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NOTE: The augment system was completely revamped with the release of Update 48: Fables of the Feywild expansion pack.

Augment Slot[edit]

An Augment Slot is a socket within an item that allows the item to gain an additional effect, when an augment is within the socket.

Adding an Augment to a Slot[edit]

With the release of Update 48, the Fables of the Feywild expansion pack, the procedure of adding an augment to a slot has changed. With the new system, to add an augment to a slot, you need to open your inventory window as pictured below. This opens the Augment Item window. Click and drag the item you wish to add an augment to onto the top green square, then click and drag the augment itself into the appropriately colored slot. You will be prompted to permanently bind the augment. Select Yes or No. Note: this process will destroy and overwrite any existing augment in the slot.