The Demon Engine

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The Demon Engine Icon.png The Demon Engine
Rune Arm
Feat Required: Artificer Rune Arm Use!
Minimum Level: 32
Absolute Minimum Level: 32
Bound to Character on Acquire
Spell Scorch Icon.pngFire Blast
Target: Directional, Foe
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Evocation
Deals fire damage to a target with a cone shaped blast of fire. At higher charge tiers the blast is larger. Opponents within the blast receive a Reflex save for half damage.

Charge Tier 1: 1d6+1 + 1 per ART Level

Charge Tier 2: 2d8+3 + 1d2 per ART Level
Charge Tier 3: 3d10+6 + 1d10 per ART Level
Charge Tier 4: 4d12+10 + 2d8 per ART Level
Charge Tier 5: 5d14+15 + 2d10 per ART Level

  • Maximum Charge Tier: V: The maximum charge tier of this Rune Arm is Tier V.
  • Power of the Firestorm +158: Passive: +158 Equipment bonus to Fire and Electric Spell Power.
  • Insightful Combustion +79: Passive: +79 Insight bonus to Fire Spell Power.
  • Fire Lore +23%: Passive: Your Fire spells gain a +23% Equipment bonus to their chance to Critical Hit.
  • Dripping with Magma: This Obsidian weapon drips with magma on every swing. Your attacks have a high chance to deal very strong fire damage over time.
  • Rune Arm Imbue: Fire VI: Wearing this Rune Arm will imbue any weapon you wield, dealing 2d12 fire damage per hit. This damage scales with 200% Melee or Ranged Power (whichever is higher).
Green Augment Slot: Empty
Yellow Augment Slot: Empty
Legendary Forbidden Knowledge: 
  • 3 Pieces Equipped:
+30 Profane Bonus to Physical Resistance Rating
  • 4 Pieces Equipped:
+3 Profane Bonus to all Ability Scores
+4 Profane Bonus to Attack and Damage
  • 5 Pieces Equipped:
+15 Profane Bonus to Melee and Ranged Power
+25 Profane Bonus to Universal Spell Power
+3 Profane Bonus to Spell DCs

Material: This item is made out of: Gem
Hardness: 42 Durability: 520

Description: When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Base Value: 26,000 Platinum0.25 lbs
The Demon Engine.png
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