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Prismatic Cloak, Red (ML 26)

From DDO Compendium

Cloak 8 Icon.png

Prismatic Cloak, Red

Minimum Level: 26

Bound to Character on Equip


  • Fire Absorption +26%: This effect absorbs 26% of all fire damage you would have taken, after all other protections have been penetrated.
  • Empty Green Augment Slot: This item has a Green Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue or Yellow Augment. Augments can be found in treasure, acquired from Collector NPC's throughout the world, or be purchased on the DDO Store.
  • One of the following:
Material: This item is made out of: Cloth
Hardness: 27 Durability: 180

How did the rainbow meet its end; Will the spectrum ever mend?

Where to Loot:
Location Chest/Reward
The Tracker's Trap (Epic Normal) End Chest
Lines of Supply (Epic Normal) End Chest
Breaking the Ranks (Epic Normal) End Chest
A Break in the Ice (Epic Normal) End Chest
What Goes Up (Epic Normal) End Chest
The Secret of the Storm Horns (Epic) Chain End Rewards