Embraced the Void

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Spell Death Aura Icon.png

Embraced the Void

Ranks: 1
Points (per rank): 1

Spell Death Aura Icon.pngSpell-Like Ability:
Greater Death Aura
Metamagic: Embolden, Extend, Heighten, Quicken
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Activation Cost: 100 Spell Points

Envelops the caster in a sickly aura of negative energy. Living enemies stepping inside the aura take 3 to 12 negative energy damage plus 1 additional point per caster level every two seconds as long as they remain within it. A successful Fortitude save reduces the damage by half. Undead are instead healed by the aura. This aura can affect up to one target per caster level.
Metamagic Feats may be used when casting Spell-Like Abilities at no additional cost.


  • +4 Intelligence
  • +13 Negative Healing Amplification
  • +2 Spell Penetration
  • Gain Deathblock
  • +5 Universal Spell Power
  • +5 Negative Energy Spell Power
Spell Death Aura Icon.png

Pale Master - Embraced the Void

  • 40 Points spent in Tree
  • Undead Augmentation III
  • Wizard 20