling tree to have accurate SLA information.