Razorclaw Shifter (Feat)

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Razorclaw Shifter (Feat) Icon.png

Razorclaw Shifter

Type: Active
Duration: 30 + (Strength modifier x 6) seconds
Cooldown Timer: 6 seconds
Description: Passive: Passive: +1 STR, Active: Activate this Shifter ability to shift your form, granting you a +4 Rage bonus to Strength and Dexterity, a +2 Morale bonus to Fortitude saves, and a -2 penalty to Wisdom. When the form ends, however, you will become fatigued. Your form will last for 30 seconds plus an addition amount of time based on your Strength. You can prematurely end your form by using the Dismiss Rage feat. This shares charges with Barbarian's Rage feat, and anything that grants bonuses while raging will grant bonuses with this. Shifting your form in this way prevents Spellcasting.


While Shifted:

Cannot be Selected as a Feat
Automatic Grant: