The Traveling Flow

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Artifact Boots Icon.png The Traveling Flow

Minor Artifact
Minimum Level: 32
Filigree Slots: 4
Bound to Account on Acquire
Green Augment Slot: Empty
Yellow Augment Slot: Empty
Blue Augment Slot: Empty
Legendary Forbidden Knowledge: 
  • 3 Pieces Equipped:
+30 Profane Bonus to Physical Resistance Rating
  • 4 Pieces Equipped:
+3 Profane Bonus to all Ability Scores
+4 Profane Bonus to Attack and Damage
  • 5 Pieces Equipped:
+15 Profane Bonus to Melee and Ranged Power
+25 Profane Bonus to Universal Spell Power
+3 Profane Bonus to Spell DCs

Material: This item is made out of: Leather
Hardness: 52 Durability: 420

Walk the way of Chaos and Change.

Base Value: 12,801 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: 
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