Finger of Death

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Finger of Death
Necromancy (Death)(Untyped)
Level: Druid 8Sorcerer 7Warlock 5Wizard 7
Cost (Spell Points): 40
Components: Somatic, Verbal
Metamagic: Embolden, Enlarge, Heighten, Quicken
Range: Standard
Target: Foe
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown (Seconds):  8 (Druid, Wizard, Warlock), 6 (Sorcerer)
Save: Fortitude for damage only
School: Necromancy (Death)(Untyped)
Spell Resistance: Yes

D&D Dice: Slays one living enemy or deals 2d3+6 damage per caster level (max 50d3+150 if the target saves.

Description: Attempts to slay one living enemy. Deals 7 to 12 negative energy damage per caster level up to caster level 25 against any living target and hits the target with a death effect that they must save against or die.

Notes: This is a necromancy spell categorized as Instant Death. Therefore this spell is warded by any Deathblock item or by the Deathward spell.

Some monsters may be immune to this effect or have the Deathward effect on them.


Frederik Star
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