Update 66.0.1

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Rise of the Dragon Lord
Release Information
Released on February 29, 2024

News and Notes

  • Clicking the "Main Menu" button inside of the game should no longer provoke an intermittent game crash.
  • Daunting Roar should no longer paralyze party members nor yourself.
  • Quests taken from Quest Givers inside the Phoenix Tavern should now properly show arrow and map note guidance to guide you to the quest.
  • Tooltips for Epic Destiny Cores that grant Ranged Power now properly say they grant +5 Ranged Power.
  • Arcane Archer's Elemental Inferno is now named correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the last charge of Tumble could get interrupted prematurely.
  • We have corrected a bug that could allow players to put more than one Curse from the Deck of Many Treasures onto an item. Characters that have more than one Curse on a particular item have had those Curses removed and replaced with Curse of the Overloaded, which must be removed with a Card of Curse Cleansing before any new Curses can be applied.