Enemy of My Enemy

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You have been brought to a mysterious meeting by the Traveler, who suggests that you might be able to find aid against Vecna from an unlikely source.


The Traveler wants you to meet with the Blood of Vol to come up with an alliance against Vecna. Elise will tell the Traveler, so go and meet him in the Lower City Back Alleys.


  • Speak to the Traveler
  • Speak to the Assistant
  • Speak to Lady Illmarrow
  • Speak to Lady Vol
  • Retrieve the Vessel of Power
  • Locate the Warehouse Entrance
  • Speak to the Traveler
  • Open the Gate
  • Speak to Lady Vol
  • (Optional) Defeat the Portal Mage
  • (Optional) Incapacitate the Emerald Claw defenders

Named Loot

Bonus XP

  • Aggression Bonus: 33 or more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)
  • Onslaught Bonus: 66 or more monsters killed (+15% Bonus)
  • Conquest Bonus: 99 or more monsters killed (+25% Bonus)
  • Mischief Bonus: 21 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)
  • Vandal Bonus: 27 or more breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)
  • Ransack Bonus: 33 or more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


Pack: Vecna Unleashed
Arc: Vecna Unleashed Part Two
Heroic Level: 18
Legendary Level: 34
Bestowed by:  Elise Dunber
Length: Medium
Takes Place in: Lower City Back Allys
Entrance in:  Morgrave University - Upper Commons

Heroic XP

Casual: 3,336
Normal: 5,770
Hard: 5,980
Elite: 6,190
Reaper: 104 RXP per skull

Legendary XP

Casual: 15,253
Normal: 26,020
Hard: 26,619
Elite: 27,217
Reaper: 304 RXP per skull


Patron: Morgrave University
Solo/Casual: 3
Normal: 6
Hard: 12
Elite: 18
Enemy of My Enemy Map.png


Heroic Vecna Unleashed Saga
Legendary Vecna Unleashed Saga