Improved Critical

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Improved Critical- Bludgeoning Weapons Icon.png

Improved Critical

Type: Passive
Description: Increase the base critical hit threat range of any weapon you use. The increase is equal to the normal range of the weapon type your are wielding. This feat does not stack with item effects that double threat range like keen and impact.
  • +1 Critical Hit change when wielding a:
    • Club
    • Greatclub
    • Handwraps
    • Heavy Mace
    • Light Hammer
    • Light Mace
    • Maul
    • Morningstar
    • Quarterstaff
    • Warhammer
  • +1 Critical Hit chance when:
    • Using unarmed attacks
    • When attacking from an animal form 

Bonus Classes:

  • Artificer
  • Fighter

Notes: Multiple versions of this feat exist, one for each weapon type (Bludgeoning, Piercing, Ranged, Slashing or Thrown). This feat can be taken multiple times, though each time must be for a different type.

Shields do not benefit from Improved Critical.