Baz'Morath, the Curator of Decay

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Baz'Morath, the Curator of Decay
Great Axe

Accepts Sentience
Martial Weapon Proficiency

Minimum Level: 29
Bound to Character on Acquire
Base Damage: 93.00
Damage: 5[1d12+6]+15
Damage Types: Slash, Magic
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x3
Attack Mod: STR
Damage Mod: STR

  • +15 Enhancement Bonus: Weapons and Shields: +15 Enhancement Bonus Attack and Damage rolls. Armor and Shields: +15 enhancement bonus to Armor Class.
  • Nearly Finished: This item isn't quite finished, but it's only a step away from completion. Bring it to a Cannith Reforging Station and combine it with melted materials to activate this item's set bonus trigger.
  • Keen: Passive: base critical threat range of this weapon is doubled. This does not stack with the Improved Critical Feat. Vorpal strikes by this weapon also bypass all Fortification.
  • Disease: Unholy Tear: This weapon saps the vitality from your enemies, dealing 10d6 Evil damage on each hit to Good enemies. It also has a chance to spread its disease whenever you strike an enemy, which will reduce their Armor Class and Positive Healing Amplification.
  • Limb Chopper: This potent and feared ability allows the weapon to sever the limbs of those it strikes. On an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit, the weapon severs an opponent's limb from its body. Some creatures, including many aberrations and all oozes, have no limbs. Others, such as golems and undead creatures, are not affected by the loss of their limbs. Most other creatures, however, have their movement slowed 75% and attacks slowed by 50% when a limb is cut off.
Red Augment Slot: Empty

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness: 39 Durability: 390

This unholy greataxe was wielded against you by Rudus Caskrage, a powerful Minotaur. It can tear the limbs from your enemies' forms and their souls from their bodies. Its terrible plague will drive your enemies to madness.
Base Value: 11,602 Platinum 12 lbs
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Where To Find: 
Location Item Cost
Cannith Reforging StationRightArrowWithQuestion Icon.pngUpgraded
1x Energizing Alloy
1x Caustic Compound
1x Stabilizing Compound
100x Thread of Fate