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A DDO Point (DP for short) is a currency used by the DDO Store to purchase items. All levels of player, VIP, Premium or Free to Play, use DDO Points to purchase items.

This was renamed from a Turbine Point when Standing Stone Games purchased the rights to DDO and LoTRO from Turbine. Many players who were around before that transaction still call them Turbine Points (or TP).

Gaining Points[edit]

Depending on the type of account you are, you can receive DDO Points in many different ways.


  • 500 points are earned each month that you are a VIP
  • Earning Favor within the game
  • Purchasing them with real money


  • Earning Favor within the game
  • Purchasing them with real money

Free To Play[edit]

  • Earning Favor within the game
  • Purchasing them with real money
    • If you do purchase DDO Points with real money as a Free to Play, you are immediately upgraded to Premium

Earning Points through Favor[edit]

There are two different ways to gain DDO Points through favor:

  1. First Time Bonuses
  2. Every Life Bonuses

First Time Bonuses[edit]

First time bonuses occur the first time any character reaches a favor mark on a server. Any other character that reaches that same favor mark on the same server will not add to your DDO Point total. The table below shows what first time bonuses apply.

First Time
Bonus DP
5 +50
25 +25
50 +25
500 +50
1,000 +100
2,000 +100
3,000 +100
4,000 +100
5,000 +100

A common pattern for new players is to create a player on every server, and runn to get 100 favor. This run will give you a total of 125 DDO Points from each server.

Monster Manuals[edit]

Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Monster Manuals in game have DDO Point rewards. These rewards will give you 15 DDO Points in the middle of the progress, and 35 DDO Points when completing a manual. These are one time bonuses and are per server.

Every Life Bonuses[edit]

Every character gains 25 DDO Points for each 100 favor gained by the character, for every character on every server. You will receive an in-game email when every you receive one of these rewards.