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This template is used to render information about an enhancement tree. Example of the Template in Use: Arcanotechnician.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe name of the enhancement tree
treeownerWhat class/race is this tree for.
overviewAn overview description of this tree
coreUse Template:EnhTier listing every core value.
tier1Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 1 value.
tier2Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 2 value.
tier3Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 3 value.
tier4Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 4 value.
tier5Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 5 value. This tier is only valid for Class Enhancements and Epic Destinies (will not show if type is set to Racial).
tier6Use Template:EnhTier listing every tier 6 value. This tier is only valid for Epic Destinies (will only show if type is set to EpicDestiny).
typeWhich type of tree is this
Possible Values:
  • Racial
  • EpicDestiny
  • Reaper
  • Everything else is a normal enhancement tree
ddopointsHow much this costs in the ddo store.
favorFavor needed to get it, use Template:FavorReward
expansionWhat is the name of the expansion, if this came as part of one.
vipIf this has a value it is free to vips
sphereThis is the sphere that the epic destiny is in. It only plays a roll if the type is EpicDestiny


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Universal Tree
[[File:{{{name}}} Tree.png|150px]]
Core enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements
Tier 1 enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements
Tier 2 enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements
Tier 3 enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements
Tier 4 enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements
Tier 5 enhancements


EnhancementBenefitRanksAPPoints SpentRequirements