Electric Loop

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Electric Loop
Level: Sorcerer 2Wizard 2
Cost (Spell Points): 10
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Metamagic: Embolden, Empower, Enlarge, Heighten, Maximize, Quicken
Range: Standard for initial hit, Short AOE for AOE hit
Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
Duration: 5d2+2 Seconds
Cooldown (Seconds):  2.25 (Wizard), 1.75 (Sorcerer)
Save: Reflex save for half damage, Will save negates Dazed
School: Evocation
Spell Resistance: No

Description: An electrical discharge strikes a primary target for 1d3+3 per two caster levels electrical damage (max 5d3+15) then may leap erratically about to other nearby targets hitting each of them with a similar shock. A successful Reflex save reduces the damage by half. On a failed save, the target must make a successful Will save or be daze for a short period of time or until they take damage.


Morna Wyrmtouched
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