Update 48.4

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Release Information
Released on February 24, 2021


The Anniversary Event has arrived!

  • This year the reward list includes a new Red Crystal Crown, a new Dretch Creature Companion, and the 13 Eberron House Cloaks given away in a prior anniversary!
  • A new item has been added to the Store during the Anniversary Event called Party Punch, which provides a 5% chance to earn Party Favors every time an enemy is defeated for the next hour.

Free Gifts!

New Raid!

  • A new raid is now available called "The Dryad and the Demigod"! This is a Legendary level raid that is included in Fables of the Feywild, and is accessible to anyone who owns the Feywild expansion.


Epic Destinies



  • Enhanced Spellpower from all sources is now typed as Equipment spellpower.
  • The Cookie Jar now holds the Cookies from the Anniversary Event.
  • All Raid Runes (except for Shroud) can now be used by double-clicking them instead of needing to go to the questgiver NPC.


  • Nukers are fairly strong right now, but we've identified two outliers: Alchemists and Fire Sorcerers.
    • Top end spells brought down closer to Acid Well, Iceberg and Thunderstroke
      • Lower damage
      • Increased cooldown
    • Acid Well, Iceberg and Thunderstroke has their cooldown lowered
  • Many changes to other spells