Legendary Powder-Packed Barrel

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Orb 1 Icon.pngLegendary Powder-Packed Barrel
Magical Training
Minimum Level: 31
Bound to Account on Acquire

Shield Bonus: +0
Damage Reduction (DR):
Base Damage: 20.35
Damage: 1d4
Damage Types: Force
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x2
Attack Mod: INT
Damage Mod: CHA
  • Spellcasting Implement +31: Passive: +31 Implement bonus to Universal Spell Power.
  • +15 Orb Bonus: While this orb is equipped and you are actively blocking, you gain a +15 Orb bonus to all saving throws, as well as Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, and Sonice resistances.
  • Fire Lore +22%: Passive: Your Fire spells gain a +22% Equipment bonus to their chance to Critical Hit.
  • Kinetic Lore +22%: Passive: Your Force, Physical, and Untyped spells gain a +22% Equipment bonus to their chance to Critical Hit.
  • Combustion +149: Passive: +149 Equipment bonus to Fire Spell Power.
  • Impulse +149: Passive: +149 Equipment bonus to Force, Physical, and Untyped Spells Spell Power.
  • Quality Charisma +3: Passive: +3 Quality bonus to Charisma.
Purple Augment Slot: Empty
The Legendary Dread Isle's Curse: 
  • 5 Pieces Equipped:
+15 Profane bonus to Melee and Ranged Power
+25 Profane bonus to Universal Spellpower
+30 Profane bonus to Physical Resistance Rating
+2 Profane bonus to Spell DCs
+2 Profane bonus to all Ability Scores
+3 Profane bonus to hit and damage
The Isle of Dread beckons you...
Material: This item is made out of: Wood
Hardness: 51 Durability: 375
Description: Primed and ready to explode!
Base Value: 12,500 Platinum3 lbs
Powder-Packed Barrel.png
Where To Find: 
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