Elemental Form Specialty

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Elemental Form Specialty

Type: Passive
  • Minimum Level 31
  • One Of:
Description: Your elemental forms grant you mastery over the other three elements as well. Excluding the element of your current form, you gain the following bonuses to air, earth, fire, and water as long as you are in a Sorcerer's Elemental Apotheosis or Druid Elemental Wild Shape form:
+3 Caster Levels with those elements
+3 to Max Caster Level with those elements
+20 to Spell Power of those elements
+2% Spell Critical Chance with those elements

When in an elemental form:

  • +3 Caster Levels
  • +3 to Max Caster Level
  • +20 to Spell Power
  • +2% Spell Critical Chance
  • Applies to all elements except the one whose form is active