Thunder and Lightning (ML 27)

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Base Damage

Thunder and Lightning Icon.png

Thunder and Lightning

Accepts Sentience
Exotic Weapon Proficiency

Minimum Level: 27
Bound to Character on Equip
Base DamageGreyQuestion.png: 16.23
Damage: 2[1d6]+7
Damage Types: Bludgeon, Silver, Magic
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x2
Attack Mod: STR
Damage Mod: STR

  • +7 Enhancement Bonus: Weapons and Shields: +7 Enhancement Bonus Attack and Damage rolls. Armor and Shields: +7 enhancement bonus to Armor Class.
  • Shock VIII: The weapon deals an additional 8d4 Electricity damage on each hit.
  • Shrieking VII: The weapon deals an additional 7d4 Sonic damage on each hit.
  • Impact I: Passive: The base critical threat range is doubled. This does not stack with the Improved Critical Feat. Vorpal strikes by this weapon also bypass all Fortification.
  • Silver, Alchemical: A complex process involving metallurgy and alchemy can bond silver to a weapon made of steel so that it bypasses the protective damage reduction of creatures such as lycanthropes and vampires.
Red Augment Slot: Empty

Material: This item is made out of: Silver
Hardness: 31 Durability: 300

These handwraps are said to have been spun from the silver linings of many dark clouds.
Base Value: 10,803 Platinum 0.50 lbs
Where To Find: What Goes Up (Epic Hard), End Chest