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This template is used on equipment to add race requirements.

Example Usage
{{ItemRestrictedRace|Bladeforged}} Race Absolutely Required: Bladeforged
{{ItemRestrictedRace|Paladin|12}} Race Required: Paladin (UMD: 12)
{{ItemRestrictedRace|Iron Defender||Wolf|True}}Pet Race Absolutely Required: Iron Defender, Wolf
{{ItemRestrictedRace|Warforged||||Excluded}} Race Absolutely Excluded: Warforged


{{ItemRestrictedRace|(Race)|(UMD Amount)|(Race 2)|(Race is Pet)}}

Parameter Documentation
RaceThis is the race that the item is restricted to
UMD AmountThis is the amount of UMD that is required to bypass the requirement.
Race 2This is the second race that the item is restricted to
Race is PetIf set, the race is a pet


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Race Absolutely Required: [[{{{1}}}]]