Divine Energy Resistance (SLA)

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Divine Energy Resistance
Abjuration (Fire)(Acid)(Cold)(Electricity)(Sonic)
Level: Spell Like Ability
Cost (Spell Points): 15
Metamagic: Enlarge, Extend, Quicken
Range: Standard AOE
Target: Self
Duration: 1 Minute per Caster Level
Cooldown (Seconds):  6
Save: None
School: Abjuration (Fire)(Acid)(Cold)(Electricity)(Sonic)
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Spell-Like Ability: Grants 35 Resistance to Acid, Cold, Fire, Sonic, and Electric for 1 minute per Character level to all allies in the standard area of effect; centered on the caster. This does not stack with Resist Energy spell.

Spell-Like Ability Enhancements: