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From DDO Compendium

Race Information

Cost: 1,295 DDOPointsIcon.png
Expansion: Shadowfell Conspiracy
First Level: Paladin
Racial Enhancement Tree
Bladeforged Tree
Starting Ability Scores
STR: 8
DEX: 6
CON: 10
INT: 8
WIS: 6
CHA: 8
  • Lord of Blades

The Lord of Blade spoke. New life coursed through your wood-and-metal frame. There in the Creation Forgue you had become bright and glorious and true.

The way they treated your kind had filled you with rage, but no more. You are a beacon and a gleaming fist. You are Bladeforged, answerable only to your honor and your god.

Somewhere nearby you hear fighting. The world is full of fighting. And fighting is what you do best.

Past Lives
Icon Feat Description
Iconic Feat Past Life - Bladeforged Icon.png Iconic Past Life: Bladeforged
  • Iconic Past Life Stance: +10 Repair Spell Power per past life
  • Passive Bonus: +5% Fortification per past life
Racial Traits
  • +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom
  • Increases Aura of Good: +2 AC and +1 saving throws
  • -10% Slashing damage. When you take Slashing damage, you gain +1 PRR for 3 seconds (up to +20 PRR)
  • Grants Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical and Mass Repair Light, Moderate, Serious Damage as Paladin spells
  • Immune to Sleep, Hold Person, Energy Drained, Nauseated, Exhausted, and Paralyzed effects.
  • Immune to ability score damage from Natural Poisons and Natural Diseases, but are vulnerable to those that affect wood or metal.
  • Warforged gain a +10 racial bonus to saving throws against Magical Poisons and Magical Diseases and do not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this makes you immune to Magical Poisons and Magical Diseases with a DC of less than 11+your Fortitude save). If you transform into a different type of creature, you will lose these benefits until you return to your Warforged form.
  • Immunity to spells targeting a humanoid.
  • A Warforged can remain underwater indefinitely (no oxygen bar displayed).
  • A Warforged's Composite Plating provides 5% arcane spell failure chance. This plating is not considered natural armor, and it takes the place of body armor. Because of this, the Warforged is prohibited from wearing other kinds of armor, regardless of its class proficiencies. It can still wield shields and other enhancing items such as helmets, boots, trinkets, and jewelry. Feats taken at character creation can upgrade this plating and its type, changing it to either light or heavy armor. See also Mithral Body, Adamantine Body.
  • The ability to wear a docent in the slot which other characters use for armor. Magical docents usually provide an enchantment bonus to armor class, and may have other magical enhancements. They also have a cosmetic effect on appearance.
  • A Warforged's plating also grants it a special feat which provides a stacking +25% Fortification. When the Warforged is the target of a sneak attack or critical hit, there is a 25% chance for the attack to be negated and the damage to be rolled normally. This effect stacks with Fortification.
  • Positive healing reduced by -10% compared to Warforged (multiply 0.5 by an additional 0.9). Thus, positive healing effects restore only 45% of hit points for Bladeforged. This can be increased to 54% / 63% / 72% by the Healer's Friend Bladeforged enhancements). A bladeforged's hit points can be restored normally through arcane repair spells and potions, as well as the Lay on Hands Paladin ability or the Divine healing cleric enhancement.
  • At Paladin, Cleric, or Favored Soul lvls 1 and 6 Bladeforged gets free deity based bonus feats: Follower of the Lord of Blades and Bladesworn Transformation.