Scion of Limbo

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Feat Scion of Limbo Icon.png

Scion of Limbo

Type: Passive
  • Minimum Level 30 

List of Buffs:

  • +40 Melee and Ranged, and +80 Spell Power
  • +16% Doublestrike and Doubleshot, +20% Spell Crit Damage
  • +30 PRR and MRR
  • +20% Dodge and +40 Healing Amplification
  • +20 DR / Law
  • Your unarmed and weapon strikes and spells deal 1d20 Chaos Damage
  • Each time you would take damage, you have a +5% chance to completely negate the damage. Does not affect any incoming Positive, Negative, or Repair effects.
  • Confetti explodes around your shoulders.
  • +2 Determination Bonus to All Saves
  • Every minute, you gain a random buff that lasts for 1 minute, which cycles between 8 separate buffs (See Description for List)