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From DDO Compendium
|name = 


This template is used to render information about a Race. Example of the Template in Use: Human.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe race name.
ddopointsThe cost of this race if it is not free
favorunlockInformation about a favor unlock for this race
overviewOverview of the class
traitsSpecific traits given to the race - bulleted list
startstatThis is the abilities the races starts with during character creation. Use Template:RaceStartStat.
deitiesThe list of deities this race can worship - bulleted list
backgroundAny basic race background information
pastlifeinfoInformation on what you gain when Racial Reincarnating from this race
expansionThe expansion this is available in
variantofThe race that this is the variant of, to show the feat list
vipfreeFlag to specify that this is free to VIPs


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.

Race Information

Racial Enhancement Tree
[[{{{name}}} Tree]]
Starting Ability Scores