From DDO Compendium

Race Information

Racial Enhancement Tree
Elf Tree
Starting Ability Scores
STR: 8
DEX: 10
CON: 6
INT: 8
WIS: 8
CHA: 8
Elves are a long-lived people who have populated many places following their retreat from Xen'drik. The stereotypical (and true) physical description of an elf includes large pointed ears; slanted eyes; elegant, angled faces; somewhat short physique, and dark forest-green eyes; finally, most differences between male and female elves are marginal.
Racial Past Life Increases
  1. +1 Spot
  2. +1 Dexterity
  3. +1 Racial Action Point
Racial Traits

Elves live in places of ethereal beauty, in the midst of ancient forests or in silvery spires glittering with faerie light, where soft music drifts through the air and gentle fragrances waft on the breeze. Elves love nature and magic, art and artistry, music and poetry, and the good things of the world.

They are more often amused than excited, and more likely to be curious than greedy. They tend to remain aloof and unfazed by petty happenstance. When pursuing a goal, however, whether adventuring on a mission or learning a new skill or art, elves can be focused and relentless. They are slow to make friends and enemies, and even slower to forget them. They reply to petty insults with disdain and to serious insults with vengeance.

Elves take up adventuring out of wanderlust. Since they are so long-lived, they can enjoy centuries of exploration and discovery. They dislike the pace of human society, which is both regimented from day to day but constantly changes over decades, so they find careers that let them travel freely and set their own pace. Elves also enjoy exercising their martial prowess or gaining greater magical power, and adventuring allows them to do so. Some might join with rebels fighting against oppression, and others might become champions of just causes.