Encyclopedia of the Dead, Vol. 3

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Augment Red 5 Icon.pngEncyclopedia of the Dead, Vol. 3
Augment Bag Icon.png
Minimum Level: 32
Binding: Bound to Account on Acquire
  • Undead Bane: This weapon deals 6d10 Bane damage against Undead.
  • Ghost Touch: An incorporeal creature's 50% chance to avoid damage does not apply to attacks with ghost touch weapons.

This well-worn tome contains detailed descriptions of commonly-encountered Undead throughout Eberron. Its author, Frederick 'Fred' Bonesbane, is most famously know for disappearing without a trace during his final expedition.

Base Value: 500 Platinum 0.01 lbs
Where To Find: 
Used In: Red, Orange or Purple augment slots.
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