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Race Information

Cost: 1,295 DDOPointsIcon.png
Expansion: Shadowfell Conspiracy
First Level: Cleric
Starting Location: Ball and Chain Garret
Starter Gear
Racial Enhancement Tree
Morninglord Tree
Starting Ability Scores
STR: 8
DEX: 8
CON: 6
INT: 10
WIS: 8
CHA: 8

As the sun crests the city wall, you say a silent prayer. You try hard not to think how much it reminds you of the twinkle in old Laife's eye... or how he looked the day you left... or the foolish, angry words you flung at him.

Laife, who took you in as an orphan-child and raised you in the faith. Which is exactly why you had to go. Do nothing there, when a world full of darkness, iniquity, and sorrow ranged outside? No! You will not be deterred. You will bear Amaunator's holy light into the heart of the shadow.

Past Lives
Icon Feat Description
Iconic Feat Past Life - Morninglord Icon.png Iconic Past Life: Morninglord
  • Iconic Past Life Stance: +10 Light and +1 Alignment Spell Power per past life
  • Passive Bonus: +3 Positive Spell Power per past life
Racial Traits
Starter Gear