Deep Gnome

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Race Information

Cost: 1,295 DDOPointsIcon.png
First Level: Wizard
Starting Location: Ball and Chain Garret
Starter Gear
Racial Enhancement Tree
Deep Gnome Tree
Starting Ability Scores
STR: 6
DEX: 8
CON: 8
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 6

Leaving home wasn't your desire. You'd preer others never even knew Svirfneblin existed. Yet someone must investigate the unsettling rumours of Drow activity, and that someone is you.

The Drow have destroyed your cities and enslaved you people before. It cannot be allowed to happen again.

Past Lives
Icon Feat Description
Iconic Feat Past Life - Shadar-Kai Icon.png Iconic Past Life: Deep Gnome
  • Iconic Past Life Stance: +1 Illusion DC and +5 Acid Spell Power per past life
  • Passive Bonus: +3 Magical Resistance Rating per past life
Racial Traits
Starter Gear