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A piece of equipment with the "Minor Artifact" designation (displayed on it's tooltip) is an extra powerful item that goes into one of your normal equipment slots (Head, Neck, Wrists, etc.) and can have filigree slotted into it. Below are some specific details to help understand what is distinct about a Minor Artifact:

  • Each Minor Artifact can only be equipped into a specific equipment slot, however, which slot that is differs from Minor Artifact to Minor Artifact.
  • A character may only equip a single Minor Artifact regardless of slot.
  • The power level of equipment effects on a Minor Artifact are higher than other equipment items at the same minimum level.
  • Minor Artifacts can be placed in the Sentient Weapon ui.
  • Each Minor Artifact begins with one Filigree Slot available. They do not need a Sentient Jewel nor can you slot a sentient jewel into one.
  • Minor Artifacts can consume named items, just like a Sentient Weapon, to gain xp.
  • Unlocking Filigree slots for a Minor Artifact costs half the XP that unlocking a Filigree slot in a Sentient Weapon costs.
  • Each Minor Artifact has a different maximum Filigree Slots. This Maximum Filigree Slot total can not be adjusted by consuming a Sentient Spark. All of those available in Update 42, however, have 3 maximum Filigree Slots.
  • A Minor Artifact can not be consumed by a Sentient Weapon or another Minor Artifact.
  • Filigree slotted into your equipped Minor Artifact count towards the set bonuses of Filigree slotted into your equipped Sentient Weapon
  • The same Filigree slotted into your equipped Minor Artifact AND your equipped Sentient Weapon will not stack with each other, though both will count towards their set bonus. (For instance, if you placed "Deadly Rain Dexterity" into both your equipped Minor Artifact and your equipped Sentient Weapon you would only gain +1 Dexterity BUT you would have the 2 piece set bonus from Deadly Rain active)