Magic Fang

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Spell Magic Fang Icon.png

Magic Fang
Level: Druid 1Ranger 1
Cost (Spell Points): 5
Components: Material, Somatic, Verbal
Metamagic: Eschew Materials, Quicken
Range: Standard
Target: Friend, Self
Duration: 1 Minute per Caster Level
Cooldown (Seconds):  2
Save: None
School: Transmutation
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Increases the Enhancement Bonus of the target's natural weapon by 1, plus 1 per five caster levels. An item can have only one temporary item enchantment at a time. Only works on players, hirelings, or pets, and only if they are Animals, Vermin, Magical Beasts, Dragons, or Fey. Equipping a new weapon cancels the effect.

Spell-Like Ability in Enhancement Tree: