The Lords of Dust

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The Lords of Dust are demons and demon worshippers who seek to free the fiendish Overlords who ruled Eberron long ago during the Age of Demons.


Help Inquisitor Gnomon Investigate Cultist Activities in the Harbor.


  • Report to Inquisitor Gnomon
  • Slay the Lords of Dust cultists: 25 total
  • Learn the fate of Inquisitor Gnomon
  • Slay Marideth
  • Uncover Gnomon's plans
  • Slay the Sacrificed Cultists: 8 total
  • Slay the Rakshasa, Tahmael
  • Slay Rakshasa Lord Gnomon
  • Slay the Drow Karas
  • (Optional) Put down Bastion
  • (Optional) Break or purify the altars: 3 total
  • (Optional) Slay more Lord of Dusts cultists: 10 total
  • (Optional) Slay the remaining Lord of Dusts cultists: 15 total

Named Loot


  • Talk to Inquisitor Gnomon
  • Kill the Cultists in the Next Room
    • Walk to the far side of the room first, the mobs in the front don't attack for a few seconds
  • Wait for Gnomon to exit the south west exit, then go out the north west (north wall) exit
  • See Opt 1: Altars
  • Continue down the hall, there are two groups of cultists, one at the first stretch and the second on the second stretch
  • See Opt 2: Bastion
  • Walk up the Stairs and find Gnomon's Apprentice on the floor
  • Another Cultist Encounter here, door to next room is barred
  • Next room is Marilith's Boss Fight. She can be instakilled if she is not a champ
  • Destroy the bookcase to the right of the chest, revealing a lever to the next area
  • Shrine here can be run back to
  • There are three traps (Horizontal Blades, Fire, and Vertical Blades) on each stretch of the way down, if you die in there, you'll generally be able to get to the shrine, or if someone got to the bottom and can res you. (See Traps #1-3)
  • Enter the door to the Hidden Temple.
  • At the bottom of this short corridor, there are two death knights and a cultist.
  • The next corridor, or balcony, initiates a dialogue between Gnomon and Thamael.
  • Door at other end is unlocked after Gnomon's says "... No..."
  • At bottom of stairs is a fight with more Death Knights and Cultists
  • Next room is Tahmael boss fight and the final altar.
  • There is a shrine in the next room, players usually use this after clearing the next hallway
  • Next hallway contains a short fight and spike traps. There are two trap boxes for these
  • The next area contains two traps that can be disabled once they're activated.. They get activated after the Rakasha spawns in at the center when you get close (There is a sonic trap at the entrance and the exit)
  • The exit opens after you kill the Rakasha and the two Khyber Jariliths
  • Final boss fight has a "cutscene", and three parts
    • Cutscene isn't activated until you walk up to Gnomon
    1. Cultist Minions transform to Skeletons and attack you
    2. Gnomon (Rakasha Form) attacks you (He is a spellcaster)
      • He can be Instakilled (As per success on Epic Elite)
    3. Karas (Drow) Final boss (See Note 2 on safe spot)
  • Exit out the back of the boss room, which crumbles away after Kara's elaborate death scene


  1. Altars
    • Grants a Bonus Chest if a Divine Character (Favored Soul, Cleric or Paladin)
    • Altar Locations:
      • First one is on the first right after exiting from the first fight room
      • Second one is the second right, there is a lever behind the breakable at the farthest room that opens the secret door
      • Third one is at Tahamel's Boss Room, which is also the location of the chest for purifying all three altars
    • All characters have option to destroy, Divine Characters have option to purify (grants bonus chest for purifying all three)
      • Destroying the Altars spawns two
  2. Bastion ("Put down Bastion")
    • Rare Optional
    • Found at the second intersection after exiting north of first room


Pack: Web of Chaos
Arc: Web of Chaos

Flag for: Spinner of Shadows (Quest)
The Lords of Dust Map.png
Heroic Level: 16
Epic Level: 21

Bestowed by:  Dectaran
NPC Contact: Inquisitor Lightbringer

Length: Long
Found in: The Harbor

Heroic XP

Casual: 2,940
Normal: 5,100
Hard: 5,300
Elite: 5,500
Reaper: 50+57.6 per skull

Epic XP

Casual: 10,089
Normal: 17,385
Hard: 17,955
Elite: 18,525
Reaper: 50+75.6 per skull


Patron: The Silver Flame
Solo/Casual: 3
Normal: 7
Hard: 14
Elite: 21


The End of Eberron (Epic)

Known Traps

Horizontal blades on first set of stair after first shrine
  After trap on west wall
Fire jet after first shrine between sets of stairs
  On North wall after trap
Vertical blades on second set of stairs after first shrine
  On south wall after trap
Spike traps in corridor after second shrine
  AFter the trap on both east and west walls
Sonic trap on path to rakshasha lord and jaraliths
  On the north east wall before the trap
Sonic trap on path from rakshasha lord and jaraliths
  After the trap in the north east corner