Three-Barrel Cove (Heroic)

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Heroic Range: 3 to 8
Enter through: Barrel's Bottom

Slay 10 creatures: 245 XP
Slay 25 creatures: 340 XP
Slay 50 creatures: 485 XP
Slay 100 creatures: 780 XP
Slay 200 creatures: 1,355 XP
Slay 400 creatures: 2,525 XP
Slay 750 creatures: 4,395 XP
Slay 1500 creatures: 9,450 XP
XP per explorer: 200
Bonus XP for all points: 1,000
Find the Elusive Bounty
Find Cutlass Falls
Find the Black Loch
Find the West Wind's Mistress
Find the Lady Luck
Find the Bazaar Crescent
Find Admiral Ancker's Encampment
Find the Crow's Nest
Find the Bell Tower
Find the Good Fortune
Find the Rotten Shark
Find the Massive Archway
Find the Orc Pirate Stronghold
Find The Sea Witch
Discover The Weeping Cove
Find Garl's Tomb
Find the Fire Caves
Find Scoundrel's Run
Find Goldhorn's Repository
Find Rackam's Trial
Three-Barrel Cove is a haven for pirates.
Each Rare: 400 XP All Rares: 2,600 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
Admiral AnckerReptilianKoboldFound on the island in the north bay.
BrineSahuaginSahuaginFound in the west, on the beach.
Cannoneer StrinatiUndeadSkeletonFound in the bay near Two-Toed Tobias.
Captain DustdynOrcOrcFound in the pirate stronghold on the east side.
ChortleAnimalHyenaFound in the near the entrance to Prove Your Worth.
DulseGiantTrollFound on the island in the southwest corner.
Dybesh RelixElf (Monster)Drow Elf (Monster)Found defending the chest in a hole behind him.
Hafgrim MoonhowlerGoblinoidBugbearFound in the pirate stronghold on the east side.
Ilmarin TychonnHumanoidHuman (Monster)Found on the pirate airship in the far north-east corner.
Ithun OrenahNative OutsiderTiefling (Monster)Found near the last rest shrine as you head towards West Wind's Mistress.
Lacerator (Scorpion)VerminScorpionFound in the near the entrance to Two-Toed Tobias.
ScorchtuskMonstrous HumanoidMinotaurFound on crates that are on the Sea Witch.
ThrumElementalEarth ElementalFound in the north west, on the beach near The Rotten Shark.
VitiaVerminSpiderFound in the spider lair, near Scoundrel's Run
Quest/Saga Givers
Other Dwellers