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Category:Druid Class Feats

From DDO Compendium

Level 1[edit]

  • Call Wolf Companion: Activate this ability to summon your wolf companion.
  • Spontaneous Casting You gain an additional spell preparation slot per spell level to cast Summon Nature's Ally spell of that level.
  • Druidic Oath: Druids are prohibited from wearing metal armour, using metal shields, and using rune arms. Doing so suppresses your Druidic abilities. Warforged Druids are forbidden from taking armour feats other than Composite Plating.
  • Goodberry: Transmutes natural matter around you into Goodberries. Goodberries are infused with primal magic, and provide a full meal's nourishment. If eaten in a tavern, they act as tavern food and drink, refilling your health and spell points. When cast, Goodberries appear in your inventory. The higher the caster level, the more nourishing the Goodberries are.
  • Wilderness Lore: Represents your knowledge of the wilderness. This feat is received once for every druid level.
  • Wild Empathy: Activate this ability to lower an animal's or beast's aggression, effectively mesmerizing them.
  • Magical Training: Magical training gives the user additional benefits for spell casting.

Level 2[edit]

Level 5[edit]

Level 7[edit]

Level 8[edit]

Level 9[edit]

  • Venom Immunity: You are immune to ability score damage from natural poisons. (This has no effect on magical or supernatural poisons.)

Level 11[edit]

Level 13[edit]

Level 15[edit]

  • Timeless Body: Your soul is balanced. No corrupt influences can possess your body after death - you are immune to the spawn effect of most undead.

Level 17[edit]