Litany of the Dead

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The Black Abbot awaits his rise to godhood and only you can stop his ascension.


Now that you have completed the sigil, Sir Rohine directs you to the Black Mausoleum. You must enter and destroy all four objects of control.


  • Find the Black Abbot's Guardian
  • Survive the ambush
  • Descend the shaft
  • onvince the Black Dragon to help you
  • High Priest Path:
    • (Optional) Find the High Priest
    • (Optional) Acquire the Bat Crests
    • (Optional) Reach the door
    • (Optional) Open the Path of Vol
    • (Optional) Defeat the High Priest
  • Cholthulzz Path:
    • (Optional) Find Cholthulzz
    • (Optional) Pass the Twists of Azure
    • (Optional) Open the Frigid Halls
    • (Optional) Access the Path of Ice
    • (Optional) Defeat Cholthulzz
  • Cinnis Path:
    • (Optional) Find Cinnis
    • (Optional) Ignite the Inferno
    • (Optional) Open the Ignition Chamber
    • (Optional) Defeat Cinnis
  • Mentau Path:
    • (Optional) Find Mentau
    • (Optional) Acquire the key
    • (Optional) Reach the door
    • (Optional) Open the path forward
    • (Optional) Defeat Mentau

Named Loot


  • This quest will have to be run 4 times to flag for the Ascension Chamber.
  • Once flagged for this quest, you don't have to flag again in the current life.

Bonus XP

  • Discreet Bonus: 81 or fewer monsters killed (+5% Bonus)
  • Devious Bonus: 57 or fewer monsters killed (+7% Bonus)


Pack: The Necropolis, Part 4
Arc: Litany of the Dead Part 4

Flag for: Ascension Chamber
Litany of the Dead Map.png
Heroic Level: 15

Bestowed by:  Sir Rohine Stiedra

Length: Long
Takes Place in: Black Mausoleum
Found in: Upper Necropolis
Entrance in:  Upper Necropolis

Heroic XP

Casual: 4,200
Normal: 7,300
Hard: 7,600
Elite: 7,899
Reaper: 50+54 per skull


Patron: The Silver Flame
Solo/Casual: 3
Normal: 6
Hard: 12
Elite: 18

Known Traps

Spinning blades in first hallway
  Pull level to disable a path through them
Force traps on vertical puzzle drop to dragon
Four delayed blast fireball traps in room with Cinnis
  Boxes on walls near the traps
Small floor trap that drops into a lava pit