Resist Energy: Fire

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Resist Energy: Fire
Abjuration (Fire)
Level: Artificer 1Cleric 2Favored Soul 2Paladin 2Ranger 1Sorcerer 2Wizard 2Warlock 1Acolyte of the Skin 1
Cost (Spell Points): 15 (Artificer, Cleric, Favored Soul, Paladin, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, Acolyte of the Skin), 10 (Ranger)
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Metamagic: Enlarge, Extend, Quicken
Range: Standard
Target: Friend, Self
Duration: 1 Minute per Caster Level
Cooldown (Seconds):  1.5 (Artificer, Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Paladin, Ranger, Warlock, Acolyte of the Skin, Wizard), 1.75 (Sorcerer)
Save: None
School: Abjuration (Fire)
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Gives an ally an Enhancement bonus against fire damage, reduction the fire damage taken by 10. The damage reduction increases to 20 at caster level 7 and 30 at caster level 11.

Parent: Resist Energy
This spell is only available from the parent
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