Destruction (Spell)

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Spell Destruction Icon.png

Necromancy (Death)
Level: Cleric 7Favored Soul 7
Cost (Spell Points): 40
Components: Somatic, Verbal
Metamagic: Embolden, Enlarge, Heighten, Quicken
Range: Standard
Target: Foe
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown (Seconds):  8
Save: Fortitude save negates death
School: Necromancy (Death)
Spell Resistance: Yes

D&D Dice: Kills one enemy, or deals 1d6+10 damage per caster level damage on a successful save.

Description: Raw destructive power is channeled to utterly annihilate an enemy, dealing 11 to 16 per caster level damage. Target is also subject to a death effect, and will die without a successful Fortitude save.