Charm Person

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Charm Person
Enchantment (Charm)(Mind-affecting)
Level: Bard 1Sorcerer 1Warlock 1Wizard 1
Cost (Spell Points): 10
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Metamagic: Quicken, Heighten, Enlarge, Embolden
Range: Standard
Target: Foe
Duration: 60 Seconds + 6 Seconds per Caster Level
Cooldown (Seconds):  2 (Bard, Warlock, Wizard), 1.5 (Sorcerer)
Save: Will save negates the effect. A new save is done every 3d6+12 seconds
School: Enchantment (Charm)(Mind-affecting)
Spell Resistance: Yes

Description: Charms an enemy humanoid, which then fights as an ally. Charmed humanoids get an additional saving throw every 3d6+12 seconds. A successful Will save negates this effect. Humanoids include kobolds, goblinoids, player races except for warforged, troglodytes, and more, but do not include Monstrous Humanoids.


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