Greater Form - Sky Rager (SLA)

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Spell Greater Form Icon.png

Greater Form - Sky Rager
Level: Spell Like Ability
Components: Material, Somatic, Verbal
Metamagic: Embolden, Empower, Intensify, Maximize
Range: Standard
Target: Self, Positional
Cooldown (Minutes):  5
Save: None
School: Transmutation
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Become like a raging storm for 20 seconds and gain:

  • 25% Action Boost Bonus to Movement Speed
  • Become Ethereal to monsters for movement
  • 50% Incorporeal
  • Immunity to Cold, Electric damage and most Control effects
  • Deal 1d6 Cold damage per character level to enemies close to you
  • Also slowed
  • Random enemies will be struck by lightning for 1d6+6 Electric damage per character level
    • Also knocked down
    • No save
Spell-Like Ability Enhancements: