Corsair's Cufflinks

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Corsair's Cufflinks Icon.png

Corsair's Cufflinks

Minimum Level: 5

Bound to Character on Acquire


  • Armor Bonus +5: This item surrounds the wearer with an invisible but tangible field of force, granting +5 Armor bonus to AC, just as though he were wearing armor.
  • Haggle +5: +5 Competence bonus to Haggle.
  • Accuracy +1: +1 Competence bonus to your attack rolls.
  • Corsair's Cunning: When two of three items of the Corsair's Cunning are equipped, you will gain the benefit of Underwater Action. If all three are equipped, you will also gain Feather Falling.

Material: This item is made out of: Leather
Hardness:Durability: 40

Fancy cufflinks! The sign of a pirate with a sense of fashion.

Base Value: 2,005 Platinum 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: Three-Barrel Cove (Heroic), End Reward