Positive Energy Aura

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Positive Energy Aura
Conjuration (Healing)
Level: Spell Like Ability
Metamagic: Empower Healing
Range: Personal, Standard AOE
Target: Self, Friend, Undead Foe
Duration: 30 Seconds + 3 Seconds per Caster Level
Cooldown (Seconds):  6
Save: Will for half damage (Undead only)
School: Conjuration (Healing)
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Channel Divinity: A positive energy aura envelops you in an aura of healing, positive energy, and affects a number of targets equal to Cleric level. Allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 Cleric levels as long as they remain within it. Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount.

Spell-Like Ability Enhancements: